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Hotter than hot

I sat on the couch in my wet towel, fanning myself with a magazine. The central air was out for the third time in a month, and I’d just finished fighting with my landlord about having someone come out today to fix it. It probably really needs to be replaced, but he’s such a cheap bastard that it’s unlikely. My iPhone displayed a current temperature of 101°. Beads of sweat were collecting on my neck. I hate August in the Midwest. Humidity so high, it makes you sweat standing still.

“Argh!” I threw my towel off and went back toward the bathroom.

Fortunately, I had no plans until later. I could just hang out in the tub full of cool water until the air was fixed. I started the faucet, and padded to my room to grab my book and my waterproof headphones. My room was stifling already.

I tested the tepid water with my toe, then sunk into my liquid relief. “Ooooh,” I sighed. Nothing like a cool bath. I played around with the water for a bit, feeling it swish between my toes. I glided my hips from side to side, giggling as my large breasts swayed above the water like flotation devices. Finally, I placed the headphones into my ears, flipped Spotify on to some Bassnectar, and cracked open my book.

It’s a great read—Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. The story was mounting quickly and I became engrossed in the novel. The killer’s stalking presence became very real and my heart was beating as I zipped through the pages, hungry for more. Out of habit, I’d closed the bathroom door more than halfway and I didn’t see the figure walk into my bedroom across the hall.

I decided to give it a rest when my eyes grew weary after about an hour of reading. The soothing sound of the electronica I was listening to was putting me to sleep. I took my glasses off, plopped them down onto the rug, and engulfed my head underneath the water entirely. Only my nose and mouth remained above the surface.

The bathwater had been warmed a bit by my body heat and I grew very aware of the water trickling through my pussy lips as my lower body floated through the water.

I reached my hand down to feel my mound, covered in a patch of strawberry blonde. I hadn’t been in for my waxing appointment yet this month, and I tugged on the fine hairs in frustration. It felt good to pull on them lightly. I traced my finger over my inner lips, spreading them ever so slightly. The cool water flooded my hot folds and I let out a small whimper. I plunged my middle finger into my hole and lightly massaged my throbbing clit in circles with my index pad.

I got into an intense rhythm quickly, moaning slightly bucking my hips out of the water. The music sounded amazing underwater, and soon I was fucking myself to the same tempo as the song. I felt my pussy tighten and I rubbed my clit less gently. On the verge of cumming, the door burst open and a large figure stood in the door way. I instinctively covered what I could with my arms and ripped my headphones out.

“Jesusfuckingchrist! Who the fuck are you!?” I shrieked. He had his palms raised defensively and started backing out the door. “I’m sorry! I’m here to fix the HVAC system and your landlord let me in! I’m sorry!” I sat hugging my knees in the tub, pissed, looking around for my towel. Fuck. I left it in the living room.

“I didn’t know anyone was here, I swear,” he called from the hallway. “I heard some noises coming from the bathroom and I thought there was loose ductwork. I’m sorry again. I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“Fine, mistakes happen,” I called back out to him. “Could you please grab my towel for me from the couch?”

I crawled out of the tub and stood behind the door, dripping wet all over the tile. Oh my god, he saw me fingering myself, I thought.

He returned shortly, opening the door with his outstretched arms, holding the towel open at both ends. He was so tall and had such long arms. I snatched it from him in the middle and wrapped it around me as fast as I could.

I opened the door so I could scurry to my room and find something decent to throw on. “How much longer until it’s fixed?” I yelled out to him.

“Less than an hour,” he yelled back. I came to the doorway in the first thing I could grab-a thin tank top and knit shorts. I wasn’t going to struggle into a bra with my damp skin. I saw his gaze drop down to my constantly hard pierced nipples. I crossed my arms.

He was handsome-solidly built, somewhere in his 40’s, with strong features and kind green eyes. He looked at me hungrily and stroked his graying goatee. I couldn’t help but stare back. He was mesmerizing.

