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the cuckold

My name is Eric, and I’m a man in my mid-forties. I am reasonably fit without being buff, and looks-wise I’m told I’m okay. I have a full head of hair, blond to greying now, and blue eyes. I’ve been married for around ten years to Sarah, who is twelve years younger than me. Sarah is pretty to the eye, a brunette with curves in all the right places and large breasts to boot. I considered myself extremely fortunate when we started going out, more so when we eventually got married.

I’ve always been the main breadwinner in our household; however, in the past few years my wife has really hit her stride and now holds a very senior role with her employer. She is often away on business, and when at home can work late or have to attend numerous sales functions. In the meantime my own career seems to have stalled, and although I still hold a good role the travel entertainment business, opportunities have become non-existent.

As a result, and without realising it, our roles have somewhat reversed. I find that I am the one coming home early to help get things ready so that Sarah can come home, shower and get ready for some important engagement. I drop off and collect her outfits from the dry cleaner, I lay out the lingerie and outfit she plans to wear and I ensure her selected heels are polished and ready for her. I’ve now found myself doing the cooking, cleaning and washing as well, although I do not resent that. I figure Sarah supported me in my work roles previously, so why not the other way around?

About two years ago, however, things changed even more. I started to notice that Sarah was becoming more of the dominant one in our relationship. At first I thought she was just a bit power-crazed with her new role but later I realised she was instructing me, no longer asking me to do things for her.

It was now expected that whenever Sarah had plans to go out I was to be home early, have her clothes ready and basically be at her beck and call. At the time I decided that I was willing to accept this change, and instead of reacting as I may have in the past I just took it on the chin and got on with it.

Soon after, Sarah started telling me that she wanted me to be naked when I helped her get dressed, saying she liked to see the effect she had on me. I went along with all of this, for it felt good to be included in her evenings out. Sex with Sarah also continued to be amazing so I did not really want to miss out.

Then one night after she had dressed I made a comment about how revealing her new outfit was. To be honest, it seemed to me that if one looked closely enough there was very little that was not on show. When I said this to Sarah she just laughed as she started to leave, saying she knew I would be masturbating before she was in the taxi. I kind of chuckled, somewhat embarrassed, and replied that maybe I’d do just that being she looked so slutty. I did not realise it at the time, but in hindsight it was a set-up and part of her ongoing strategy to change our relationship for good.

Sarah paused at my comment and told me there was something she wanted me to do for her. I raised my eyebrow and listened as she told me there was an outfit left on our bed for me to put on before I masturbated, and which I was to be wearing when she got home. Before I could ask any questions she blew me a kiss, closed the door and left.

Well, I was curious, so I headed up the stairs to our room and sure enough there was a package on the bed. My curiosity piqued, I proceeded to open the bag and what I found left me breathless with excitement. In the bag lay a silky black lace teddy and panties plus a pair of matching silk stay-up stockings. I removed them from the bag and, trembling with excitement, I quickly dressed in the outfit. The feeling as I dressed, the soft fabric upon my skin, made me hard instantly.

No sooner had I dressed than I lay back on the bed and started to masturbate, imagining Sarah in her latest outfit and me in mine. As I wanked it came to me that maybe she had a lover, but instead of feeling upset by this I only got harder. Within moments I passed the point of return and my cock spurted forth a torrent of cum which shot all over my new outfit. When I stopped shaking from what was an absolutely mind-blowing orgasm I collapsed breathless on the bed, deciding to rest for a while before I cleaned myself up.

Later that evening I felt Sarah lay on the bed beside me. I must have been totally out of it because I had not even realised she was home, let alone that she had fully undressed. I rolled over and gave Sarah a cuddle and in a sleepy state asked her how her night had turned out. Her reply was like a cannon going off in my head, and instantly upon hearing her speak I was wide awake and sitting bolt upright in bed.

What Sarah was revealing to me in her reply was that she had decided that very night to take a lover, a client who had been coming on to her for some time. Sarah spoke softly throughout and reassured me that everything would be alright. She said she had only made the decision to tell me when she saw I had remained dressed in the female clothes she had purchased for me. She said she realised that if I was prepared to wear a lace teddy and stockings for her, then I was probably willing to seek options to ensure our marriage remained intact.

In reality what I wanted more than anything was to not lose her, and deep down I found I was extremely satisfied to be hers to do with as she pleased. I loved the opportunity to wear the clothes I was now wearing, and with her approval. Coupled with a new awareness that my wife taking a lover actually excited me more than it should, I decided I would do whatever I was told to. Anyway, I figured all I had to get used to was sharing my wife, and for such a woman as Sarah I realised I would be willing to do that.

All these thoughts crossed my mind in a millisecond, and as my mind became clearer I was drawn back to the sound of Sarah’s voice. I realised I had missed hearing some of what she had been saying so I quickly focused to see if I could get the gist of her message. By piecing together what I could, I realised that my wife was saying that she had enjoyed her fling tonight and that she was not planning to stop; if anything she planned to take on new and more lovers.

