Its about me and what I find on the web plus some of my thoughts

the cuckold

My name is Eric, and I’m a man in my mid-forties. I am reasonably fit without being buff, and looks-wise I’m told I’m okay. I have a full head of hair, blond to greying now, and blue eyes. I’ve been married for around ten years to Sarah, who is twelve years younger than me. Sarah is pretty to the eye, a brunette with curves in all the right places and large breasts to boot. I considered myself extremely fortunate when we started going out, more so when we eventually got married.

I’ve always been the main breadwinner in our household; however, in the past few years my wife has really hit her stride and now holds a very senior role with her employer. She is often away on business, and when at home can work late or have to attend numerous sales functions. In the meantime my own career seems to have stalled, and although I still hold a good role the travel entertainment business, opportunities have become non-existent.

As a result, and without realising it, our roles have somewhat reversed. I find that I am the one coming home early to help get things ready so that Sarah can come home, shower and get ready for some important engagement. I drop off and collect her outfits from the dry cleaner, I lay out the lingerie and outfit she plans to wear and I ensure her selected heels are polished and ready for her. I’ve now found myself doing the cooking, cleaning and washing as well, although I do not resent that. I figure Sarah supported me in my work roles previously, so why not the other way around?

About two years ago, however, things changed even more. I started to notice that Sarah was becoming more of the dominant one in our relationship. At first I thought she was just a bit power-crazed with her new role but later I realised she was instructing me, no longer asking me to do things for her.

It was now expected that whenever Sarah had plans to go out I was to be home early, have her clothes ready and basically be at her beck and call. At the time I decided that I was willing to accept this change, and instead of reacting as I may have in the past I just took it on the chin and got on with it.

Soon after, Sarah started telling me that she wanted me to be naked when I helped her get dressed, saying she liked to see the effect she had on me. I went along with all of this, for it felt good to be included in her evenings out. Sex with Sarah also continued to be amazing so I did not really want to miss out.

Then one night after she had dressed I made a comment about how revealing her new outfit was. To be honest, it seemed to me that if one looked closely enough there was very little that was not on show. When I said this to Sarah she just laughed as she started to leave, saying she knew I would be masturbating before she was in the taxi. I kind of chuckled, somewhat embarrassed, and replied that maybe I’d do just that being she looked so slutty. I did not realise it at the time, but in hindsight it was a set-up and part of her ongoing strategy to change our relationship for good.

Sarah paused at my comment and told me there was something she wanted me to do for her. I raised my eyebrow and listened as she told me there was an outfit left on our bed for me to put on before I masturbated, and which I was to be wearing when she got home. Before I could ask any questions she blew me a kiss, closed the door and left.

Well, I was curious, so I headed up the stairs to our room and sure enough there was a package on the bed. My curiosity piqued, I proceeded to open the bag and what I found left me breathless with excitement. In the bag lay a silky black lace teddy and panties plus a pair of matching silk stay-up stockings. I removed them from the bag and, trembling with excitement, I quickly dressed in the outfit. The feeling as I dressed, the soft fabric upon my skin, made me hard instantly.

No sooner had I dressed than I lay back on the bed and started to masturbate, imagining Sarah in her latest outfit and me in mine. As I wanked it came to me that maybe she had a lover, but instead of feeling upset by this I only got harder. Within moments I passed the point of return and my cock spurted forth a torrent of cum which shot all over my new outfit. When I stopped shaking from what was an absolutely mind-blowing orgasm I collapsed breathless on the bed, deciding to rest for a while before I cleaned myself up.

Later that evening I felt Sarah lay on the bed beside me. I must have been totally out of it because I had not even realised she was home, let alone that she had fully undressed. I rolled over and gave Sarah a cuddle and in a sleepy state asked her how her night had turned out. Her reply was like a cannon going off in my head, and instantly upon hearing her speak I was wide awake and sitting bolt upright in bed.

What Sarah was revealing to me in her reply was that she had decided that very night to take a lover, a client who had been coming on to her for some time. Sarah spoke softly throughout and reassured me that everything would be alright. She said she had only made the decision to tell me when she saw I had remained dressed in the female clothes she had purchased for me. She said she realised that if I was prepared to wear a lace teddy and stockings for her, then I was probably willing to seek options to ensure our marriage remained intact.

In reality what I wanted more than anything was to not lose her, and deep down I found I was extremely satisfied to be hers to do with as she pleased. I loved the opportunity to wear the clothes I was now wearing, and with her approval. Coupled with a new awareness that my wife taking a lover actually excited me more than it should, I decided I would do whatever I was told to. Anyway, I figured all I had to get used to was sharing my wife, and for such a woman as Sarah I realised I would be willing to do that.

All these thoughts crossed my mind in a millisecond, and as my mind became clearer I was drawn back to the sound of Sarah’s voice. I realised I had missed hearing some of what she had been saying so I quickly focused to see if I could get the gist of her message. By piecing together what I could, I realised that my wife was saying that she had enjoyed her fling tonight and that she was not planning to stop; if anything she planned to take on new and more lovers.

I replied meekly that I understood what she was saying, and I even heard myself asking Sarah would she allow me to remain in her life. Her reply commenced with a laugh, followed by words along the lines that I was being silly and that not only did she want me in her life, that she actually wanted me involved in her affairs. She went on to explain that she wished for me to assist her in choosing outfits to impress possible lovers, and to be home when she returned in order to listen to her adventures before we made love.

Before I could reply in acceptance, Sarah pushed me on my back and moved to position her pussy over my face. I immediately proceeded to give her the best oral I had ever done in order to impress her with my manliness. As I licked her I imagined what she had possibly done with her new lover; had he driven his cock into her that night and if so, how big was he?

I also wondered what she had done with the condom, but that thought was quickly answered as a globule of fluid gushed forth from her pussy. Licking and swallowing rapidly in order to be able to breathe, I realised I was swallowing the seed of her lover who clearly had not used a condom at all!

As I swallowed it dawned on me that I had another raging hardon, which Sarah was now reaching behind herself to squeeze. I heard her ask me if I wanted her to suck it, to which I heard myself begging, “Yes, yes, yes!” over and over.

Sarah re-positioned herself and as she went to place my cock in her mouth, at the very point where I could feel her breath upon me, she asked if I was prepared to follow her rules.

In what seemed like an out of body experience I heard myself say, “Yes Sarah,” at which point I realised my life was to be changed forever. All I remember after that point was exploding in orgasm the moment her lips touched my cock.

Afterwards, as Sarah lay asleep beside me, I lay there wide awake realising that I was now her cuckold. I wondered whether I really had the ability to follow through with this new role. Reflecting upon the last evening I realised not only would I accept my new role, but that I would actually look forward with anticipation of the times to come. I felt my cock twitch again under the panties of my silk teddy as I drifted off to sleep, no doubt to dream of adventures to come.


Hotter than hot

I sat on the couch in my wet towel, fanning myself with a magazine. The central air was out for the third time in a month, and I’d just finished fighting with my landlord about having someone come out today to fix it. It probably really needs to be replaced, but he’s such a cheap bastard that it’s unlikely. My iPhone displayed a current temperature of 101°. Beads of sweat were collecting on my neck. I hate August in the Midwest. Humidity so high, it makes you sweat standing still.

“Argh!” I threw my towel off and went back toward the bathroom.

Fortunately, I had no plans until later. I could just hang out in the tub full of cool water until the air was fixed. I started the faucet, and padded to my room to grab my book and my waterproof headphones. My room was stifling already.

I tested the tepid water with my toe, then sunk into my liquid relief. “Ooooh,” I sighed. Nothing like a cool bath. I played around with the water for a bit, feeling it swish between my toes. I glided my hips from side to side, giggling as my large breasts swayed above the water like flotation devices. Finally, I placed the headphones into my ears, flipped Spotify on to some Bassnectar, and cracked open my book.

It’s a great read—Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. The story was mounting quickly and I became engrossed in the novel. The killer’s stalking presence became very real and my heart was beating as I zipped through the pages, hungry for more. Out of habit, I’d closed the bathroom door more than halfway and I didn’t see the figure walk into my bedroom across the hall.

I decided to give it a rest when my eyes grew weary after about an hour of reading. The soothing sound of the electronica I was listening to was putting me to sleep. I took my glasses off, plopped them down onto the rug, and engulfed my head underneath the water entirely. Only my nose and mouth remained above the surface.

The bathwater had been warmed a bit by my body heat and I grew very aware of the water trickling through my pussy lips as my lower body floated through the water.

I reached my hand down to feel my mound, covered in a patch of strawberry blonde. I hadn’t been in for my waxing appointment yet this month, and I tugged on the fine hairs in frustration. It felt good to pull on them lightly. I traced my finger over my inner lips, spreading them ever so slightly. The cool water flooded my hot folds and I let out a small whimper. I plunged my middle finger into my hole and lightly massaged my throbbing clit in circles with my index pad.