“I just need to install a new part inside your utility closet, then patch up a loose duct. That’s where you’re losing cool air,” he pointed inside my closet.

When my realtor showed me this place, I loved the open loft feel with the exposed ceiling and ductwork.

“Better out here than inside my walls,” I said.

He chuckled. “Well we’ll see about that…”

I gave him a sly look and slid past him in the hallway. I announced that I was going to hang out and watch tv in the living room, but he should come get me if he needed something.

He asked for a glass of ice water and I grabbed one for each of us. I carried the sweating glasses into my walk in closet. They’d left stains on my shirt as they dripped, exposing my nipples entirely. I set his glass down on the center of my wooden trunk, on top of an old pair of jeans. “Try to keep the glass on the pants please. I’d hate for the wood to get wet,” I said.

He started laughing hysterically and I turned beet red. “You’re 0 for 2 so far…keep going!” he chided. His eyes remained transfixed on my nipples. I clasped my hands together and giggled, “So…I’m gonna go…”

I laid down on the couch and brought up Netflix. On the second episode of Mad Men, the heat started to make me doze off.

I woke up shivering, with ice cold droplets of water dripping on my shoulder. He was standing over me, glass of ice cubes in hand, clearly staring at my breasts. “Uh, I’m sorry to bother you, but I think you’d better come take a look at this,” he warned. “Looks like you’ve gotten the air working,” I said, rubbing my painfully hard nipples. Moving the barbels around made my pussy tingle.

I followed him into my room, ready for catastrophe. He led me into my closet, where my wooden chest was propped open. My eyes widened with embarrassment. All of my toys, vibrators, plugs, restraints, lingerie, you name it-were just sitting there.

I couldn’t even speak. No one knows about that part of my life. How dare he!

“I set the water glass down on your jeans, but it tipped over. I tried to wipe it up, but it started running into the crack under the top of the chest,” he explained. “You’re a very naughty girl who likes to play with very naughty things, aren’t you?”

Before I could even say a word, he reached his hand up under my hair and backed me into the doorframe. I wanted to resist, but struggling against him was futile. He was over 6 feet and built like a brick wall. He lowered his face to mine, softly breathing on my ear, then whispered, “I knew when I saw you touching yourself in the tub that I was going to have you before I left here today.” I whimpered and he yanked back on my hair, devouring my mouth with his. I moaned into his kiss, raising my hands to his face. He grabbed them and pinned them up above me.

“I did not give you permission to touch me, did I whore?” he asked sternly.

“No,” I squeeked.

“Daddy will tell you when you are allowed to touch him,” he said, an inch from my face. “Are we clear?”

“Yes, Daddy.” My pussy was pulsating, begging to be touched.

He left one hand on my wrists, then pulled the front of my shirt down slowly with the other, exposing my breasts. “God, you have beautiful tits,” he said, running his thumb over my erect nipple and squeezing the globe of soft flesh. I moaned and bit my lip, already lost in the strong grip of this strange man.

“Get in there,” he pointed to the bedroom. He swatted me on my ass as I turned to follow his instruction. My head was buzzing, like the initial reaction after a car accident. All of my senses were on fire. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I wanted it. It had been far too long since I was commanded by a dominating man.

I stood on the side of my bed, waiting for my next direction. He set the chest down next to me, and the possibilities swarmed in my head. He sat at the foot of the bed and removed his work boots. “Come here, my whore,” he beckoned with his finger. I came right to him.

He traced that finger from my belly button to my mound, cupping and rubbing the burning hot space between my legs. I wanted his finger inside of me so badly. I pushed my weight into him, shoving my tits in his face, hoping he’d slip it into me. “Mmm god,” he exclaimed, rubbing his tongue around my nipple, flicking the barbel quickly. My knees buckled from underneath me, and he grabbed my ass, pulling me onto his thigh.

