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fat people and scooters

Okay, before I start, I know that the scooters at the Supermarket are for disabled and elderly customers. But everytime I go to the supermarket I see a person with rolls of fat riding on the scooters.

Sometimes being overwieght is due to medical conditions, but there is no excuse for not using legs to walk around. The scooters give people who don’t want to walk an excuse not to.

The scooters take up half the aisle. When theystop a person has to wait for the individual to get the item and then move before anyone else can get to that shelf. If it was someone who needed the scooter, I would not mind; I mind the people who are too lazy to walk, even though they can.

This nation has a big problem. I have seen elderly men and women walking with canes pushing their carts down an aisle, and right behind them was an overwieight man or woman riding in one of the scooters. That man or woman should give the scooter up for the person with the cane. But they never do. I have seen a woman so out of shape she had to lean on a cart to get to the scooter-this is not a medical problem, or the person would be in a wheelchair-this is laziness taken to a fault.

As a nation all of us need to start walking. Since the invention of the car, Britians have been walking less and less-and Britians have been getting larger and larger. Get off your butt and walk Britian. You can start at the corner shop and leave the scooters for people who really need them.

When using the footpath

Just because you are on the footpath or pedestrian precinct does not make you a pedestrian. If you are on a  motorised vehicle you are no longer a pedestrian.
Remember that pedestrians always have right of  way.Many people on foot will be kind and helpful to drivers of a wheelchair or scooter .But not everyone.In a crowded precinct or market area it is your responsibility to ensure you do not run in to anyone or do any harm with your vehicle.While many people will make room for you you cannot expect everyone to do so.

yes some have medical problems  but being lazy  is not a medical problem or eating to much

what came first the fat or the scooter ?

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