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its been a while

what have I been doing?

Well i have been keeping busy to keep up this lifestyle  one must work. So Ive been busy at work but in my free time I have been meeting up wiht a couple of my fuck buddies as well as a few social meets.Whom i shall keep secret as i want to keep them to myself.

But again the subject of male perfomance  has come up and it has nothing to do wiht the size of the cock.Its the actual perfomance  of it or I should say the owner of it.

Now the younger males seem to think because they have banged a few pissed up slappers on a Saturday night they are great lovers “WRONG” all you are doing is emptying your balls in to someone.Now the older guys   some times its pure arrogance  other times they dont know  that they are actually crap.Now ofr the ones that dont know or realise the fault lies wiht you ladies.Yes I said you Ladies now i dont want you saying your crap to your old man  but a few simple pointers.Like left a bit up a bit or just like that  or i like it like this. Its not that hard to please a woman   once you know what you are doing and ladies if your not enjoying it cut out the porn style sound effects.We use the sound of you moaning  as a clue on how we are doing.

there are plenty of book out as well so there is no excuse most decent high street have an Anne Summers   so pop in and pick up a book as well as a few condoms

clit2Here is where the clit (Clitoris)  is

more info can be found here its not that hard to find

Ive been told i am good   or WOW or fucking hell that was good. but i dont thing im the greatest    but i also want to keep improving. and one way to improve is to find out what your partnet likes and how they like it because  what is great for one is not for another. So you need to vary your style and performance

now to cheer you up a few pics



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