“Don’t be impatient, whore. I’ll touch your pussy when you’ve earned it.” I was disappointed, but I replied, “Yes, Daddy.” I rubbed back and forth on his thigh while he sucked and pulled at my nipples. I moaned in appreciation, rubbing my dripping wet pussy against his jeans. My shorts bunched together between my lips and the friction against my clit almost had me cumming.

I could feel his rock hard cock protruding through his jeans, nudging my thigh. He shoved me down to the floor, forcing me into the kneeling position as he undid his belt buckle and leaned back on his elbows. He pointed to the bulge in his pants and said, “Take my cock out.”

My face lit up. I fumbled with the button for a moment, then carefully unzipped his fly. His cock was bursting through his boxer briefs, begging to be freed. A small stain of precum leaked through the fabric.

“May I, Daddy?”

“Yes, baby. It’s all for you.”

I tugged at the band of his underwear, releasing his swollen, twitching cock. It sprang back up toward his abdomen, pulsating on its own. I was salivating, while another stream of precum started oozing out. I peeled him out of his jeans and boxers and tossed them onto the floor.

Gripping his hardness in my hand, I savored how hot and smooth it felt as I stroked him gently. It was definitely above average size and thickness and I knew it was going to take some work to get him down my throat.

I started lapping at his balls as I stroked. He sighed heavily in appreciation, running his hand through my hair. His grip tightened, and he guided my mouth upward. I brushed the tip of his dripping cock with my lips, savoring every drop of cum. I swirled my tongue around the head and he pushed through my mouth, entering my lips with thrusts of his hips. He looked down at me with his intense green eyes and said “You’re going to make Daddy cum, aren’t you?”

I nodded and garbled “Yes, Daddy” with his cock still in my mouth. Up and down I stroked, getting it wet enough to glide between my lips, massaging him with my tongue. I pushed down farther and farther until I started gagging on his length. He responded by pulling me off of him completely, then driving his whole shaft into the back of my throat and holding it there. I coughed and choked, saliva running out of my mouth in thick streams.

“That’s it…good girl. Take that dick.”

My eyes started watering on the sixth time he held me by my hair into him, dark tears from my mascara running down my cheeks. My nose started running, but I looked up at him and smiled while he fucked my mouth.

“Oh….god…you’re so beautiful like that,” he said as he thrusted faster. I hungrily took every inch of cock he fed me, opening my throat for my Daddy. I wanted, no, I needed to make him cum. We locked eyes, and just when I thought he was going to fuck my throat raw, he exclaimed, “Oh fuck! Yes, I’m going to cum! Keep sucking whore!”

He threw his head back and groaned, pumping his hot cum into my mouth in four spurts, then shuddering and collapsing back onto my bed. He raised his hand to his forehead and sat back up. I still had his softening cock in my mouth, making sure not to let a drop go to waste. He tasted so, so good.

“Goddamn,” he said.

I released him and smiled up at him, licking the space between my thumb and index finger. “Was I a good girl, Daddy?” I asked, giggling.

“Very,” he said. “Come up here next to me and lay down.” I slid up next to him and he bent over the side of the bed, digging around in my chest. He produced my favorite plug and a bottle of lube when he came up, as well as my blindfold and wrist restraints.

My pussy was gushing in anticipation. I was laying on my stomach and wiggled my ass in excitement. He pointed to the headboard and said, “Scoot up here.”

He leaned over me, his hardening cock brushing up against my thin shorts. I instinctively rubbed my ass against him. As soon as my wrists were bound and I was enveloped in the darkness of my blindfold, he slid off of me and forcefully yanked my shorts down. “What did I tell you about being an impatient little whore!?”

“I’m sorry Daddy! I just want you inside of me so badly!”

Thwack! His huge hand crashed down on my ass cheek, then again on the other side. It burned but felt so fucking good. I laid the side of my head into my pillow and half pouted half smiled.

“You like that, don’t you whore?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I almost begged, while raising my ass up for more. He spanked me again, until my ass was as beet red as my face earlier.