I replied meekly that I understood what she was saying, and I even heard myself asking Sarah would she allow me to remain in her life. Her reply commenced with a laugh, followed by words along the lines that I was being silly and that not only did she want me in her life, that she actually wanted me involved in her affairs. She went on to explain that she wished for me to assist her in choosing outfits to impress possible lovers, and to be home when she returned in order to listen to her adventures before we made love.

Before I could reply in acceptance, Sarah pushed me on my back and moved to position her pussy over my face. I immediately proceeded to give her the best oral I had ever done in order to impress her with my manliness. As I licked her I imagined what she had possibly done with her new lover; had he driven his cock into her that night and if so, how big was he?

I also wondered what she had done with the condom, but that thought was quickly answered as a globule of fluid gushed forth from her pussy. Licking and swallowing rapidly in order to be able to breathe, I realised I was swallowing the seed of her lover who clearly had not used a condom at all!

As I swallowed it dawned on me that I had another raging hardon, which Sarah was now reaching behind herself to squeeze. I heard her ask me if I wanted her to suck it, to which I heard myself begging, “Yes, yes, yes!” over and over.

Sarah re-positioned herself and as she went to place my cock in her mouth, at the very point where I could feel her breath upon me, she asked if I was prepared to follow her rules.

In what seemed like an out of body experience I heard myself say, “Yes Sarah,” at which point I realised my life was to be changed forever. All I remember after that point was exploding in orgasm the moment her lips touched my cock.

Afterwards, as Sarah lay asleep beside me, I lay there wide awake realising that I was now her cuckold. I wondered whether I really had the ability to follow through with this new role. Reflecting upon the last evening I realised not only would I accept my new role, but that I would actually look forward with anticipation of the times to come. I felt my cock twitch again under the panties of my silk teddy as I drifted off to sleep, no doubt to dream of adventures to come.


Gets Put In Her Place

Vickki is unlike any other girl she had ever met, always the most popular and lusted after. There wasn’t a straight male on the planet who didn’t want to fuck her. Hell even most girls wanted the chance to fool around with her. Those who didn’t were always overcome with an insane amount of jealousy.

Vickki is the kind of girl who has never been told “no” and always gets what she wants, no matter what it is. Born into the life of luxury, her family has always been incredibly wealthy. She has never had to work a day in her life, and constantly has people to deal with the things she doesn’t like to do. Tedious things like laundry, cooking and cleaning and any other menial tasks she deems unworthy of her effort.

The things Vickki couldn’t get with money she would use sex, as well as her drop dead gorgeous looks. If she couldn’t buy her way into a club or backstage, she would usually just let the bouncer feel up her massive soft tits. Vickki has an absolutely insane bust, boasting and all natural set of 38 triple K tits.

No one had ever said no to playing with her giant round fun bags. Vickki LOVED having her tits played with, but most guys couldn’t handle them on their own. Either she would show them how it is done, or she would need 3 or 4 guys to really get use out of them.

For those particularly stubborn guys who still wouldn’t give her what she wanted, she would make them cum silly. Vickki is an incredibly sexual person she is obsessed and loves sex. Oh and is she ever talented, always in control and knows exactly what to do. But Vickki doesn’t just fuck any guy. She may love sex but she is incredibly picky you see. As Vickki is a full blown size queen. If she is with a guy and he does not have a big, fat, meaty cock for her. There is no way in hell he is getting in any of her holes. Vickki is Crazy for hung cocks, nothing but the biggest and thickest cocks get to fuck this size queen. She can never get enough either, just absolutely insatiable.

Back in her college days (yes Vickki did go to college and yes she used her looks to get every one of her degrees, never went to a single class.) It was not uncommon to find Vickki at one of the sports teams frat houses fucking the guys’ sensless. One of her favorite houses was the rugby team house. On her first day of school horny as hell and looking to get fucked, she went out on the hunt. Finding two young blokes packing some pretty decent bulges, she told them to show her where they lived. Taking one look at her bright red hair, her wide doe green eyes with dark eye lashes reaching out for the sky, her massive soft tits that jiggled with the slightest of movement. Her hour glass figure nice wide hips, with round ass down to her thick long legs. In her 6 inch heels she was taller than the two blokes. Which Vikki was used too as she is 5’9 without heels but has never been caught not wearing heels.

The two guys immediately obeyed, said yes and walked Vickki back to their frat house. Having no clue what they were in for. Walking in the house and seeing three other guys. All their jaws drop and she walks in her tits bouncing and swaying with every step. Before any of the guys has a chance to say anything Vickki is commanding the room.