I got into an intense rhythm quickly, moaning slightly bucking my hips out of the water. The music sounded amazing underwater, and soon I was fucking myself to the same tempo as the song. I felt my pussy tighten and I rubbed my clit less gently. On the verge of cumming, the door burst open and a large figure stood in the door way. I instinctively covered what I could with my arms and ripped my headphones out.

“Jesusfuckingchrist! Who the fuck are you!?” I shrieked. He had his palms raised defensively and started backing out the door. “I’m sorry! I’m here to fix the HVAC system and your landlord let me in! I’m sorry!” I sat hugging my knees in the tub, pissed, looking around for my towel. Fuck. I left it in the living room.

“I didn’t know anyone was here, I swear,” he called from the hallway. “I heard some noises coming from the bathroom and I thought there was loose ductwork. I’m sorry again. I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“Fine, mistakes happen,” I called back out to him. “Could you please grab my towel for me from the couch?”

I crawled out of the tub and stood behind the door, dripping wet all over the tile. Oh my god, he saw me fingering myself, I thought.

He returned shortly, opening the door with his outstretched arms, holding the towel open at both ends. He was so tall and had such long arms. I snatched it from him in the middle and wrapped it around me as fast as I could.

I opened the door so I could scurry to my room and find something decent to throw on. “How much longer until it’s fixed?” I yelled out to him.

“Less than an hour,” he yelled back. I came to the doorway in the first thing I could grab-a thin tank top and knit shorts. I wasn’t going to struggle into a bra with my damp skin. I saw his gaze drop down to my constantly hard pierced nipples. I crossed my arms.

He was handsome-solidly built, somewhere in his 40’s, with strong features and kind green eyes. He looked at me hungrily and stroked his graying goatee. I couldn’t help but stare back. He was mesmerizing.

“I just need to install a new part inside your utility closet, then patch up a loose duct. That’s where you’re losing cool air,” he pointed inside my closet.

When my realtor showed me this place, I loved the open loft feel with the exposed ceiling and ductwork.

“Better out here than inside my walls,” I said.

He chuckled. “Well we’ll see about that…”

I gave him a sly look and slid past him in the hallway. I announced that I was going to hang out and watch tv in the living room, but he should come get me if he needed something.

He asked for a glass of ice water and I grabbed one for each of us. I carried the sweating glasses into my walk in closet. They’d left stains on my shirt as they dripped, exposing my nipples entirely. I set his glass down on the center of my wooden trunk, on top of an old pair of jeans. “Try to keep the glass on the pants please. I’d hate for the wood to get wet,” I said.

He started laughing hysterically and I turned beet red. “You’re 0 for 2 so far…keep going!” he chided. His eyes remained transfixed on my nipples. I clasped my hands together and giggled, “So…I’m gonna go…”

I laid down on the couch and brought up Netflix. On the second episode of Mad Men, the heat started to make me doze off.

I woke up shivering, with ice cold droplets of water dripping on my shoulder. He was standing over me, glass of ice cubes in hand, clearly staring at my breasts. “Uh, I’m sorry to bother you, but I think you’d better come take a look at this,” he warned. “Looks like you’ve gotten the air working,” I said, rubbing my painfully hard nipples. Moving the barbels around made my pussy tingle.

I followed him into my room, ready for catastrophe. He led me into my closet, where my wooden chest was propped open. My eyes widened with embarrassment. All of my toys, vibrators, plugs, restraints, lingerie, you name it-were just sitting there.

I couldn’t even speak. No one knows about that part of my life. How dare he!

“I set the water glass down on your jeans, but it tipped over. I tried to wipe it up, but it started running into the crack under the top of the chest,” he explained. “You’re a very naughty girl who likes to play with very naughty things, aren’t you?”

Before I could even say a word, he reached his hand up under my hair and backed me into the doorframe. I wanted to resist, but struggling against him was futile. He was over 6 feet and built like a brick wall. He lowered his face to mine, softly breathing on my ear, then whispered, “I knew when I saw you touching yourself in the tub that I was going to have you before I left here today.” I whimpered and he yanked back on my hair, devouring my mouth with his. I moaned into his kiss, raising my hands to his face. He grabbed them and pinned them up above me.

“I did not give you permission to touch me, did I whore?” he asked sternly.

“No,” I squeeked.

“Daddy will tell you when you are allowed to touch him,” he said, an inch from my face. “Are we clear?”

“Yes, Daddy.” My pussy was pulsating, begging to be touched.

He left one hand on my wrists, then pulled the front of my shirt down slowly with the other, exposing my breasts. “God, you have beautiful tits,” he said, running his thumb over my erect nipple and squeezing the globe of soft flesh. I moaned and bit my lip, already lost in the strong grip of this strange man.

“Get in there,” he pointed to the bedroom. He swatted me on my ass as I turned to follow his instruction. My head was buzzing, like the initial reaction after a car accident. All of my senses were on fire. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I wanted it. It had been far too long since I was commanded by a dominating man.

I stood on the side of my bed, waiting for my next direction. He set the chest down next to me, and the possibilities swarmed in my head. He sat at the foot of the bed and removed his work boots. “Come here, my whore,” he beckoned with his finger. I came right to him.

He traced that finger from my belly button to my mound, cupping and rubbing the burning hot space between my legs. I wanted his finger inside of me so badly. I pushed my weight into him, shoving my tits in his face, hoping he’d slip it into me. “Mmm god,” he exclaimed, rubbing his tongue around my nipple, flicking the barbel quickly. My knees buckled from underneath me, and he grabbed my ass, pulling me onto his thigh.

“Don’t be impatient, whore. I’ll touch your pussy when you’ve earned it.” I was disappointed, but I replied, “Yes, Daddy.” I rubbed back and forth on his thigh while he sucked and pulled at my nipples. I moaned in appreciation, rubbing my dripping wet pussy against his jeans. My shorts bunched together between my lips and the friction against my clit almost had me cumming.

I could feel his rock hard cock protruding through his jeans, nudging my thigh. He shoved me down to the floor, forcing me into the kneeling position as he undid his belt buckle and leaned back on his elbows. He pointed to the bulge in his pants and said, “Take my cock out.”

My face lit up. I fumbled with the button for a moment, then carefully unzipped his fly. His cock was bursting through his boxer briefs, begging to be freed. A small stain of precum leaked through the fabric.

“May I, Daddy?”

“Yes, baby. It’s all for you.”

I tugged at the band of his underwear, releasing his swollen, twitching cock. It sprang back up toward his abdomen, pulsating on its own. I was salivating, while another stream of precum started oozing out. I peeled him out of his jeans and boxers and tossed them onto the floor.

Gripping his hardness in my hand, I savored how hot and smooth it felt as I stroked him gently. It was definitely above average size and thickness and I knew it was going to take some work to get him down my throat.

I started lapping at his balls as I stroked. He sighed heavily in appreciation, running his hand through my hair. His grip tightened, and he guided my mouth upward. I brushed the tip of his dripping cock with my lips, savoring every drop of cum. I swirled my tongue around the head and he pushed through my mouth, entering my lips with thrusts of his hips. He looked down at me with his intense green eyes and said “You’re going to make Daddy cum, aren’t you?”

I nodded and garbled “Yes, Daddy” with his cock still in my mouth. Up and down I stroked, getting it wet enough to glide between my lips, massaging him with my tongue. I pushed down farther and farther until I started gagging on his length. He responded by pulling me off of him completely, then driving his whole shaft into the back of my throat and holding it there. I coughed and choked, saliva running out of my mouth in thick streams.

“That’s it…good girl. Take that dick.”

My eyes started watering on the sixth time he held me by my hair into him, dark tears from my mascara running down my cheeks. My nose started running, but I looked up at him and smiled while he fucked my mouth.

“Oh….god…you’re so beautiful like that,” he said as he thrusted faster. I hungrily took every inch of cock he fed me, opening my throat for my Daddy. I wanted, no, I needed to make him cum. We locked eyes, and just when I thought he was going to fuck my throat raw, he exclaimed, “Oh fuck! Yes, I’m going to cum! Keep sucking whore!”

He threw his head back and groaned, pumping his hot cum into my mouth in four spurts, then shuddering and collapsing back onto my bed. He raised his hand to his forehead and sat back up. I still had his softening cock in my mouth, making sure not to let a drop go to waste. He tasted so, so good.

“Goddamn,” he said.

I released him and smiled up at him, licking the space between my thumb and index finger. “Was I a good girl, Daddy?” I asked, giggling.

“Very,” he said. “Come up here next to me and lay down.” I slid up next to him and he bent over the side of the bed, digging around in my chest. He produced my favorite plug and a bottle of lube when he came up, as well as my blindfold and wrist restraints.