He traced his fingers down into the folds of my pussy lips, finally, FINALLY, touching my hot, wet, hole. I let out a loud moan, feeling his large finger plunge into me. “Oh my god!” I exclaimed. He slowly started rubbing his finger in and out, establishing a rhythm. He spread me apart the best he could and stretched me until another finger fit. I felt like he was fucking me with his thick cock already, and when he slipped one finger out to gently circle my clit, he drove his other finger deep into me, making my pussy contract around his finger violently. I convulsed into an intense orgasm, calling out “Daddy! Fuck! I’m cumming!” built up by the agonizing wait he imposed upon me.

I collapsed entirely onto the bed, and he slowly removed his finger from inside of me, using a hooking motion to coat his finger in my own cum. He pressed into my tight little ass, working his slippery finger slowly into my hole. “Mmmmmmm yes, Daddy,” I moaned. I could not believe how good this man was making me feel.

He reinserted his index finger into my creamy pussy while driving his middle finger deeper into my tight ass hole. I bucked upward toward his hand, writhing in ecstasy, meeting his thrusts into me with force. He grabbed my tits with his other hand and roughly squeezed them, hard enough to bruise. I was on the verge of cumming even harder than before.

I started whining softly, then louder, seconds away, when he withdrew both fingers from me in a cruel twist.

“But Daddy why!?” I cried out in frustration. He responded calmly with, “Turn around and I want you lying on your back, now. And don’t sass me, whore. You don’t get to cum until I say so. You already got a free pass last time.”

I obediently raised up on my elbows and knees, about to turn around onto my back, when he grabbed my ass and said, “Wait…can’t forget this…”

He pushed the plug down onto my now more accepting forbidden entrance, and it slid slowly into me as I winced. It wasn’t especially big, so it didn’t take much to work it in until it fit comfortably to the end.

“Thank you Daddy,” I said.

“Aw, you’re welcome, baby,” he replied. “You’re going to need to be nice and stretched out for my cock. Daddy’s slutty whore wants her Daddy to cum in all of her holes, doesn’t she?”

“Mmmmmhmmmmm,” I hummed.

With that he slapped my ass again and commanded, “On your back!”

I crossed my arms over my head and settled into my new position. More tightly restrained, my rear end being invaded by the firm plug.

I inhaled sharply when I felt his fingers moving up my ankles to my calves, dancing along my cold clammy skin, possessing every inch of his property. He stopped at the tips of my thighs, then dug his fingers into my soft flesh as he knelt over me. I could feel his warm breath between my legs, teasing me, taunting me. He slowly grazed over my soft belly with his fingertips, tickling lightly. I laid with my legs wide open, eager to feel him touch me again. I wanted him to fuck me SO bad. I breathed unevenly under my blindfold, wondering what he planned next.

Suddenly, he spread my labia and attacked my clit with his tongue. I twitched with bated breath, every lick electrifying. My spine tingled, and I contracted around my plug. He tongue fucked me viciously, sucking on my poor little clit until I screamed for mercy.

Just as quickly, I felt his knees nudge my legs apart, then he stroked the head of his cock on my clit. I was losing my mind and I thought for certain I was going to die right then if he didn’t fuck me until it hurt. He thrust into me in one fluid motion, with little regard for adjustment.

It hurt, but my god, did it feel amazing. He raised my legs up over his shoulders and pounded away at my cervix, voraciously, like he was fresh out of prison. I groaned in pleasure-pain, taking it like a good girl for my Daddy.

My blindfold slipped off and he stared intensely into my tear stained eyes. He extended his long arm toward my neck and wrapped his huge hand around my throat. We never broke eye contact, strangers forming a deeply intimate bond over the power he held in his hand that I gave him.

The mental transcended the physical right then, and everything became white noise. I watched his face, teeth clenched, blinking in time with his powerful thrusts. His broad shoulders led to his flexed pectorals and bicep coming toward me. I was in heaven, right where I belonged. This man I just met, my Daddy…..I was his fuck toy and my purpose was to make him cum. I’ve never felt so fulfilled.