“All right boys, pants down and let’s see what you are working with,”

The guys looking at each other confused and Vickki getting impatient “Chop chop boys let me see those cocks out,”

All five guys immediately drop their pants. All of them rock hard already just from the sight of her. The two guys she met in the grounds both packing solid 8 inch cocks decently thick. One of the guys who was already in the house having a thinner cock but easily 9 inches. The last two not even close packing a 5 and a 6 inch and both pretty thin.

Vickki looks at the two beside her, her eyes get a bit wider “Mmmm not bad boys,” grabbing them by their cocks.

Her soft hands still able to wrap around their shafts, showing her long pink nails she starts walking upstairs to the bedroom.

Vickki calls out “You in the red shirt, you are coming with us,” as he gets a big smile on his face and starts to walk over starting to speak.

“My name is J…,” before he can finish Vickki cuts him off “I don’t care, just bring that big long dick upstairs,”

As she gets halfway up the stairs the other two small guys wondering what is going on. They chirp up “Hey what about us baby?”

Vickki stops and laughs. “Well you two little boys can stay down here and play with each other, cause from the size of your little peckers there, you will NEVER get to call a women like me baby. I need real cocks.” as she laughs more.

Loving to make fun and humiliate men that she doesn’t deem worthy, it’s just so easy for her and so much fun.

Getting the other three guys upstairs and into a bed room, the two cocks she is holding are throbbing so hard. None of these guys has ever fucked a girl as hot as Vickki. They close the door as she looks at all three of them kneeling down so their cocks are at eye level.

“Mmm my my I hope the 3 of you will be enough to handle little me.” as she runs her middle finger down her deep deep cleavage. They over confidently tell her.

“Oh we are gonna do more than handle you,” as they finish there sentence Vickki grips the two 8 inch cocks. She starts stroking them, taking the third in her mouth, getting it nice and wet before spitting on the other two cocks getting all three soaked in her slutty spit.

Jerking them hard and fast they can hear the sound of her metal bracelet’s clanging together. Deep throating the cock in front of her with no warm up needed. Taking it balls deep no problem, her head bobbing up and down as she works all three guys like a pro. All three guys taken by surprise they look for something to grab to, as they all moan and groan.

“OHHHH FUCK,” all trying so hard not to bust their loads. All of them so confident just a few moments ago, now struggling to hold on like a guy who is jerking off for the first time.

As she switches it up taking a turn to suck each cock while never stopping jerking the ones she doesn’t have in her mouth. After a while she takes a quick breath just to tell them.

“Play with my tits,” In an annoyed tone, such as a mother telling her kids something for the tenth time. The 3 clumsily pull her top down and struggling with the bra. The clasped pulled so tight from her massive heavy tits pushing against it. She rolls her eyes after a while and undoes it herself, setting her massive jugs free the spill out and bounce. She moans a bit as they all fondle her tits. Then looking up at the 3 of them she says is in the same annoyed tone but angier this time “HARDER.”

They squeeze harder as she moans more, she can sense that they are getting over whelmed. Popping one of the 8 inch cocks out of her mouth with an audible pop. She wipes her lips with two fingers and stands up, all three cocks dripping in spit. She grabs the 9 inch guy by the shoulder and pushes him towards the bed.

“You, lay down” as he obeys laying down on the bed with his cock pointed to the ceiling. Not taking her 6 inch hot pink heels off she straddles over him lowering her wet pussy onto his shaft. All the way down she moans a bit as she starts to build speed bouncing up and down on his cock. Pulling the other two she goes back to working them with her hands and her mouth.

There is a Banging on the door “What the fuck are you guys doing in my room?” as a fourth guy burst through the door stunned by the sight he sees. A red headed bomb shell fucking the shit out of three of his roommates. Riding one like a bucking bronco. One balls deep in her mouth as she bobs up and down, both her hands on the third cock jerking and twisting. The one getting jerked yells back.

“DUDE we are busy get the fuck out of here.” he starts to close the door when Vicki yells

“WAIT, How big is your cock? ” he stands there just stunned by the outright question.


“Are you deaf, how big is your fucking cock?” she asks not even slowing done from riding his roommate silly

“9 or 10 inches”

Vickki gets a devious grin on her face as she finds she has another toy to play with.

“Get in here and get those pants off, I wanna see.”

As he gets closer taking off his pants, like the others he is already pretty hard. She spits on her hand and lubricates his cock jerking him hard and fast. She looks to one of the other guys,

“Get behind me and fuck my ass.”

She yells at him, he listens and gets behind her. slappin her round toned ass starting to line up his spit and pre cum soaked cock, and slowly slide inside her. She looks over her shoulder

“Be and MAN and fuck my ass already.”

Not wanting to be humiliated further her slams his cock balls deep. Now with a thick cock in her ass, a big long cock in her pussy, and jerking two fat meaty cocks off she moans out.

“oooohhhh yes ohhh yes, fill me up boys pump me full of cock.”