My pussy was gushing in anticipation. I was laying on my stomach and wiggled my ass in excitement. He pointed to the headboard and said, “Scoot up here.”

He leaned over me, his hardening cock brushing up against my thin shorts. I instinctively rubbed my ass against him. As soon as my wrists were bound and I was enveloped in the darkness of my blindfold, he slid off of me and forcefully yanked my shorts down. “What did I tell you about being an impatient little whore!?”

“I’m sorry Daddy! I just want you inside of me so badly!”

Thwack! His huge hand crashed down on my ass cheek, then again on the other side. It burned but felt so fucking good. I laid the side of my head into my pillow and half pouted half smiled.

“You like that, don’t you whore?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I almost begged, while raising my ass up for more. He spanked me again, until my ass was as beet red as my face earlier.

He traced his fingers down into the folds of my pussy lips, finally, FINALLY, touching my hot, wet, hole. I let out a loud moan, feeling his large finger plunge into me. “Oh my god!” I exclaimed. He slowly started rubbing his finger in and out, establishing a rhythm. He spread me apart the best he could and stretched me until another finger fit. I felt like he was fucking me with his thick cock already, and when he slipped one finger out to gently circle my clit, he drove his other finger deep into me, making my pussy contract around his finger violently. I convulsed into an intense orgasm, calling out “Daddy! Fuck! I’m cumming!” built up by the agonizing wait he imposed upon me.

I collapsed entirely onto the bed, and he slowly removed his finger from inside of me, using a hooking motion to coat his finger in my own cum. He pressed into my tight little ass, working his slippery finger slowly into my hole. “Mmmmmmm yes, Daddy,” I moaned. I could not believe how good this man was making me feel.

He reinserted his index finger into my creamy pussy while driving his middle finger deeper into my tight ass hole. I bucked upward toward his hand, writhing in ecstasy, meeting his thrusts into me with force. He grabbed my tits with his other hand and roughly squeezed them, hard enough to bruise. I was on the verge of cumming even harder than before.

I started whining softly, then louder, seconds away, when he withdrew both fingers from me in a cruel twist.

“But Daddy why!?” I cried out in frustration. He responded calmly with, “Turn around and I want you lying on your back, now. And don’t sass me, whore. You don’t get to cum until I say so. You already got a free pass last time.”

I obediently raised up on my elbows and knees, about to turn around onto my back, when he grabbed my ass and said, “Wait…can’t forget this…”

He pushed the plug down onto my now more accepting forbidden entrance, and it slid slowly into me as I winced. It wasn’t especially big, so it didn’t take much to work it in until it fit comfortably to the end.

“Thank you Daddy,” I said.

“Aw, you’re welcome, baby,” he replied. “You’re going to need to be nice and stretched out for my cock. Daddy’s slutty whore wants her Daddy to cum in all of her holes, doesn’t she?”

“Mmmmmhmmmmm,” I hummed.

With that he slapped my ass again and commanded, “On your back!”

I crossed my arms over my head and settled into my new position. More tightly restrained, my rear end being invaded by the firm plug.

I inhaled sharply when I felt his fingers moving up my ankles to my calves, dancing along my cold clammy skin, possessing every inch of his property. He stopped at the tips of my thighs, then dug his fingers into my soft flesh as he knelt over me. I could feel his warm breath between my legs, teasing me, taunting me. He slowly grazed over my soft belly with his fingertips, tickling lightly. I laid with my legs wide open, eager to feel him touch me again. I wanted him to fuck me SO bad. I breathed unevenly under my blindfold, wondering what he planned next.

Suddenly, he spread my labia and attacked my clit with his tongue. I twitched with bated breath, every lick electrifying. My spine tingled, and I contracted around my plug. He tongue fucked me viciously, sucking on my poor little clit until I screamed for mercy.

Just as quickly, I felt his knees nudge my legs apart, then he stroked the head of his cock on my clit. I was losing my mind and I thought for certain I was going to die right then if he didn’t fuck me until it hurt. He thrust into me in one fluid motion, with little regard for adjustment.

It hurt, but my god, did it feel amazing. He raised my legs up over his shoulders and pounded away at my cervix, voraciously, like he was fresh out of prison. I groaned in pleasure-pain, taking it like a good girl for my Daddy.

My blindfold slipped off and he stared intensely into my tear stained eyes. He extended his long arm toward my neck and wrapped his huge hand around my throat. We never broke eye contact, strangers forming a deeply intimate bond over the power he held in his hand that I gave him.

The mental transcended the physical right then, and everything became white noise. I watched his face, teeth clenched, blinking in time with his powerful thrusts. His broad shoulders led to his flexed pectorals and bicep coming toward me. I was in heaven, right where I belonged. This man I just met, my Daddy…..I was his fuck toy and my purpose was to make him cum. I’ve never felt so fulfilled.

He gave me a light slap to the face with the hand that was holding my throat. I snapped back into reality, and he ordered, “Give Daddy your ass now, whore.”

He withdrew from my pulsating pussy and slowly pulled my plug out. He placed a pillow under my bottom and grabbed my biggest vibrator. He switched it on and threw my legs over his shoulders, teasing my pink folds with the buzzing purple dildo. He guided it all the way in, then warned me not to cum. Then, he liberally applied the lube to himself. He positioned the head of his cock on my ass and gently eased his thick, rock solid length into me until he was buried balls deep. He and I stayed there for a moment, getting used to the pressure. I started moving against him, which was pushing the vibrator out of my pussy. He held his palm against the end of it, making sure to fill me up like his cock did earlier.

He responded to my movement by making short, rapid thrusts. They grew longer and longer until he was withdrawing from my ass completely, then driving back into me at full length. He never took his thumb off of holding my vibrator in. I was losing my fucking mind, needing my Daddy to finally own my last hole.

“Cum in me Daddy!” I screamed. “Daddy Daddy please! I need to feel your hot cum in me! Please Daddy! Fuck me harder!”

He started slamming into me, his face contorted. He grew very tense, then dug his hand painfully into my thigh and growled, “Cum for me, slut! I’m cumming!” I instantly felt my pussy contract around the vibrator, I clamped down on his cock, and white hot fire rose through my toes, up through my spine, and into my numbing fingertips. He dug into my thigh while filling me with his hot load, and both of us exploded into each other. All I could do was scream. Just pure, primal, loud screaming. My orgasm crashed into me with the force of a firework exploding. The intensity we felt together was mind numbing.
I have never, ever, ever cum so hard in my life.

He collapsed on top of me, still inside of me, and unbound my wrists.

He held the side of my face, nibbling on my earlobe while breathing heavily into it. He kissed me on the nape of my neck and rolled next to me to wrap himself around me. I whimpered when he pulled out of me, but he held me tight, stroking my breasts with the back of his fingers.

“You were a very good girl for Daddy today. I’ll have to keep breaking this HVAC system so I can come to check up on my cumslut more often.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” I whispered, and drifted off to sleep in his arms…………


Speed Dial

His text messages lit up her phone all day, becoming increasingly more explicit and endlessly provocative. It kept her flushed and distracted through every business meeting, making working on her birthday infinitely more bearable. She secretly responded to his messages during her breaks, as a palpable level of anticipation settled over both of them.

‘Tonight, tonight…’  he continued to tease. ‘I’ll be there even though I can’t.’

Speed dial to Orgasm

Their long distance relationship had its challenges and complications. They were both tied to intense work schedules that kept them on opposite coasts for months at a time. Despite this, he had ways of making her blood run hot and she was intrigued by his suggestion of a special surprise.

By the time she arrived home later that night, the little parcel he’d sent in the mail was waiting for her, just as he’d promised.

She set it on her bedside table and dialed his number.

“Is it there?”

“Yes. Can I open it?”

Her pulse quickened as she unwrapped the gift. Inside the box she found a sleek midnight blue object, inlayed with platinum curves. It was exceptionally smooth to the touch as she picked it up to hold in her hand.

I'll be there even though I can'tThere was no instruction manual and when she asked, he told her that it was still with him, and that there were rules to be followed. He would explain exactly what to do and when, and she was reminded that a good birthday girl should always obey if she expected to get her reward. Just the tone of his voice left her wet and wanting. Of course, she agreed to his game.

First, he instructed her to slowly undress, verbally guiding her fingers over her skin. She imagined him there with her, his hands on her, sliding between her breasts and down her taut belly, hooking into the lace band of her panties and slipping them down over her thighs. Next, he had her lay down.

“Spread those legs and imagine me there, leaning over you, my tongue pushing past your lips. You feel my mouth warming your skin as I lick my way along every pretty curve, slowly going down your body, dipping into that delicious hollow just below your hip bone.”

He could hear her breathing quicken, giving way to softer sighs, as her imagination took over.