He gave me a light slap to the face with the hand that was holding my throat. I snapped back into reality, and he ordered, “Give Daddy your ass now, whore.”

He withdrew from my pulsating pussy and slowly pulled my plug out. He placed a pillow under my bottom and grabbed my biggest vibrator. He switched it on and threw my legs over his shoulders, teasing my pink folds with the buzzing purple dildo. He guided it all the way in, then warned me not to cum. Then, he liberally applied the lube to himself. He positioned the head of his cock on my ass and gently eased his thick, rock solid length into me until he was buried balls deep. He and I stayed there for a moment, getting used to the pressure. I started moving against him, which was pushing the vibrator out of my pussy. He held his palm against the end of it, making sure to fill me up like his cock did earlier.

He responded to my movement by making short, rapid thrusts. They grew longer and longer until he was withdrawing from my ass completely, then driving back into me at full length. He never took his thumb off of holding my vibrator in. I was losing my fucking mind, needing my Daddy to finally own my last hole.

“Cum in me Daddy!” I screamed. “Daddy Daddy please! I need to feel your hot cum in me! Please Daddy! Fuck me harder!”

He started slamming into me, his face contorted. He grew very tense, then dug his hand painfully into my thigh and growled, “Cum for me, slut! I’m cumming!” I instantly felt my pussy contract around the vibrator, I clamped down on his cock, and white hot fire rose through my toes, up through my spine, and into my numbing fingertips. He dug into my thigh while filling me with his hot load, and both of us exploded into each other. All I could do was scream. Just pure, primal, loud screaming. My orgasm crashed into me with the force of a firework exploding. The intensity we felt together was mind numbing.
I have never, ever, ever cum so hard in my life.

He collapsed on top of me, still inside of me, and unbound my wrists.

He held the side of my face, nibbling on my earlobe while breathing heavily into it. He kissed me on the nape of my neck and rolled next to me to wrap himself around me. I whimpered when he pulled out of me, but he held me tight, stroking my breasts with the back of his fingers.

“You were a very good girl for Daddy today. I’ll have to keep breaking this HVAC system so I can come to check up on my cumslut more often.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” I whispered, and drifted off to sleep in his arms…………


Speed Dial

His text messages lit up her phone all day, becoming increasingly more explicit and endlessly provocative. It kept her flushed and distracted through every business meeting, making working on her birthday infinitely more bearable. She secretly responded to his messages during her breaks, as a palpable level of anticipation settled over both of them.

‘Tonight, tonight…’  he continued to tease. ‘I’ll be there even though I can’t.’

Speed dial to Orgasm

Their long distance relationship had its challenges and complications. They were both tied to intense work schedules that kept them on opposite coasts for months at a time. Despite this, he had ways of making her blood run hot and she was intrigued by his suggestion of a special surprise.

By the time she arrived home later that night, the little parcel he’d sent in the mail was waiting for her, just as he’d promised.

She set it on her bedside table and dialed his number.

“Is it there?”

“Yes. Can I open it?”

Her pulse quickened as she unwrapped the gift. Inside the box she found a sleek midnight blue object, inlayed with platinum curves. It was exceptionally smooth to the touch as she picked it up to hold in her hand.

I'll be there even though I can'tThere was no instruction manual and when she asked, he told her that it was still with him, and that there were rules to be followed. He would explain exactly what to do and when, and she was reminded that a good birthday girl should always obey if she expected to get her reward. Just the tone of his voice left her wet and wanting. Of course, she agreed to his game.

First, he instructed her to slowly undress, verbally guiding her fingers over her skin. She imagined him there with her, his hands on her, sliding between her breasts and down her taut belly, hooking into the lace band of her panties and slipping them down over her thighs. Next, he had her lay down.