Her tits flailing wildly as she works all four guys but wanting even more. She tries to spur them on

“Come on fuck me like men, show me you deserve a slut like me, fuck me with your big meaty dicks.”

All fours guys are panting and sweating starting to wear down. While Vickki hasn’t even broken a sweat yet. She moans out.

“YES YES YES, I am cumminggggg finally I am fucking cummmingggg.”

Her holes get tighter as well as her grip. Prompting all four guys to be close behind, she takes two cocks in her mouth at once as all four guys erupt, filling her with cum. Not wasting a single drop. All four guys fall to the ground sweaty panting and completely out of breath. As Vickki licks her lips clean and puts her bra back on and adjusting her top and walking out of the room.

“That was fun boys, we should do it again sometime.”

Followed by some girly giggles she heads out the house. She would go on to fuck 3 more times that day alone, she could never get enough big dick always craving more.

Through out the years Vickki never met her match, she was always left wanting more. Never meeting her equal that could keep up with her. always leaving guys on their backs, sweaty and gasping for air. She always had boyfriends and they were always rich, handsome and hung. This was so she could keep her posh life style and find a big dick whenever she desired, which was ALOT. She had boyfriends but she still always fucked around, all of them knew it but they were all to scared to bring it up for fear of losing the chance to have her in there bed. She would fuck around and eventually find an upgrade and change out boyfriends, like she changed out panties.


Now 23 and with her Current Boyfriend Paulo. A 22 year old son of an oil tycoon. He was her richest boyfriend yet and also one of the bigger ones. Packing 12 inches and as fat as a can of red bull. Yet Vickki still wasn’t satisfied. Wishing he had a bigger body and knew how to use his big fat fuckstick. Just like the rugby house, she was always in control and would fuck him senseless. She lived with him in a big house on a 22 acre plot of land on the outskirts of New York.

One early evening Vickki is climbing out of the pool soaking wet, she grabs a towel and tries to wrap it around her. But her tits are so big, fat and round that it is a struggle to get it around her chest. After a few minutes of trying she finally gets it and starts to walk upstairs. After a few steps her tits burst open the towel and it falls off.

“whatever.” She says.

As she heads up to find Paulo before he leaves for the night to fly back to South America to see his parents. Sitting on one of the large couches she comes up behind him, still dripping wet. Standing over him she leans over resting her juicy, soft, supple big tits on his head. As her hands slide down to undo his belt and pull out his soft, fat, and thick cock, still 8 inches even soft.

“MMM you have no idea how hungry I am for a big piece of meat.”

As she starts to work his cock but he won’t get hard she asks him.

“what’s wrong?”

To which he responds “I am still spent from our session this morning.”

She is surprised “that was Six hours ago!!”

“I am a man Vickki not a machine.”

She pouts being disappointed with his abysmal stamina

“Fine then, I will go in to town and go shopping to feel better.”

His eyes widen “Shopping??? Again??? You spent 10 grand last week shopping.”

Getting more and more displeased “So? What is the big deal? That was last week and I want some more clothes and shoes.”

Paulo tries to be angry but is also scared to upset Vickki to much “Well I am sorry but my dad cancelled your credit cards already, That’s why I am flying to South America tonight,\. He wants to see me and I have to get going.”

Vickki clearly angry and disappointed at this point “Well like hell you are gonna leave me here with no cash.”

As she grabs his jacket from the arm of the couch picking it up and taking the wallet out. Pulling out all 4000 in cash that is in the wallet and two of the credit cards. She throws the jacket and wallet back at him as she storms up to the master bedroom.

Grabbing her phone she calls up her best friend Monica up. Monica is her long time friend, that on her own would be quite hot. Compared to Vickki however she wasn’t even close to being in the same league. She always hung out with Vickki because it made her feel hotter and more important. That and she would always get fucked by Vickkis rejects or her boyfriends when she was done with them and had upgraded to someone better and bigger.

“Monica Get ready, we are going out tonight and I am sure as hell going to find some big, long, thick, meaty and vieny cock to fuck tonight. Paulo’s leaving and there is no way I am not fucking some hung stud packing a monster meat log tonight.”

Tossing the phone one the bed not even giving Monica a choice if she wants to go out tonight, Vicki begins her long process of getting dolled up.

Her bright red hair done straight, it comes down to the mid of her back. Eyes covered in dark black eye shadow, her lashes big and wide, making her emerald green eyes look even more doe eyed. Her plump swollen lips smothered in pink lip gloss to the point that they constantly look wet. Wearing a teeny tiny black crop top which stretches so tight around her massive tits, it makes the material see though, showing the purple lace bra she has underneath. Pulling and squeezing her tits together making them look even bigger. Even a blind man would notice them. The edges of her lace bra poking out over the top.