Under his guidance, she slipped her fingers through the center of the little blue object he’d sent her, hooking them around the slimmer side of its round curves. She nestled it against her sweet spot, feeling it swell in response.

“Now press that button and imagine my face buried between your thighs,” he said.

I want you to come for me birthday girlThe toy surged to life. She felt a combination of circular strokes and fast flicks, creating intense rhythmic sensations. It mimicked the seductive swirls of his tongue, gliding over and around her clitoris. She could almost feel him there, his tongue expertly working her most intimate places.

He whispered dirty things into her ear as he guided her though each stimulation pattern, creating different oral movements in both full and half circles. The range of vibrations kept her on the edge, tempting and teasing her.

When he spoke next, his voice was urgent and low, undeniably aroused by her excitement.

“I want you to come for me, birthday girl.”

Her moans fuelled his desire for her. He imagined her lying there, voluptuous and naked, her hand between her thighs as it continued swirling and stroking in placement of his tongue, bringing her to new peaks of pleasure. Her climax was like music to his ears, lusty and unbridled. The heat between them continued to rise.

Though separated by distance, their connection on that special night was complete.


Gets Put In Her Place

Vickki is unlike any other girl she had ever met, always the most popular and lusted after. There wasn’t a straight male on the planet who didn’t want to fuck her. Hell even most girls wanted the chance to fool around with her. Those who didn’t were always overcome with an insane amount of jealousy.

Vickki is the kind of girl who has never been told “no” and always gets what she wants, no matter what it is. Born into the life of luxury, her family has always been incredibly wealthy. She has never had to work a day in her life, and constantly has people to deal with the things she doesn’t like to do. Tedious things like laundry, cooking and cleaning and any other menial tasks she deems unworthy of her effort.

The things Vickki couldn’t get with money she would use sex, as well as her drop dead gorgeous looks. If she couldn’t buy her way into a club or backstage, she would usually just let the bouncer feel up her massive soft tits. Vickki has an absolutely insane bust, boasting and all natural set of 38 triple K tits.

No one had ever said no to playing with her giant round fun bags. Vickki LOVED having her tits played with, but most guys couldn’t handle them on their own. Either she would show them how it is done, or she would need 3 or 4 guys to really get use out of them.

For those particularly stubborn guys who still wouldn’t give her what she wanted, she would make them cum silly. Vickki is an incredibly sexual person she is obsessed and loves sex. Oh and is she ever talented, always in control and knows exactly what to do. But Vickki doesn’t just fuck any guy. She may love sex but she is incredibly picky you see. As Vickki is a full blown size queen. If she is with a guy and he does not have a big, fat, meaty cock for her. There is no way in hell he is getting in any of her holes. Vickki is Crazy for hung cocks, nothing but the biggest and thickest cocks get to fuck this size queen. She can never get enough either, just absolutely insatiable.

Back in her college days (yes Vickki did go to college and yes she used her looks to get every one of her degrees, never went to a single class.) It was not uncommon to find Vickki at one of the sports teams frat houses fucking the guys’ sensless. One of her favorite houses was the rugby team house. On her first day of school horny as hell and looking to get fucked, she went out on the hunt. Finding two young blokes packing some pretty decent bulges, she told them to show her where they lived. Taking one look at her bright red hair, her wide doe green eyes with dark eye lashes reaching out for the sky, her massive soft tits that jiggled with the slightest of movement. Her hour glass figure nice wide hips, with round ass down to her thick long legs. In her 6 inch heels she was taller than the two blokes. Which Vikki was used too as she is 5’9 without heels but has never been caught not wearing heels.

The two guys immediately obeyed, said yes and walked Vickki back to their frat house. Having no clue what they were in for. Walking in the house and seeing three other guys. All their jaws drop and she walks in her tits bouncing and swaying with every step. Before any of the guys has a chance to say anything Vickki is commanding the room.

“All right boys, pants down and let’s see what you are working with,”

The guys looking at each other confused and Vickki getting impatient “Chop chop boys let me see those cocks out,”

All five guys immediately drop their pants. All of them rock hard already just from the sight of her. The two guys she met in the grounds both packing solid 8 inch cocks decently thick. One of the guys who was already in the house having a thinner cock but easily 9 inches. The last two not even close packing a 5 and a 6 inch and both pretty thin.

Vickki looks at the two beside her, her eyes get a bit wider “Mmmm not bad boys,” grabbing them by their cocks.

Her soft hands still able to wrap around their shafts, showing her long pink nails she starts walking upstairs to the bedroom.

Vickki calls out “You in the red shirt, you are coming with us,” as he gets a big smile on his face and starts to walk over starting to speak.

“My name is J…,” before he can finish Vickki cuts him off “I don’t care, just bring that big long dick upstairs,”

As she gets halfway up the stairs the other two small guys wondering what is going on. They chirp up “Hey what about us baby?”

Vickki stops and laughs. “Well you two little boys can stay down here and play with each other, cause from the size of your little peckers there, you will NEVER get to call a women like me baby. I need real cocks.” as she laughs more.

Loving to make fun and humiliate men that she doesn’t deem worthy, it’s just so easy for her and so much fun.

Getting the other three guys upstairs and into a bed room, the two cocks she is holding are throbbing so hard. None of these guys has ever fucked a girl as hot as Vickki. They close the door as she looks at all three of them kneeling down so their cocks are at eye level.

“Mmm my my I hope the 3 of you will be enough to handle little me.” as she runs her middle finger down her deep deep cleavage. They over confidently tell her.

“Oh we are gonna do more than handle you,” as they finish there sentence Vickki grips the two 8 inch cocks. She starts stroking them, taking the third in her mouth, getting it nice and wet before spitting on the other two cocks getting all three soaked in her slutty spit.

Jerking them hard and fast they can hear the sound of her metal bracelet’s clanging together. Deep throating the cock in front of her with no warm up needed. Taking it balls deep no problem, her head bobbing up and down as she works all three guys like a pro. All three guys taken by surprise they look for something to grab to, as they all moan and groan.

“OHHHH FUCK,” all trying so hard not to bust their loads. All of them so confident just a few moments ago, now struggling to hold on like a guy who is jerking off for the first time.

As she switches it up taking a turn to suck each cock while never stopping jerking the ones she doesn’t have in her mouth. After a while she takes a quick breath just to tell them.

“Play with my tits,” In an annoyed tone, such as a mother telling her kids something for the tenth time. The 3 clumsily pull her top down and struggling with the bra. The clasped pulled so tight from her massive heavy tits pushing against it. She rolls her eyes after a while and undoes it herself, setting her massive jugs free the spill out and bounce. She moans a bit as they all fondle her tits. Then looking up at the 3 of them she says is in the same annoyed tone but angier this time “HARDER.”

They squeeze harder as she moans more, she can sense that they are getting over whelmed. Popping one of the 8 inch cocks out of her mouth with an audible pop. She wipes her lips with two fingers and stands up, all three cocks dripping in spit. She grabs the 9 inch guy by the shoulder and pushes him towards the bed.

“You, lay down” as he obeys laying down on the bed with his cock pointed to the ceiling. Not taking her 6 inch hot pink heels off she straddles over him lowering her wet pussy onto his shaft. All the way down she moans a bit as she starts to build speed bouncing up and down on his cock. Pulling the other two she goes back to working them with her hands and her mouth.

There is a Banging on the door “What the fuck are you guys doing in my room?” as a fourth guy burst through the door stunned by the sight he sees. A red headed bomb shell fucking the shit out of three of his roommates. Riding one like a bucking bronco. One balls deep in her mouth as she bobs up and down, both her hands on the third cock jerking and twisting. The one getting jerked yells back.

“DUDE we are busy get the fuck out of here.” he starts to close the door when Vicki yells

“WAIT, How big is your cock? ” he stands there just stunned by the outright question.


“Are you deaf, how big is your fucking cock?” she asks not even slowing done from riding his roommate silly

“9 or 10 inches”

Vickki gets a devious grin on her face as she finds she has another toy to play with.

“Get in here and get those pants off, I wanna see.”

As he gets closer taking off his pants, like the others he is already pretty hard. She spits on her hand and lubricates his cock jerking him hard and fast. She looks to one of the other guys,

“Get behind me and fuck my ass.”

She yells at him, he listens and gets behind her. slappin her round toned ass starting to line up his spit and pre cum soaked cock, and slowly slide inside her. She looks over her shoulder

“Be and MAN and fuck my ass already.”

Not wanting to be humiliated further her slams his cock balls deep. Now with a thick cock in her ass, a big long cock in her pussy, and jerking two fat meaty cocks off she moans out.

“oooohhhh yes ohhh yes, fill me up boys pump me full of cock.”

Her tits flailing wildly as she works all four guys but wanting even more. She tries to spur them on

“Come on fuck me like men, show me you deserve a slut like me, fuck me with your big meaty dicks.”