“Spread those legs and imagine me there, leaning over you, my tongue pushing past your lips. You feel my mouth warming your skin as I lick my way along every pretty curve, slowly going down your body, dipping into that delicious hollow just below your hip bone.”

He could hear her breathing quicken, giving way to softer sighs, as her imagination took over.

Under his guidance, she slipped her fingers through the center of the little blue object he’d sent her, hooking them around the slimmer side of its round curves. She nestled it against her sweet spot, feeling it swell in response.

“Now press that button and imagine my face buried between your thighs,” he said.

I want you to come for me birthday girlThe toy surged to life. She felt a combination of circular strokes and fast flicks, creating intense rhythmic sensations. It mimicked the seductive swirls of his tongue, gliding over and around her clitoris. She could almost feel him there, his tongue expertly working her most intimate places.

He whispered dirty things into her ear as he guided her though each stimulation pattern, creating different oral movements in both full and half circles. The range of vibrations kept her on the edge, tempting and teasing her.

When he spoke next, his voice was urgent and low, undeniably aroused by her excitement.

“I want you to come for me, birthday girl.”

Her moans fuelled his desire for her. He imagined her lying there, voluptuous and naked, her hand between her thighs as it continued swirling and stroking in placement of his tongue, bringing her to new peaks of pleasure. Her climax was like music to his ears, lusty and unbridled. The heat between them continued to rise.

Though separated by distance, their connection on that special night was complete.


both sides of the Fence

Before we get the comments I will make this clear .I am not a single male who is moaning cos I am not getting any thing ,Far from it.In this section I will be posting my view and thoughts on the swinging scene.

here we go.

Ive been on the scene for a while as a single guy and as a married couple.My wife also plays as a single I get to see things a guy and a couple and some of the people who make contact with my wife.

One of the annoying issues that gets to my wife is people who do not read profiles.this gets to me as well.If a profile states “no single males” why do guys fire of messages?

We see in the forums on many sites the people do not like one line messages.So why do people still send

“Hi love profile wanna fuck”

Or even worse they use txt speak

English may not be there first language but at least show some respect and send a decent message

if you dont fit that persons requirements why post only to get rejected.

Going to social Events

Ive been to a few but its still surprises me to see guys who turn up in jeans trainers and a football top.I know we all cant afford a top of the range suit . But a clean pair of pressed trousers or smart jeans and a shirt and clean shoes to the single guys out there.If your chatting to a couple DO NOT IGNORE THE HUSBAND If your thinking of having fun with them nothing winds me up more than the guy ignoring me

Im not sure what the ladies think.But I go by if they think you take pride in your appearance you will take pride in your performance.

The ladies take time in their appearance so come on guys make an effort .

Armchair swingers

If your not sure what I mean it the couple/single guy/female who is local
Nobody has ever seen them for real of ever had a reply back from them.But they have hundreds of friends in their profile.If they are online just to socialize via the web ie MSN etc please put it in your profile

If I see someone like this with no feedback or proof they are genuine I don’t even bother .I wish they would get of the swinger sites and go some where like face book.the ones who are even worse than this are the ones who do reply.but you never get to meet or waste your time by arranging a meet but never show up.

If your not looking to actually meet in person and have fun PUT IT IN YOUR PROFILE

Swinging to save marriage or cos your sex life is crap

how many couples are swinging to save their marriage?

Its not nice from my side when your with the lady and she is having a great time when the old man flips cos she is never like that at home.If you have issues go to see marriage guidance

How many of you out there as couples have played with another couple and at the end of the night have come away with one of you thinkings WOW and the other thinking that was a waste of time. this is the couple who are on the scene because the sex is crap at home

ie either the man or woman is crap in bed. It pisses me off when after a night my wife has not had a good time because he is crap .So ladies if your old man is crap don’t pass him on to others.The same goes to the men as well we want to have as much fun as you.