The shirt only going halfway down her tanned and toned tummy. Over top she wears an equally small faded denim jacket, that frames her tits even more. Although she has never had a hope in hell of actually zipping the jacket up, her tits are just too big. She slides on a matching purple thong and over top she struggles to pull up her leopard print mini skirt. It is tight around her wide hips and big round ass. Only reaching half an inch past where her ass cheeks meet her legs. Slipping on her 7 inch shiny red pumps, fire engine red to match her long fake nails. To top it all off she puts on a bunch of jewelry.

Several rings on each hand, some with diamonds others with rubies or emeralds. Multiple gold and silver bracelets on her right wrist. One thick gold anklet on her left ankle and two small gold chains that fall down her neck line and disappear into the deep valley that is her cleavage. Grabbing her phone and wallet she slips them in her cleavage making them disappear with the slightest of ease. She walks outside and gets into the Paulo’s family limo, telling the driver where to take her.

After picking up Monica, just dressed in a tight pink dress trying her best to make her double Ds look as big as possible. She just can’t hold a candle to Vickki. Wherever the two go all eyes are on Vickki, they don’t have to buy any drinks or wait in any lines.

Hours go buy and the girls are a bit buzzed but Vickki is getting tired of not finding any studs. Driving down to another club Vickkis eyes light up, as she looks out on the street at another bar with a 2 hour long line. She spots a real beast of a man headed inside. Yelling at the driver

“Stop here!!!, we are getting out!”

As they climb out of the limo the entire line looks at the two of them, they walk right up to the door and are immediately let in. No one in line even makes a fuss as they all understand. Walking in the club Vickki is looking around. Some 5 foot nothing guy comes up to her.

“Hey doll face.”

Towering over him in her tall heels she looks down at him. Letting out one short sharp laugh.

“Haha I don’t think so there little fella. I don’t have a stool for you to get up on to fuck me.”

Monica starts laughing hard and Vickki joins as the little fella walks out of the club.

Suddenly she stops laughing and she taps Monicas shoulder.

“There he is, the guy I wanted to find in here.”

Across the room Monica looks and sees the mountain of a man. Wearing a tight deep V neck that shows of his monster chest, the sleeves look like they are at their limit. Stretching around his thick muscle covered arms. The beer in is hand looks like it was made for kids. He has a thick and bushy brown beard and gorgeous brown hair to match, but styled well in a pompadour. His shirt so tight that even from across the room the girls can see easily he has an impressive deep cut six pack. The girls cannot see below his waist, his tree trunk powerful legs filling out his dark blue jeans and a bulge so fucking big it almost looks fake. But there are at least 5 hotties surrounding him.

Vickki gets a big smile on her face as she turns around to the mirror behind her, pushing her tits up and pulling her top a bit lower. Pouting her lips and moving her hair out of the way so that it doesn’t block any part of her gorgeous face or goddess like rack. She starts her strut over to him, tits jiggling and ass swinging with every step.

A small smile slides on to his face as he notices the hard 11 walking towards him. Ignoring the other girls as he pushes them aside, they all pout. Obviously looking her up and down, grinning more when he eyes up her deep deep cleavage. She grins back as she looks up at him, even in here 7 inch heels he is easily taller then her. To the point that even in her heels she would have to lean up to kiss him.

“well you certainly are big, aren’t you stud?” as she runs her long red nail down his bicep.

He responds in a low deep almost growly voice that makes Vickki shiver in pleasure.

“You talkin about me or those two cannons you have stuffed into that poor shirt there?”

He winks as he stares deep down her massive tits.

“Mmm I thought you would like them,” she winks back.

“I will tell you how big they are if you tell me how tall you are?” as she continues to eye him up from the waist up.

Just infatuated with his big, ripped, cut and muscular body loving how small she feels next to him.

“Sure I’ll bite but you are telling me first.”

Loving how he is so confident and immediately taking control she doesn’t hesitate to listen to him. Lookin up at him show slowly tells him.

“these puppies are a 38 triple K” as she has her hands on her hips pushing her tits out even more. She slows and flicks her tongue while telling him the size.

“Now its your turn stud.”

“Well I suppose that’s fair. I am 7 foot 2” he smiles back at her

Her eyes wide and mouth open “Jesus that’s even bigger than I would have guessed. Being that tall you must be really Hun…………ggggggg.”

While talking she starts to look down lower and lower till she witnesses the colossal bulge in his jeans. She can see the outline, it looks as fat as a beer can and descends down his right leg. Almost to his knee but she can’t see the outline of the head.

Stunned like a deer in the head lights she doesn’t even notice her phone in her cleavage vibrating over and over. Still eyeing up his cock outline as she bites her bottom lip hard, just thinking of what having that inside her would be like. She feels his large rough hand slide in between her soft squishy tits, and he isn’t gentle either. Her eyes close as she moans, lifting her head up until she hears his deep manly voice.

