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Another day

why do we never see this in the bandstand in peoples park

Now I know not every one can take a good pic.But looking at some of the pics of the sites.It makes me wonder if they are looking for sex or a part in the next steven king movie. Now I know some pics are taken in the heat of the moment when your playing and these cant  be set up unless your doing a porn shoot. But if your just taking pics for your profile have a look around and check whats behind the person having the photo taken.

we dont want to see boxes of tampax  or pile cream in the back ground or pics of your kids also if in bedroom or any other room tidy it u first. There is nothing worse  than getting a good pic of the person and the room is a shit tip. Ladies freshen up  nothing worse than a pic that looks like the back end of a bus and guys ditch the football shirt.

Girls with big tits look good in football shirts. Guys with manboobs and beer bellies dont


I know everyone does not have the ideal body.But you dont need pics that look like you have just survive a car crash or have the hangover from hell


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