Some time it gets worse. when the old man is crap and she has her First Orgasm in years he flips because his ego has been crushed. Its not our fault.Go down to the book store and get some sex manuals instead of the usual playboy and start reading and talking to your partner

This is not only my point of view its the same for many of our friends



She was frustrated with her husband. She wanted to do more than just missionary but he refused. He was the ‘man’ so what he said was law. He was never like this before we got married. All of a sudden she had been subjected to this alpha male bullshit out of nowhere. Now She understood why they moved across the country. Just so She’d have nowhere to go or no one to lean on besides him. Well that wasn’t going to stop her from leaving anyhow if he doesn’t quit it..

Sitting in the coffee shop on a tall stool at the window facing the patio, she was aware of the guys at the table outside that was in front of her. Two were facing her way and a third had just left.

As they chatted she thought to herself how attractive they were. She wondered how it would be to have them take her and just use her as their fuck toy…

She also thought about how she wasn’t wearing underwear under her sundress. How surprised they’d be if she just opened her legs.

Her thoughts were getting her moist between her thighs. God! It’d be so hot to do something like that!

“I can tell what you’re thinking.” His whiskey voice said quietly into her ear. He was close enough that his breath tickled her neck, causing her to gasp. Goosebumps sprang up all over. The apex of her thighs was suddenly so much more sensitive.. And more moist.

She turned around and looked up.

He was a total stranger!

Deep green eyes knowingly gazed into hers from the masculine face of a man in a well fitting business suit. He was older than she was and exuded a physical sexuality that was impossible not to notice.

“Excuse me…?”

“You’re thighs were rubbing together, even now. You were biting your lower lip as you were watching those two gentlemen out there. Your hand was caressing your exposed neck. ” He had a hand on the back of her chair and another on the counter in front her. He was so close to her and somehow all she felt was excited. No fear, no alarm of this total ( -ly hot) stranger who was in her personal space…

“You were thinking of sex with either one, or both of them..”

All she could do was stare up at him. He moved in a little closer and his hand moved from the counter to her knee. (!!) ” Am I correct?”

Nodding was her only option since her voice failed her.

He added a bit of pressure to the inside of her knee, coaxing her to uncross her legs. They obeyed his command. She was vaguely aware of the guys at their table noticing the movement… Her eyes never leaving his.

“I can’t arrange that for you but i can help relieve some of your frustration.” His hand was sliding up under the skirt of her dress and up along the inside of her thigh. He had positioned himself to effectively shield his actions with this sweet sexy lady from the rest of the cafe inside but not so the boys outside could miss anything. They were glancing more and more often at what was going on.

It was like he owned her. She just let it happen. The higher he caressed, the more she opened her legs to allow him to go further. Her senses in overdrive, all too aware if what was happening and aware of the men outside now openly watching.

Kim thought she should be feeling violated, but she wanted this. It was entirely exciting and she was still thinking of being called ‘frigid’ so it was even more than just hot! It was revenge! Her pussy was starting to ooze juices down onto her skirt. His hand inexorably sliding higher up her thigh..

The gentlemen outside sat amazed at what was happening inside. Their conversation forgotten as more and more of her inner thighs were exposed to them. Rolex guy’s hand disappearing higher under the chick’s dress.

“Pull your skirt up higher my little sweet. Let them see.” He said to Kim and she complied with a sigh as his fingertips finally grazed her lips. She spread wider, pussy lips parting slightly as she slid her ass to the edge of the chair and leaned back against the seat back and the man who had her squirming with desire for more.

“No love. Keep your eyes open. Watch them watch you.” He whispered in her ear while his hand cupped her mound. She quietly groaned as her muff pushed up into his warm strong hand.

His middle finger teasingly ran up and down the vaginal crease. Kim’s outer lips were slick with her lust. Ring and index finger then spread her outer lips apart and his middle finger started lightly tapping on her swollen labia.

“Look at their faces my sweet. You have them enraptured. Can you imagine them taking turns lapping at your sweet moistness?” His finger stroking from Kim’s tight opening to the top of her pulsing clitoris.

