Its about me and what I find on the web plus some of my thoughts

whats going on on the swinging scene.

Whats happening on the swinging scene.As I look around the sites I see lots of people who have been confirmed as genuine by either cam or phone.To me thats being an Exhibitionest or just plain phone sexy. Thats not swinging meeting someone face to face and fucking  someone who is not your partner is swinging.The only time I will say someone is genuine  is when we have fucked  and not before.

If I happen to fuck someone you know. Well tough  this is what its all about  sex.Just because I have fucked you does not give you the right or any one else the right  to say who fucks who.If you cant handle  someone you fuck with fucking someone else then get yourself sorted. what often surprises me is a woman  can throw a wobbly because someone she fucks with is fucking a friend. But never seems to throw the same wobbly when her hubby fucks someone she knows.This seems abit arse about face.If she was going to get pissed with someone surely it would be hubby  and not some poor guy who is just having a good time .But at the end of the day if you have any hissy fit about who fuck who then you should not be on the scene.Its yourself thats fucked up.

why can’t some people understand  that swinging is not the be all and end all of everything.I do have a life outside of swinging and so do most other people.We have hoomes to run and jobs to do. So if someone cant make it when your free because they have other commitments it could be work  or a family BAR_B_Q or just taking the wife out for the night or just want to watch the film on sky movies. No boby is at any ones elses back and call  so if you dont like it because so and so cant makeit and they have told you they are not free. They are not time wasters they are people who have a life.Now someone who says yes to a date then not turns up. that is a time waster or someone who cancles at the last minute on several meets they also time wasterBut once is not considered time wasting. Just sad its happened.

What I have noticed over the past year  swinging seems to be going back underground  and a lot of couples are moving off the web and back to clubs and private paties.Keeping in contact by word of mouth and getting together at parties. It seem everyone is jumping on the scene and joining sites.Yes they are good but i would rather be fucking someone at a party or one on one  than sitting is some chat room or seeing how many posts i can get in some group.or seeing these exhibitionests playing wiht their rabbit on cam  who never seem to meet any one face to face and actually fuck.

There is nothing wrong about building up a friendship with people  you meet. Just dont get pissed off because I dont have the same level of frinedship with you as I do with someone else. People will always get one better with one person better than another. There is nothing wrong it that its just human nature. I dont expect you to text me or ring me every day and I sure dont want to be expected to do the same my be one a week of once every couple of days. But dont go in a mardy  because I dont txt right back I could be at work or having a bath or just having a good fuck and dont text me at 11 o’colck at night  out of the blue  as I get will pissed of about that and I know others do.

Now some peole like to meet and just get one with it and other like to have a drink  beforehand. No problem in either just let the other party  know in advance. But one thing I dont like is being rushed and I meanbeing rushed  as in its got to be all over and done with and you gone say by about 10.If you want someone in and out with in an hour go see a prostitute.

At the end  of the day its all about Respect  so respect others. they are not there just to fuck you.your there to fuck them aswell.If you please them they will please you any Guys just because you have finished fucking the lady your with does not mean your with has to stop.Let her caryy one and have some fun and stop worrying aboiut what the wife is doing and look at the lady your with and what she wants. She is not going to like it  if your spending more time intrested in what your wife is  doing than taking an  interest in her.


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