All fours guys are panting and sweating starting to wear down. While Vickki hasn’t even broken a sweat yet. She moans out.

“YES YES YES, I am cumminggggg finally I am fucking cummmingggg.”

Her holes get tighter as well as her grip. Prompting all four guys to be close behind, she takes two cocks in her mouth at once as all four guys erupt, filling her with cum. Not wasting a single drop. All four guys fall to the ground sweaty panting and completely out of breath. As Vickki licks her lips clean and puts her bra back on and adjusting her top and walking out of the room.

“That was fun boys, we should do it again sometime.”

Followed by some girly giggles she heads out the house. She would go on to fuck 3 more times that day alone, she could never get enough big dick always craving more.

Through out the years Vickki never met her match, she was always left wanting more. Never meeting her equal that could keep up with her. always leaving guys on their backs, sweaty and gasping for air. She always had boyfriends and they were always rich, handsome and hung. This was so she could keep her posh life style and find a big dick whenever she desired, which was ALOT. She had boyfriends but she still always fucked around, all of them knew it but they were all to scared to bring it up for fear of losing the chance to have her in there bed. She would fuck around and eventually find an upgrade and change out boyfriends, like she changed out panties.


Now 23 and with her Current Boyfriend Paulo. A 22 year old son of an oil tycoon. He was her richest boyfriend yet and also one of the bigger ones. Packing 12 inches and as fat as a can of red bull. Yet Vickki still wasn’t satisfied. Wishing he had a bigger body and knew how to use his big fat fuckstick. Just like the rugby house, she was always in control and would fuck him senseless. She lived with him in a big house on a 22 acre plot of land on the outskirts of New York.

One early evening Vickki is climbing out of the pool soaking wet, she grabs a towel and tries to wrap it around her. But her tits are so big, fat and round that it is a struggle to get it around her chest. After a few minutes of trying she finally gets it and starts to walk upstairs. After a few steps her tits burst open the towel and it falls off.

“whatever.” She says.

As she heads up to find Paulo before he leaves for the night to fly back to South America to see his parents. Sitting on one of the large couches she comes up behind him, still dripping wet. Standing over him she leans over resting her juicy, soft, supple big tits on his head. As her hands slide down to undo his belt and pull out his soft, fat, and thick cock, still 8 inches even soft.

“MMM you have no idea how hungry I am for a big piece of meat.”

As she starts to work his cock but he won’t get hard she asks him.

“what’s wrong?”

To which he responds “I am still spent from our session this morning.”

She is surprised “that was Six hours ago!!”

“I am a man Vickki not a machine.”

She pouts being disappointed with his abysmal stamina

“Fine then, I will go in to town and go shopping to feel better.”

His eyes widen “Shopping??? Again??? You spent 10 grand last week shopping.”

Getting more and more displeased “So? What is the big deal? That was last week and I want some more clothes and shoes.”

Paulo tries to be angry but is also scared to upset Vickki to much “Well I am sorry but my dad cancelled your credit cards already, That’s why I am flying to South America tonight,\. He wants to see me and I have to get going.”

Vickki clearly angry and disappointed at this point “Well like hell you are gonna leave me here with no cash.”

As she grabs his jacket from the arm of the couch picking it up and taking the wallet out. Pulling out all 4000 in cash that is in the wallet and two of the credit cards. She throws the jacket and wallet back at him as she storms up to the master bedroom.

Grabbing her phone she calls up her best friend Monica up. Monica is her long time friend, that on her own would be quite hot. Compared to Vickki however she wasn’t even close to being in the same league. She always hung out with Vickki because it made her feel hotter and more important. That and she would always get fucked by Vickkis rejects or her boyfriends when she was done with them and had upgraded to someone better and bigger.

“Monica Get ready, we are going out tonight and I am sure as hell going to find some big, long, thick, meaty and vieny cock to fuck tonight. Paulo’s leaving and there is no way I am not fucking some hung stud packing a monster meat log tonight.”

Tossing the phone one the bed not even giving Monica a choice if she wants to go out tonight, Vicki begins her long process of getting dolled up.

Her bright red hair done straight, it comes down to the mid of her back. Eyes covered in dark black eye shadow, her lashes big and wide, making her emerald green eyes look even more doe eyed. Her plump swollen lips smothered in pink lip gloss to the point that they constantly look wet. Wearing a teeny tiny black crop top which stretches so tight around her massive tits, it makes the material see though, showing the purple lace bra she has underneath. Pulling and squeezing her tits together making them look even bigger. Even a blind man would notice them. The edges of her lace bra poking out over the top.

The shirt only going halfway down her tanned and toned tummy. Over top she wears an equally small faded denim jacket, that frames her tits even more. Although she has never had a hope in hell of actually zipping the jacket up, her tits are just too big. She slides on a matching purple thong and over top she struggles to pull up her leopard print mini skirt. It is tight around her wide hips and big round ass. Only reaching half an inch past where her ass cheeks meet her legs. Slipping on her 7 inch shiny red pumps, fire engine red to match her long fake nails. To top it all off she puts on a bunch of jewelry.

Several rings on each hand, some with diamonds others with rubies or emeralds. Multiple gold and silver bracelets on her right wrist. One thick gold anklet on her left ankle and two small gold chains that fall down her neck line and disappear into the deep valley that is her cleavage. Grabbing her phone and wallet she slips them in her cleavage making them disappear with the slightest of ease. She walks outside and gets into the Paulo’s family limo, telling the driver where to take her.

After picking up Monica, just dressed in a tight pink dress trying her best to make her double Ds look as big as possible. She just can’t hold a candle to Vickki. Wherever the two go all eyes are on Vickki, they don’t have to buy any drinks or wait in any lines.

Hours go buy and the girls are a bit buzzed but Vickki is getting tired of not finding any studs. Driving down to another club Vickkis eyes light up, as she looks out on the street at another bar with a 2 hour long line. She spots a real beast of a man headed inside. Yelling at the driver

“Stop here!!!, we are getting out!”

As they climb out of the limo the entire line looks at the two of them, they walk right up to the door and are immediately let in. No one in line even makes a fuss as they all understand. Walking in the club Vickki is looking around. Some 5 foot nothing guy comes up to her.

“Hey doll face.”

Towering over him in her tall heels she looks down at him. Letting out one short sharp laugh.

“Haha I don’t think so there little fella. I don’t have a stool for you to get up on to fuck me.”

Monica starts laughing hard and Vickki joins as the little fella walks out of the club.

Suddenly she stops laughing and she taps Monicas shoulder.

“There he is, the guy I wanted to find in here.”

Across the room Monica looks and sees the mountain of a man. Wearing a tight deep V neck that shows of his monster chest, the sleeves look like they are at their limit. Stretching around his thick muscle covered arms. The beer in is hand looks like it was made for kids. He has a thick and bushy brown beard and gorgeous brown hair to match, but styled well in a pompadour. His shirt so tight that even from across the room the girls can see easily he has an impressive deep cut six pack. The girls cannot see below his waist, his tree trunk powerful legs filling out his dark blue jeans and a bulge so fucking big it almost looks fake. But there are at least 5 hotties surrounding him.

Vickki gets a big smile on her face as she turns around to the mirror behind her, pushing her tits up and pulling her top a bit lower. Pouting her lips and moving her hair out of the way so that it doesn’t block any part of her gorgeous face or goddess like rack. She starts her strut over to him, tits jiggling and ass swinging with every step.

A small smile slides on to his face as he notices the hard 11 walking towards him. Ignoring the other girls as he pushes them aside, they all pout. Obviously looking her up and down, grinning more when he eyes up her deep deep cleavage. She grins back as she looks up at him, even in here 7 inch heels he is easily taller then her. To the point that even in her heels she would have to lean up to kiss him.

“well you certainly are big, aren’t you stud?” as she runs her long red nail down his bicep.

He responds in a low deep almost growly voice that makes Vickki shiver in pleasure.

“You talkin about me or those two cannons you have stuffed into that poor shirt there?”

He winks as he stares deep down her massive tits.

“Mmm I thought you would like them,” she winks back.

“I will tell you how big they are if you tell me how tall you are?” as she continues to eye him up from the waist up.

Just infatuated with his big, ripped, cut and muscular body loving how small she feels next to him.

“Sure I’ll bite but you are telling me first.”

Loving how he is so confident and immediately taking control she doesn’t hesitate to listen to him. Lookin up at him show slowly tells him.

“these puppies are a 38 triple K” as she has her hands on her hips pushing her tits out even more. She slows and flicks her tongue while telling him the size.

“Now its your turn stud.”

“Well I suppose that’s fair. I am 7 foot 2” he smiles back at her

Her eyes wide and mouth open “Jesus that’s even bigger than I would have guessed. Being that tall you must be really Hun…………ggggggg.”

