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the cuckold

My name is Eric, and I’m a man in my mid-forties. I am reasonably fit without being buff, and looks-wise I’m told I’m okay. I have a full head of hair, blond to greying now, and blue eyes. I’ve been married for around ten years to Sarah, who is twelve years younger than me. Sarah is pretty to the eye, a brunette with curves in all the right places and large breasts to boot. I considered myself extremely fortunate when we started going out, more so when we eventually got married.

I’ve always been the main breadwinner in our household; however, in the past few years my wife has really hit her stride and now holds a very senior role with her employer. She is often away on business, and when at home can work late or have to attend numerous sales functions. In the meantime my own career seems to have stalled, and although I still hold a good role the travel entertainment business, opportunities have become non-existent.

As a result, and without realising it, our roles have somewhat reversed. I find that I am the one coming home early to help get things ready so that Sarah can come home, shower and get ready for some important engagement. I drop off and collect her outfits from the dry cleaner, I lay out the lingerie and outfit she plans to wear and I ensure her selected heels are polished and ready for her. I’ve now found myself doing the cooking, cleaning and washing as well, although I do not resent that. I figure Sarah supported me in my work roles previously, so why not the other way around?

About two years ago, however, things changed even more. I started to notice that Sarah was becoming more of the dominant one in our relationship. At first I thought she was just a bit power-crazed with her new role but later I realised she was instructing me, no longer asking me to do things for her.

It was now expected that whenever Sarah had plans to go out I was to be home early, have her clothes ready and basically be at her beck and call. At the time I decided that I was willing to accept this change, and instead of reacting as I may have in the past I just took it on the chin and got on with it.

Soon after, Sarah started telling me that she wanted me to be naked when I helped her get dressed, saying she liked to see the effect she had on me. I went along with all of this, for it felt good to be included in her evenings out. Sex with Sarah also continued to be amazing so I did not really want to miss out.

Then one night after she had dressed I made a comment about how revealing her new outfit was. To be honest, it seemed to me that if one looked closely enough there was very little that was not on show. When I said this to Sarah she just laughed as she started to leave, saying she knew I would be masturbating before she was in the taxi. I kind of chuckled, somewhat embarrassed, and replied that maybe I’d do just that being she looked so slutty. I did not realise it at the time, but in hindsight it was a set-up and part of her ongoing strategy to change our relationship for good.

Sarah paused at my comment and told me there was something she wanted me to do for her. I raised my eyebrow and listened as she told me there was an outfit left on our bed for me to put on before I masturbated, and which I was to be wearing when she got home. Before I could ask any questions she blew me a kiss, closed the door and left.

Well, I was curious, so I headed up the stairs to our room and sure enough there was a package on the bed. My curiosity piqued, I proceeded to open the bag and what I found left me breathless with excitement. In the bag lay a silky black lace teddy and panties plus a pair of matching silk stay-up stockings. I removed them from the bag and, trembling with excitement, I quickly dressed in the outfit. The feeling as I dressed, the soft fabric upon my skin, made me hard instantly.

No sooner had I dressed than I lay back on the bed and started to masturbate, imagining Sarah in her latest outfit and me in mine. As I wanked it came to me that maybe she had a lover, but instead of feeling upset by this I only got harder. Within moments I passed the point of return and my cock spurted forth a torrent of cum which shot all over my new outfit. When I stopped shaking from what was an absolutely mind-blowing orgasm I collapsed breathless on the bed, deciding to rest for a while before I cleaned myself up.

Later that evening I felt Sarah lay on the bed beside me. I must have been totally out of it because I had not even realised she was home, let alone that she had fully undressed. I rolled over and gave Sarah a cuddle and in a sleepy state asked her how her night had turned out. Her reply was like a cannon going off in my head, and instantly upon hearing her speak I was wide awake and sitting bolt upright in bed.

What Sarah was revealing to me in her reply was that she had decided that very night to take a lover, a client who had been coming on to her for some time. Sarah spoke softly throughout and reassured me that everything would be alright. She said she had only made the decision to tell me when she saw I had remained dressed in the female clothes she had purchased for me. She said she realised that if I was prepared to wear a lace teddy and stockings for her, then I was probably willing to seek options to ensure our marriage remained intact.

In reality what I wanted more than anything was to not lose her, and deep down I found I was extremely satisfied to be hers to do with as she pleased. I loved the opportunity to wear the clothes I was now wearing, and with her approval. Coupled with a new awareness that my wife taking a lover actually excited me more than it should, I decided I would do whatever I was told to. Anyway, I figured all I had to get used to was sharing my wife, and for such a woman as Sarah I realised I would be willing to do that.

All these thoughts crossed my mind in a millisecond, and as my mind became clearer I was drawn back to the sound of Sarah’s voice. I realised I had missed hearing some of what she had been saying so I quickly focused to see if I could get the gist of her message. By piecing together what I could, I realised that my wife was saying that she had enjoyed her fling tonight and that she was not planning to stop; if anything she planned to take on new and more lovers.

I replied meekly that I understood what she was saying, and I even heard myself asking Sarah would she allow me to remain in her life. Her reply commenced with a laugh, followed by words along the lines that I was being silly and that not only did she want me in her life, that she actually wanted me involved in her affairs. She went on to explain that she wished for me to assist her in choosing outfits to impress possible lovers, and to be home when she returned in order to listen to her adventures before we made love.

Before I could reply in acceptance, Sarah pushed me on my back and moved to position her pussy over my face. I immediately proceeded to give her the best oral I had ever done in order to impress her with my manliness. As I licked her I imagined what she had possibly done with her new lover; had he driven his cock into her that night and if so, how big was he?

I also wondered what she had done with the condom, but that thought was quickly answered as a globule of fluid gushed forth from her pussy. Licking and swallowing rapidly in order to be able to breathe, I realised I was swallowing the seed of her lover who clearly had not used a condom at all!

As I swallowed it dawned on me that I had another raging hardon, which Sarah was now reaching behind herself to squeeze. I heard her ask me if I wanted her to suck it, to which I heard myself begging, “Yes, yes, yes!” over and over.

Sarah re-positioned herself and as she went to place my cock in her mouth, at the very point where I could feel her breath upon me, she asked if I was prepared to follow her rules.

In what seemed like an out of body experience I heard myself say, “Yes Sarah,” at which point I realised my life was to be changed forever. All I remember after that point was exploding in orgasm the moment her lips touched my cock.

Afterwards, as Sarah lay asleep beside me, I lay there wide awake realising that I was now her cuckold. I wondered whether I really had the ability to follow through with this new role. Reflecting upon the last evening I realised not only would I accept my new role, but that I would actually look forward with anticipation of the times to come. I felt my cock twitch again under the panties of my silk teddy as I drifted off to sleep, no doubt to dream of adventures to come.


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