“Who the fuck is this?……….. What kind of fucking name is Paulo?………. Not a fucking chance I am gonna let you talk to her………. she is busy……….. Haha easy there fella, I don’t think she would appreciate her gardener claiming to be her boyfriend………. Now fuck off.”

He hangs up as she is licking her lips

“Mmmm that was soooo fucking, who in the world are you stud?”

“Names Geoff, I will find out your name later for now I am just gonna call you Sugar tits,” as he puts her phone in his back pocket.

“I am gonna hold onto this for a while, you can have it back when I say you have earned it.”

She purrrrs back. “Anything for you stud 😉 how ever can I earn your approval?” as she runs her hand on his rock hard bicep.

“See that douche by the bar, in the shirt covered in glitter with the spiked hair that has way to much gel. Go put him in his place.”

She scoffs, “Ha easy.”

He stops her, I didn’t finish. “You can’t touch him at all.”

A grin grows on her face. “Mmm now this should be fun.” as she starts to strut over she feels his hand smack her round ass hard, she wasn’t ready for the force and its makes her squeal in pleasure.

Walking up to the douche bag she catches his eye easily. She leans over and whispers something in his ear, then she takes his beer bottle placing it between KKK tits she starts to slide it deeper and deeper in her throat. Almost taking the whole bottle before she slides it back out. The losers mouth wide open as he starts to shutter and clench his face. Vicki starts laughing.

“Oh my god you just came in your fucking pants didn’t you? haha that is sooo pathetic.”

Everyone in the area laughing at the loser as he bows his head in shame and runs out of the bar.

Walking back to Geoff she can see him laughing and is very pleased with herself and having found such a man. She get close up to him huggin his side, pushing her soft squishy tits into his hard body. He looks down at her with a big smile.

“Hahaha well done indeed, what did you whisper to that poor excuse of a man.”

She grins as she looks up and him and starts to trace her delicate fingers along his waist, right above his belt as she looks down at the outline again making her smile grow.

“Simple…. I told him I have no gag reflex” as she give him a coy wink

His hand slapping on to her ass and squeezing nice and real hard causing her to bite her lip “So this Loser boyfriend of yours got a house?”

“He sure does” she says excitedly loving the idea of cheating on Paulo with this superior male, at his own house.

Geoff grabs Vickkis hand a pulls her with him to the door, as they get outside Vickki shows him the limo waiting for her and they both get inside. She yells out to the driver.

“Take me back home and fucking step on it.”

As soon as Geoff and Vikki get in the back seat their hands all are over each other. as they start to make out, tongues all over. She slides her hands under his shirt to feel his abs, her long fake nails digging into his skin as she moans out.

“Mmm good god are you made of steel?” as he starts kissing and sucking on her neck, her head falls back and rolls back and forth on the head rest. as his large hand grips her big tit hard. Even Geoff’s large hands can’t hold all of one of Vickkis massive tits. She moans out as he plays with her tits slapping them around bouncing them up and down in his big hands. Squeezing and kneading them with such strength.

“Mmmm oh fuck no one ever knows how to handle my fat juicy titties. That feels soo good.”

Sliding his head lower into her massive cleavage, licking and sucking all over. She continues to moan, her hands start to wander down to his bulge. She starts to feel the outline realizing right away that she won’t be able to wrap a hand around his girth, trying to find the head but still can’t it feels stiff.

“Holy fuck are you part horse as well? This cock feels fucking HUGEEE!!!”

Her moans getting louder and louder as his hands start to slide up under her skirt. Where her thong is fucking soaked. With one quick pull he snaps it and starts to tickle her clit back and forth she cries out.


His face still buried in her cleavage, as he slides two of his long fingers in which themselves feel like a big cock she groans out. Eyes closed head rolling back and forth as he builds a frim fast rhythm.

“uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh god don’t stop, that feels fucking incredible.”

He slides in a third finger stretching her out even more. Sliding back and forth for a bit, then stopping and changing to and up down motion. Like he is trying to lift her up then push her down in the seat. All while his thick thumb trails over her clit. He does this fast and hard relentlessly. Her eyes open wide and her feet are kicking all over the place. Her hands looking for something to grab onto. They squeeze his arm that is doing all the work. Feeling how hard it is and how fast it is moving only turns her on more. She can hear the sloshing sounds of his fingers in her pussy. As she gets hit hard with a wave of pleasure her feet stomp on the ground as her hands push hard against the ceiling as she tries to hold herself in place as she screams.

He pulls all three fingers out followed by a rush of her fluids, spraying out over the seat and onto the floor of the limo. As she holds on as best she can, her whole body shaking she can her it in her voice.

“HOOoooLLLlllYYYyyyyyy fffffFFFFFuuuuUUUcccccKKKKkkkiiiIIIIInnnNNNNnGGGGG FFFFFFuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.”