“Ohhh…” Kim half sobbed under her sighing breath.

“See the effect you are having on them?” Slow stroking circles around and around his finger traced wetly over her sensitive slit.

Through half closed eyes, Kim looked down at the men’s crotches. Their pants were getting tighter over their hips. “Make eye contact wit them both. Let them know your desire. ”

Kim’s hips were now moving of their own accord.

“Look at them and tell them with your eyes how you would love nothing better than their hard cocks penetrating you deeply.” His middle finger has slid slowly down into her tight hole as he speaks. Kim whimpers as she stares at each of the men. Her face is flushed and her cunt is trying to fuck his finger and hump shamelessly against his palm.

“Yes, that’s it. Show them how you would fuck their cocks.” His finger slid out of Kim’s greedy hole and was joined by the ring finger as he rubbed and circled and stroked her engorged button. Kim wanted to cry out loud but as lost to her senses as she was, she still knew where she was..

The thought almost enough to make her cum right then!

The boys outside were very hard by now watching Rolex guy masturbate his slut. Fascinated by the sunlight glistening off of that hot cunt and slick ass. Seeing the wetness of the hand doing all that fucking. Her ‘come fuck me’ glazed eyes looking into theirs. Watching her hips buck faster as the guy’s hand worked her pussy. The look of control on the man’s amused face. They’d both have pulled out their rigid cocks right then if it had been night time..

“They want you so badly love. They wouldn’t hold back either. They would fuck you very hard and fast..” His two fingers slide hard and fast deep into Kim’s hot swollen canal. Palm rubbing at her clit. Kim feels his thick long fingers curl up toward her G spot and he begins to earnestly fuck her with his fingers and his whole hand. “Their hard cocks would take your holes regardless of your consent. You are driving them mad with lust right now! Look at them! How they hump the air and rub themselves through their pants!” His fingers hitting her Gspot hard time after time. Her insides tensing. Kim’s breath coming in gasps she desperately tries to keep quiet. Eyes blurring as she gets closer to losing it. Hips bucking quite visibly to anyone who might look her way.. Little wet sounds emanating from their corner for anyone to hear..

The highly aroused gentlemen watch Kim’s face with intensity. Waiting for it. Their peripheral taking ing everything else as she gets closer to the end of this exquisite performance.

“Their mouths water for the taste of your cum my love. Cum for them. Cum for me…” Whiskey voice in her ear. His other arm has come around Kim’s shoulders and his strong hand closes over her throat.

The effect along with his masterful fingers milking her inside and palm relentlessly teasing her whole slit sends Kim over the edge and with her hands on the seat, she pushes her hips up and out towards the men outside. Legs stiffly spread,head against her mystery lover’s chest Kim let’s out a low long moan as she suddenly explodes! She’s squirting a little bit of her orgasmic juices onto the window under the bar! Kim had NEVER squirted! Her clit is clenching in violent spasms as she has the strongest orgasm she’s ever had in her life!

Kim’s audience remain totally speechless. In awe they watch as she wets the window in front of them. They watch her face go through so many expressions as she rides the sensations that engulf her. Watch her body jolt and twitch with the strength of the orgasm. They watch her collapse back onto her seat and into her man’s chest as it leaves her.

“There’s a good girl. You performed very well.” The green eyed stranger tells her as he brings his sopping hand to her mouth. Kim obediently opens her mouth to suck his fingers clean one by one. “Perhaps if we meet again I shall take you farther sweet angel. Yes. I would rather enjoy taking you farther than this.” He caresses her face and gently kisses her temple as Kim pulls herself together. Quite aware of the soaked condition of the seat of her dress. Thankfully, it’s a pattern that hopefully hides the fairly large wet spot. She glances outside.

The gentlemen are both nodding their appreciation for the amazing show as they rise and leave to their cars.

Kim realizes she’s alone. Green eyes has also left.

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