Its about me and what I find on the web plus some of my thoughts

About the playm8

well whats this all about.

Its about me my thoughts and the swinging scene and no it will not be blow by blow details.The blog will be about activities on the scene what happens and what to expect.

This is the dark side of me the bad boy  as some people would think. For most people on the scene  we have our day to day lives  then we have our life on the scene. meeting people  making friends and the great sex.

What I have found on the scene is it give you more confidence  in yourself and learn to be more open minded about life.Sometimes I wonder if the real me is the one on the scene and the fake me  is the everyday me.I dont know  or is it the other way round in which life do I wear the mask?  or is it all me and there is no mask  make you think

and where does one start and the other finish.

I do find i am more relaxed and open about life and easier going

I will include tips for new people to the scene and my veiws and comments on the scene.I will be adding a few juicy pics from the scene  and pics i comacross on the web including likes to other intresting sites and blogs.

Two  important things about swinging

1 its allabout having fun

2 NO means NO


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