As she cums and cums making a puddle in her seat and at the floor of the limo. She looks at him with lust and bewilderment in her eyes.

“What the fuck did you just do to me?”

He just grins back

“What you have never squirted before?” he gives her clit a little flick her body has another little tremor.

She coos back. “Never in my life has anyone ever done anything close to that to me.”

The limo stops and Geoff gets out pulling Vicki with him, he grabs her and tosses her over his shoulder, like a cave man claiming his women. Her ass and legs covered in her own juices. He carries her to the house her tits squishing into his hard as a rock, muscular back as she bounces up and down.

“If that’s the first time you have ever squirted, then you are in for one hell of a night.” He smacks her ass on his shoulder it sounds like someone slapping a wet towel.

Carrying her up to the front door he doesn’t bother trying to open it, just lifts his right leg and boot kicks the door in, splintering the wood around the dead bolt. The door flies open with a loud slam. Vickki continually getting turned on by Geoffs displays of power. He walks along the tile floor into the living room, that has two large grey couches one long one and one in the shape of an L.

Grabbing Vickki but not putting her down, he turns her around so she is now hanging upside down on his front side, her soft tits against his hard abs. He spreads her legs on either side of his face, her thick thighs resting on his shoulders. Her cunt still dripping wet, he wraps his arms around her waist right above her ass and pulls her tight to his body. His big fat tongue starts to flick back and forth over her sensitive clit fast and firm. Her hands plant on his tree trunk size thighs as she pushes herself up a bit. Moaning out as she feels a wet tongue playing with her pussy.

“Oooohhhhh WOW oh yes yes YES.”

Geoff starts to slide is long thick tongue in her pussy wiggling it around like a snake. She moans louder as he just keeps getting faster and faster.

“Oooohhhh shittt, Im cumming again.” her legs shake as she cums again.


Geoff not stopping just because she came, he keeps his wide tongue inside her. Vickki looking down at Geoffs crotch she can’t wait anymore. She is dying to see how big this stallions cock is. Even upside down she undoes his belt, button and fly like a pro in no time at all. Biting her bottom lip as she slides her thumbs in the waist band of his jeans and boxers, slowly sliding them down his body she unveils the first few inches. She sees the shaft is so thick, thick like a beer can and the veins are so defined they pop out and run along the shaft, her eyes go wide.

“OOOOOHHHH” as she continues to slide Geoffs jeans down lower and lower and the thick vein covered shaft just keeps going and going and going.

“MMMMMMYYYYY” she has his jeans all the way

down to just past his knees before she finally sees the thick head.

“FUCKING GGGGAAAAAWWWWWDDD this cock is a monster!!!!!”

Almost on cue Geoff lifts her back up a bit and flips her over before putting her down on her tall red heels. She drops down to her knees and near the speed of light. Getting eye level with the behemoth of a cock in front of her. Eyes wide jaw fallen open, she is actually intimidated by it. Her hands slowly move up to touch it looking up at him.

“Geoff your cock is absolutely massive”

as her hands try to grip the girth of the shaft, neither one on its own even coming close to being able to wrap all the way around. As she gets a firm grip she just moans out, looking over it in wonderment.

“It’s sooooo heavy like heavier then the weights i use at the gym hehehe.” as she picks it up a bit.

“Although I can’t say I am surprised that a piece of cock meat this fucking long and thick also has some real weight to it”

she winks up at him as she squeezes it a bit. Suddenly she gets a bit nervous as she feels that it’s a lot softer then she thought it would be.

“ar-ar-are you even hard yet” as she starts to slide her two hands back and forth just trying to understand how long it already is and he isn’t even hard yet. Geoff looking down with a devious grin on his face.

“Not hard yet, why don’t we put that gag reflex to the test” as he winks down at her.

Vickki filled with some new confidence opens her mouth wide to take the fat head inside. It fills her mouth like nothing has before, she can’t help but let out a moan of satisfaction.

“MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmMMMM” as she slides it deeper and deeper going pretty well for about 5 inches till she can’t fit anymore. Looking down his shaft there is still so much cock left. She can feel him starting to throb and pulse hard, growing with each pulse. She slides her mouth off the first five inches. The top Geoffs cock is drenched in her spit.

“WOW I have NEVER had anything that big in my mouth” as she starts spitting on his cock lubing it up, pumping it with both hands. She has never had to work a cock so much. But she doesn’t care, she is too excited from it to care. Growing longer and thicker in her hands. It’s getting easier to handle as it gets harder, she doesn’t notice the weight as much as it starts to lift from stiffening. Her hands sliding up and down twisting back and forth as she stares at in growing in awe. Getting harder and harder in her hands until it feels like a steel rod.

She thought it was huge before and now it’s even bigger, it’s a massive long and fat cock. Easily thicker than a beer can, one hand barely holds half of the girth.