While talking she starts to look down lower and lower till she witnesses the colossal bulge in his jeans. She can see the outline, it looks as fat as a beer can and descends down his right leg. Almost to his knee but she can’t see the outline of the head.

Stunned like a deer in the head lights she doesn’t even notice her phone in her cleavage vibrating over and over. Still eyeing up his cock outline as she bites her bottom lip hard, just thinking of what having that inside her would be like. She feels his large rough hand slide in between her soft squishy tits, and he isn’t gentle either. Her eyes close as she moans, lifting her head up until she hears his deep manly voice.

“Who the fuck is this?……….. What kind of fucking name is Paulo?………. Not a fucking chance I am gonna let you talk to her………. she is busy……….. Haha easy there fella, I don’t think she would appreciate her gardener claiming to be her boyfriend………. Now fuck off.”

He hangs up as she is licking her lips

“Mmmm that was soooo fucking, who in the world are you stud?”

“Names Geoff, I will find out your name later for now I am just gonna call you Sugar tits,” as he puts her phone in his back pocket.

“I am gonna hold onto this for a while, you can have it back when I say you have earned it.”

She purrrrs back. “Anything for you stud 😉 how ever can I earn your approval?” as she runs her hand on his rock hard bicep.

“See that douche by the bar, in the shirt covered in glitter with the spiked hair that has way to much gel. Go put him in his place.”

She scoffs, “Ha easy.”

He stops her, I didn’t finish. “You can’t touch him at all.”

A grin grows on her face. “Mmm now this should be fun.” as she starts to strut over she feels his hand smack her round ass hard, she wasn’t ready for the force and its makes her squeal in pleasure.

Walking up to the douche bag she catches his eye easily. She leans over and whispers something in his ear, then she takes his beer bottle placing it between KKK tits she starts to slide it deeper and deeper in her throat. Almost taking the whole bottle before she slides it back out. The losers mouth wide open as he starts to shutter and clench his face. Vicki starts laughing.

“Oh my god you just came in your fucking pants didn’t you? haha that is sooo pathetic.”

Everyone in the area laughing at the loser as he bows his head in shame and runs out of the bar.

Walking back to Geoff she can see him laughing and is very pleased with herself and having found such a man. She get close up to him huggin his side, pushing her soft squishy tits into his hard body. He looks down at her with a big smile.

“Hahaha well done indeed, what did you whisper to that poor excuse of a man.”

She grins as she looks up and him and starts to trace her delicate fingers along his waist, right above his belt as she looks down at the outline again making her smile grow.

“Simple…. I told him I have no gag reflex” as she give him a coy wink

His hand slapping on to her ass and squeezing nice and real hard causing her to bite her lip “So this Loser boyfriend of yours got a house?”

“He sure does” she says excitedly loving the idea of cheating on Paulo with this superior male, at his own house.

Geoff grabs Vickkis hand a pulls her with him to the door, as they get outside Vickki shows him the limo waiting for her and they both get inside. She yells out to the driver.

“Take me back home and fucking step on it.”

As soon as Geoff and Vikki get in the back seat their hands all are over each other. as they start to make out, tongues all over. She slides her hands under his shirt to feel his abs, her long fake nails digging into his skin as she moans out.

“Mmm good god are you made of steel?” as he starts kissing and sucking on her neck, her head falls back and rolls back and forth on the head rest. as his large hand grips her big tit hard. Even Geoff’s large hands can’t hold all of one of Vickkis massive tits. She moans out as he plays with her tits slapping them around bouncing them up and down in his big hands. Squeezing and kneading them with such strength.

“Mmmm oh fuck no one ever knows how to handle my fat juicy titties. That feels soo good.”

Sliding his head lower into her massive cleavage, licking and sucking all over. She continues to moan, her hands start to wander down to his bulge. She starts to feel the outline realizing right away that she won’t be able to wrap a hand around his girth, trying to find the head but still can’t it feels stiff.

“Holy fuck are you part horse as well? This cock feels fucking HUGEEE!!!”

Her moans getting louder and louder as his hands start to slide up under her skirt. Where her thong is fucking soaked. With one quick pull he snaps it and starts to tickle her clit back and forth she cries out.


His face still buried in her cleavage, as he slides two of his long fingers in which themselves feel like a big cock she groans out. Eyes closed head rolling back and forth as he builds a frim fast rhythm.

“uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh god don’t stop, that feels fucking incredible.”

He slides in a third finger stretching her out even more. Sliding back and forth for a bit, then stopping and changing to and up down motion. Like he is trying to lift her up then push her down in the seat. All while his thick thumb trails over her clit. He does this fast and hard relentlessly. Her eyes open wide and her feet are kicking all over the place. Her hands looking for something to grab onto. They squeeze his arm that is doing all the work. Feeling how hard it is and how fast it is moving only turns her on more. She can hear the sloshing sounds of his fingers in her pussy. As she gets hit hard with a wave of pleasure her feet stomp on the ground as her hands push hard against the ceiling as she tries to hold herself in place as she screams.

He pulls all three fingers out followed by a rush of her fluids, spraying out over the seat and onto the floor of the limo. As she holds on as best she can, her whole body shaking she can her it in her voice.

“HOOoooLLLlllYYYyyyyyy fffffFFFFFuuuuUUUcccccKKKKkkkiiiIIIIInnnNNNNnGGGGG FFFFFFuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.”

As she cums and cums making a puddle in her seat and at the floor of the limo. She looks at him with lust and bewilderment in her eyes.

“What the fuck did you just do to me?”

He just grins back

“What you have never squirted before?” he gives her clit a little flick her body has another little tremor.

She coos back. “Never in my life has anyone ever done anything close to that to me.”

The limo stops and Geoff gets out pulling Vicki with him, he grabs her and tosses her over his shoulder, like a cave man claiming his women. Her ass and legs covered in her own juices. He carries her to the house her tits squishing into his hard as a rock, muscular back as she bounces up and down.

“If that’s the first time you have ever squirted, then you are in for one hell of a night.” He smacks her ass on his shoulder it sounds like someone slapping a wet towel.

Carrying her up to the front door he doesn’t bother trying to open it, just lifts his right leg and boot kicks the door in, splintering the wood around the dead bolt. The door flies open with a loud slam. Vickki continually getting turned on by Geoffs displays of power. He walks along the tile floor into the living room, that has two large grey couches one long one and one in the shape of an L.

Grabbing Vickki but not putting her down, he turns her around so she is now hanging upside down on his front side, her soft tits against his hard abs. He spreads her legs on either side of his face, her thick thighs resting on his shoulders. Her cunt still dripping wet, he wraps his arms around her waist right above her ass and pulls her tight to his body. His big fat tongue starts to flick back and forth over her sensitive clit fast and firm. Her hands plant on his tree trunk size thighs as she pushes herself up a bit. Moaning out as she feels a wet tongue playing with her pussy.

“Oooohhhhh WOW oh yes yes YES.”

Geoff starts to slide is long thick tongue in her pussy wiggling it around like a snake. She moans louder as he just keeps getting faster and faster.

“Oooohhhh shittt, Im cumming again.” her legs shake as she cums again.


Geoff not stopping just because she came, he keeps his wide tongue inside her. Vickki looking down at Geoffs crotch she can’t wait anymore. She is dying to see how big this stallions cock is. Even upside down she undoes his belt, button and fly like a pro in no time at all. Biting her bottom lip as she slides her thumbs in the waist band of his jeans and boxers, slowly sliding them down his body she unveils the first few inches. She sees the shaft is so thick, thick like a beer can and the veins are so defined they pop out and run along the shaft, her eyes go wide.

“OOOOOHHHH” as she continues to slide Geoffs jeans down lower and lower and the thick vein covered shaft just keeps going and going and going.

“MMMMMMYYYYY” she has his jeans all the way

down to just past his knees before she finally sees the thick head.

“FUCKING GGGGAAAAAWWWWWDDD this cock is a monster!!!!!”

Almost on cue Geoff lifts her back up a bit and flips her over before putting her down on her tall red heels. She drops down to her knees and near the speed of light. Getting eye level with the behemoth of a cock in front of her. Eyes wide jaw fallen open, she is actually intimidated by it. Her hands slowly move up to touch it looking up at him.

“Geoff your cock is absolutely massive”

as her hands try to grip the girth of the shaft, neither one on its own even coming close to being able to wrap all the way around. As she gets a firm grip she just moans out, looking over it in wonderment.

“It’s sooooo heavy like heavier then the weights i use at the gym hehehe.” as she picks it up a bit.

“Although I can’t say I am surprised that a piece of cock meat this fucking long and thick also has some real weight to it”

she winks up at him as she squeezes it a bit. Suddenly she gets a bit nervous as she feels that it’s a lot softer then she thought it would be.

“ar-ar-are you even hard yet” as she starts to slide her two hands back and forth just trying to understand how long it already is and he isn’t even hard yet. Geoff looking down with a devious grin on his face.

“Not hard yet, why don’t we put that gag reflex to the test” as he winks down at her.

Vickki filled with some new confidence opens her mouth wide to take the fat head inside. It fills her mouth like nothing has before, she can’t help but let out a moan of satisfaction.

“MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmMMMM” as she slides it deeper and deeper going pretty well for about 5 inches till she can’t fit anymore. Looking down his shaft there is still so much cock left. She can feel him starting to throb and pulse hard, growing with each pulse. She slides her mouth off the first five inches. The top Geoffs cock is drenched in her spit.

“WOW I have NEVER had anything that big in my mouth” as she starts spitting on his cock lubing it up, pumping it with both hands. She has never had to work a cock so much. But she doesn’t care, she is too excited from it to care. Growing longer and thicker in her hands. It’s getting easier to handle as it gets harder, she doesn’t notice the weight as much as it starts to lift from stiffening. Her hands sliding up and down twisting back and forth as she stares at in growing in awe. Getting harder and harder in her hands until it feels like a steel rod.

She thought it was huge before and now it’s even bigger, it’s a massive long and fat cock. Easily thicker than a beer can, one hand barely holds half of the girth.

“This is Unbelievable. Fuck hung like a horse, you are hung like a god damn elephant!!! You HAVE to let me measure you. pretty pretty please????”

As she looks up at him batting her long eye lashes and pouting her lips. When he nods she stands and runs off her heels clicking loud on the tiles as her entire body jiggles. Coming back with a tape measure in hand.

“I had to find the tape measure, there is NO WAY my ruler is big enough to measure you and that cock that would make horses jealous.”

She gets back on her knees like a giddy little school girl, not knowing Geoff has taken her phone out of his pocket and pointing it at her. She slides the tape measure down his more than impressive length all the way to the tip of the head.

“NO god damn way, this has to be wrong, are you seriously 19 and half fucking inches?” as she turns her gaze up with a look of pure shock the distinctive “click” of the camera app can be herd. He laughs a bit.

“Your measuring tape is 100 percent accurate.”

Holding her arm next to the long massive cock, Vickki licks her lips.

“It’s bigger than my arm.”

Again she hears the click from the camera app on her phone, this continues for a bit. Vickki posing with Geoffs big cock. Holding it over her face, trying to hold it with just one hand, while Geoff takes some pictures. After a bit he stops and she can see him typing on her phone.

“What are you doin with those pics stud?”

His devious grin come back “Oh I think that little douche Paulo needs to see you with a real cock.”

He is about to push send when Vickki yells out “WAAAIT you can’t do that.”

His grin gone he looks down with his dominating eyes.

“You have a Problem with that Sugar tits?”

Batting her eyes at him this time she is the one with the devious grin.

“We don’t have a picture of me trying to fit this long, fat, heavy, meaty elephant sized dick in my mouth yet.”

As her two hands grip mid-way up Geoffs shaft she opens her mouth up wide and swallows the tip. Her cheeks sink in as she sucks hard, her wide green eyes looking up accentuated by her big eye lashes and dark eye shadow. The lust and pleasure is easily seen in her gaze. The camera goes “Click” and she moans knowing she will be humiliating Paulo. She keeps sucking trying to work herself deeper and deeper onto the Geoffs fat cock. Her hands jerking up and down, she can hear her bracelets clanging together. Geoff sends off the pictures then toss’s the phone on the couch.

Looking down at Vicki Impressed with how well she is doing so far. Vickkis loud slurping can be herd and she covers his rock hard cock in spit, trying to lube it up a bit so she can take it deeper. She has never ever struggled so much with a cock in her mouth. hell even two cocks in her mouth has never been this much work. She pulls it out with a loud audible

*POP* followed by a gasp for air as she wipes her spit from her lips with the back of her hand.

“Its soooo fucking big.” as her hands using her spit can slide up and down the shaft faster and faster.

“I can barely breath with that thing in my throat” Vickki sees pre-cum ooze out from the tip, her eyes light up in excitement as it’s a lot of pre-cum. She uses it as lube at first just watching how much is oozing out. It looks like more than some full loads she has had before. She dives onto it, shoving his cock back into her mouth. As soon as the cum hits her lips she moans out.

“MmmmmmMMMMMMM” as she tastes it, it taste incredible so thick and creamy nice and warm sweet and salty, it taste delicious. Back into a motion of bobbing her head up and down she pops Geoffs large cock head out over and over.

*PoP “You Taste” * Sluuuurrpp mmm mmm PoP “SO” * Slurp slurp mm mm mmm mmm Pop* “god damn good” * Sssssllllluuurrrrrpppp*.

Back to trying to see how much she can fit in her mouth she works her way down lower and lower. Wiggling her head to get a little bit more. To her credit she manages to get 8 inches down all by herself with no gagging. In the middle of feeling pretty impressed with herself she feels Geoffs large hands on her head, his fingers under her chin and his thumbs on her head as he starts to buck his hips back and forth.

“I’m impressed with how much you have swallowed so far. Now lets see what this spoiled bimbo slut mouth can really do.”

As he speeds up pushing deeper starting to fuck Vickkis mouth. Vickki digs her nails into his muscular thighs as she tries to hold on. Fucking loving it, being force fed to take more and more cock. She has never felt so out of control, so dominated. Pre-cum and spit spilling out of her mouth and dripping off Geoffs cock as he uses her mouth like a fuck toy. It spills down onto her fat tits and slides down her cleavage. Her lip gloss getting so smudged all over his cock. Her eyes start to water as he pushes deeper and at the 10 inch mark, for the first time in her life she starts to gag.

“UUuuuuugggghhh UUGHHhhh UUUGGGHHH.” Over and over before Geoff slides his impressive length out. Gasping for air, but not allowed to chance to before Geoff picks up his fat heavy cock holding it over her.

“Lick My balls Surgar tits.”

Loving being controlled, she looks up to his balls.

“JESUS CHRIST THE’RE LIKE THE SIZE OF TENNIS BALLS.” as she cups them in her hands then starting to suck and lick on them. They are gonna be a real struggle to fit in her mouth, good thing Vickki loves a challenge. They smell musky and taste salty and she can’t get enough of it.

“Ooohhhh I can only imagine how much hot, sticky, tasty cum these bad boys are packing.”

Before she gets and answer Geoff picks her up and tosses her on her back on the long part of the L shaped couch, Pulling off her tiny denim jacket then ripping her black top right off. Geoff sees how much of a struggle her bra is in trying to contain her massive 38 KKK tits as the soft tissue spills over every edge.

“DAAammmNNN you really are Sugar tits aren’t you? How do you even get a bra like that to fit?”

As she spreads her legs wide for him in a wide V she looks up at him and coyly says “Oh you know. I have a Knack for fitting very BIG things in some very TIGHT places.” 😉

Gripping her thin ankles tight Geoffs brings his fat cock head down to rest on Vickkis clit causing her to moan as the heavy cock rubs over top. Her pussy has been dripping ever since she saw his monster of a bulge. Geoff drops it lower and starts to push it in. her swollen pussy lips stretching to accept it inside her. He slips in and her eyes go wide!

“OHHH god yes!”

He keeps pushing deeper and deeper making Vickkis walls stretch more and more.

“Your cock is so fucking Huge, use it to fill me up like the big cock slut I am!”

Geoff starts to slide back and forth building a rhythm back and forth building in power and speed. With every thrust in her, he pushes a little deeper. Vickkis bra looking like it won’t take more of her tits bouncing. Geoffs grip gets tighter and he fucks her harder, pushing in deeper and deeper.

“FUCking Yes fuck me you stallion mmmmmmm fuck me hard , give it to me good, pound my slutty pussy with that fucking elephant cock of yours!”

14 inchs deep and Geoff starts pounding away at her, faster and faster fucking her so hard the couch is starting to move with every powerful thrust from his pelvis. Vickkis tits bounce up and down with the pounding. Even the sturdiest of bras never stood a chance against the weight of her fat, juicy, soft tits and in an instant the bra burst open. Her tits free to flop around even more wildly, looking like two over filled giant water balloons. Not even exposed for a second and Geoff gives them a hard slap. Before Vickki can tell him to do it again he slaps the other one making them jiggle like jello. She wants to call out “HARDER.” but doesn’t have the time before he is slapping them again and again even harder. Almost like he is reading her mind.

He brings her legs together on either side of his neck making her even tighter and freeing his hands, they both grab onto her fat huge tits and squeezing hard causing her to scream


Not slowing down Geoff moves her legs so one is still by his head her heels high in the air and the other he pushes out to the side like and L. pounding her relentlessly still not balls deep, but Vicki is so out of it she can’t tell he is not balls deep. With one hand Geoff slides it down to her wet cunt which just covered his cock in juices. He starts to circle her clit in frim steady circles. With his other free hand he slaps her tits again before grabbing her throat and choking her a bit.

Her slight loss of air heightening the sense of her pleasure. Her clit being played with while she is getting pounded by a human jack hammer with a cock that could onl be compared to that of the largest animal in the kindom, the elephant. She is driven way over the edge.


At that moment two of the couch legs break causing them to fall which pushes Geoffs cock in deeper the the 16th inch. For just a second before he quickly pulls his entire length out followed by and intense rush of her juices, bursting out of her cunt as she squirts all over the floor much harder than the time in the limo. Her legs shaking non-stop, her eyes rolling in the back of her head as she screams out for a solid 30 seconds.

Before she has even come down from an immense sexual high, Geoff is sliding his monstrously thick cock back inside her tender pink pussy. Bending over as he slides his left arm under the small of her back. In one easy motion he stands lifting her up. Vickki has never ever felt so small a weak before. Geoff is using her like a ragdoll. Bouncing her up and down on his long, long, looooooooooonnnngg shaft. Vickki moans and moans as she gets fucked all over the room. Before he takes her upstairs.

Kicking in the master bedroom door. He carries her across the room and slams her up against the wall. Pounding her against it over and over. The two of them are starting to crack the drywall. Her tits bouncing up and down between their two bodies. His hands slide down and grip her toned ass, pummeling her little pussy as he smacks and gropes her round fat ass. Vickkis bra still dangling on her shoulders but it is torn to shreds, her mini skirt up around her waist like a leopard print belt, her heels still on wrapped around Geoffs back. All her jewelry clanging together as she gets her brains fucked out. Fucking her so hard Geoff puts a hole in the wall. Pulling her out and going back to standing he starts bouncing her up and down massive shaft, unlike she has ever experienced. 18 inches sliding in and out of her without relent.

Causing Vickki to scream out in ecstasy with every bounce. Geoff buries his face in her big bouncing balloons, sucking and licking all over, biting her nipples. At this point Vickki is so out of it she can’t think of anything. All she can do is try to hold on for dear life. Everything she does is because of her subconscious and does it purely on sexual instinct. As her conscious mind is on another plane of existence now. She lost track of how many orgasms she has had long ago. She doesn’t even know how long it has been. At one point in her getting fucked all over the house she caught a brief glimpse of a clock and saw it was 5 am meaning she had been getting fucked senseless for at least 4 hours but that’s too much math for her brain to process right now.


She screams and moans as Geoff bounces her up and down inducing another orgasm, a full body shake she gushes all over his thick man meat. The only reason she is still up is because Geoff is holding her up. As he slides his big fat cock out more juices pour out making a puddle beneath the two of them. Geoff throws her over five feet with ease, She lands on the king sized soft bed her. Vickkis massive fat round tits slap together. Geoff climbing on top and straddling her stomach he slaps both tits on her nipples which makes her squeal before he squeeze them together. His hard cock so covered in her juices and pre cum he slides in between her soft fat titties as he plays with her nipples.

If Vickki could speak she would tell him how hot it is to not see a cock disappear in her vastly deep cleavage and to have a man that can handle them. She has given hundreds and hundreds of tit jobs before but has never been tit fucked. As she always has to do the work. Geoffs cock is so long and thick it easily fills the deep crevasse that is Vickkis cleavage and pushes further up sliding along her face smudging what remains of her pink lip gloss he barks at her.

“Lick your juices of this Big Fat Meaty Cock you filthy size queen slut.”

On instinct alone she does as she is told and runs her tongue on as much as the shaft as she can, as it slides back and forth across her face. Geoff then stands above her and grunts a low growl like a grizzly bear, before his cock erupts like someone just turned a hose on full blast.

Vickki getting showered in Hot thick white creamy cum. It’s so warm and thick, her face is doused as rope after rope after thick rope burst from the tip of Geoffs elephant sized cock. covering all of her massive fat tittes. The last time Vickki had this much cum on her it took 11 guys to get to that point.

Moaning uncontrollably and withering around on the soft white sheets of the bed half passed out. She gets her eyes open trying to see through the thick layer of cum on her slutty caked up face. She sees Geoff putting on his pants and outside the window what looks like to be a helicopter landing on the front lawn. She barely manages to get out the words.

“Who in the world are you?”

Geoff gives her a small laugh

“I had fun to night, you are a real natural sugar tits. Tell you what if you want an upgrade and want to leave this life behind and see me again. Then give me a call.”

He tosses his business card at her feet before heading outside and climbing in the Helicopter.


The next thing Vickki knows she can hear the buzzing of her phone going off beside her, she tries to ignore but it just keeps going and going. How it ended up beside her she has no idea. Waking up she is in a real sticky mess, she is still covered in Geoffs thick creamy cum as she answers the phone with a groggy.


“Vickki oh my god there you are, why the hell have you not been answering your phone? Where the hell have you been? Everyone thinks you are missing or dead.” she recognizes the voice on the other end of the line as Monica.

“Cause Im fucking tired.” as she rolls her head over she sees one of the clocks its only 10 in the morning “Why the hell are you so worried its only 10, I saw you last night at the club.”

For a few seconds on the other side it is quiet

“Vickki its 10 am Tuesday!!! I saw you at the club on Saturday night!!!!”

This news wakes Vickki out of her groggy state and she open her eyes and looks around Paulo’s bedroom. The place is fucking trashed dressers have been knocked over there are Vickki sized holes in the wall all over. The French doors have been busted in, even one of the post on the four poster bed is snapped in half. Vickkis hair is an absolute mess covered in cum all over. Vickki looks over her body and sees how cum she is covered in. She sees some that is still wet on her nipple. She wipes it up with her dainty long middle finger then takes a taste.

“Mmmm Still taste fantastic, Monica I think I am in love.”

Monica incredibly surprised by this statement “What seriously? What in the world happened to you Saturday night? last thing I saw is you were getting dragged out behind that hot muscled stud.”

Vickkis trying to remember as much about what happened as she can “He fucked the shit outta me, I cant remember huge parts of the night, I think I must have blacked out a bit or something. Not cause I was too drunk or anything all I know for sure is he fucked my brains out for hours and hours. I have never experienced anything like that in my life. He was such a fucking man. Oh my god his cock you would not believe, I still don’t believe it. It belongs on a whale or something. He makes any other guy I have been with look so small now. Just so fucking big and fat. The veins on his cock made it feel amazing, I could feel them inside me. How he got a cock that big to get hard I don’t know, he should have like blood loss or something. Not only hard but hard like a diamond and for the ENTIRE NIGHT!!! I am pretty sure he has to be a sex god hehehe.”

As Vickkis hands trail down to feel her pussy, the slightest touch and she gasps a bit in pain as it is beyond tender and sore.

“A Fucking monster, I didn’t even know a guy could have a cock so fucking big and did he ever know how to use it, he used me like a fucktoy until his giant balls covered me in a hot sticky load and I mean he fucking drenched me it was like having a shower. Oh and Monica he taste so so so god damn gooood.”

Monica moaning on the phone just from the dirty details rubbing her pussy a bit imagining it was her in that situation.

“So when do I get my turn with him?”

Vickki laughs but then in a serious tone.

“Monica this guy would fucking split you in two.”

“Sure whatever Vickki you are just being a hog like normal, so when are you gonna see the mans man again?”

As Vickki looks around the bedroom again seeing the business card she picks it up and looks at it while talking to Monica she reads it.

“Geoff Benwaa 555 555 0000.”

Vickki does not recognize the area code she is sure as hell not from the city.

“I want to see him as soon as I can but I think I am gonna need a few days to recover still, from the raw pounding he gave me haha.”

Vickki Starts to slide her way to the edge of the bed knowing she needs to clean herself up. She kicks off her shoes and tries to stand her legs. Far too sore she falls right over on her stomach her huge cum stained tits catching her fall.

“OH MY GOD Monica I can’t walk, He actually fucked me till I couldn’t walk.”

Monica just laughing Vickki hangs up and crawls the way to the bathroom turning on the huge soaker tub she starts taking off her jewelry. First her rings, then her bracelets and anklet. The necklace proves to be a lot trickier as all the cum has it stuck to her tits. She turns on the jets of the tub and climbs inside to the warm embrace of the hot water. She spends hours in there cleaning and trying to recover, the hot water easing her sore muscles. She reaches to the side to grab her phone and the card Geoff left for her. She Dials the number and listens to the phone ring. She hears a voice but it sure as hell isn’t Geoff, it’s a female voice and it sounds very familiar but she has no idea who it is.

“Why Hello Vickki, Geoff said we would be getting a call from you.”

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