“This is Unbelievable. Fuck hung like a horse, you are hung like a god damn elephant!!! You HAVE to let me measure you. pretty pretty please????”

As she looks up at him batting her long eye lashes and pouting her lips. When he nods she stands and runs off her heels clicking loud on the tiles as her entire body jiggles. Coming back with a tape measure in hand.

“I had to find the tape measure, there is NO WAY my ruler is big enough to measure you and that cock that would make horses jealous.”

She gets back on her knees like a giddy little school girl, not knowing Geoff has taken her phone out of his pocket and pointing it at her. She slides the tape measure down his more than impressive length all the way to the tip of the head.

“NO god damn way, this has to be wrong, are you seriously 19 and half fucking inches?” as she turns her gaze up with a look of pure shock the distinctive “click” of the camera app can be herd. He laughs a bit.

“Your measuring tape is 100 percent accurate.”

Holding her arm next to the long massive cock, Vickki licks her lips.

“It’s bigger than my arm.”

Again she hears the click from the camera app on her phone, this continues for a bit. Vickki posing with Geoffs big cock. Holding it over her face, trying to hold it with just one hand, while Geoff takes some pictures. After a bit he stops and she can see him typing on her phone.

“What are you doin with those pics stud?”

His devious grin come back “Oh I think that little douche Paulo needs to see you with a real cock.”

He is about to push send when Vickki yells out “WAAAIT you can’t do that.”

His grin gone he looks down with his dominating eyes.

“You have a Problem with that Sugar tits?”

Batting her eyes at him this time she is the one with the devious grin.

“We don’t have a picture of me trying to fit this long, fat, heavy, meaty elephant sized dick in my mouth yet.”

As her two hands grip mid-way up Geoffs shaft she opens her mouth up wide and swallows the tip. Her cheeks sink in as she sucks hard, her wide green eyes looking up accentuated by her big eye lashes and dark eye shadow. The lust and pleasure is easily seen in her gaze. The camera goes “Click” and she moans knowing she will be humiliating Paulo. She keeps sucking trying to work herself deeper and deeper onto the Geoffs fat cock. Her hands jerking up and down, she can hear her bracelets clanging together. Geoff sends off the pictures then toss’s the phone on the couch.

Looking down at Vicki Impressed with how well she is doing so far. Vickkis loud slurping can be herd and she covers his rock hard cock in spit, trying to lube it up a bit so she can take it deeper. She has never ever struggled so much with a cock in her mouth. hell even two cocks in her mouth has never been this much work. She pulls it out with a loud audible

*POP* followed by a gasp for air as she wipes her spit from her lips with the back of her hand.

“Its soooo fucking big.” as her hands using her spit can slide up and down the shaft faster and faster.

“I can barely breath with that thing in my throat” Vickki sees pre-cum ooze out from the tip, her eyes light up in excitement as it’s a lot of pre-cum. She uses it as lube at first just watching how much is oozing out. It looks like more than some full loads she has had before. She dives onto it, shoving his cock back into her mouth. As soon as the cum hits her lips she moans out.

“MmmmmmMMMMMMM” as she tastes it, it taste incredible so thick and creamy nice and warm sweet and salty, it taste delicious. Back into a motion of bobbing her head up and down she pops Geoffs large cock head out over and over.

*PoP “You Taste” * Sluuuurrpp mmm mmm PoP “SO” * Slurp slurp mm mm mmm mmm Pop* “god damn good” * Sssssllllluuurrrrrpppp*.

Back to trying to see how much she can fit in her mouth she works her way down lower and lower. Wiggling her head to get a little bit more. To her credit she manages to get 8 inches down all by herself with no gagging. In the middle of feeling pretty impressed with herself she feels Geoffs large hands on her head, his fingers under her chin and his thumbs on her head as he starts to buck his hips back and forth.

“I’m impressed with how much you have swallowed so far. Now lets see what this spoiled bimbo slut mouth can really do.”

As he speeds up pushing deeper starting to fuck Vickkis mouth. Vickki digs her nails into his muscular thighs as she tries to hold on. Fucking loving it, being force fed to take more and more cock. She has never felt so out of control, so dominated. Pre-cum and spit spilling out of her mouth and dripping off Geoffs cock as he uses her mouth like a fuck toy. It spills down onto her fat tits and slides down her cleavage. Her lip gloss getting so smudged all over his cock. Her eyes start to water as he pushes deeper and at the 10 inch mark, for the first time in her life she starts to gag.

“UUuuuuugggghhh UUGHHhhh UUUGGGHHH.” Over and over before Geoff slides his impressive length out. Gasping for air, but not allowed to chance to before Geoff picks up his fat heavy cock holding it over her.

“Lick My balls Surgar tits.”

Loving being controlled, she looks up to his balls.

“JESUS CHRIST THE’RE LIKE THE SIZE OF TENNIS BALLS.” as she cups them in her hands then starting to suck and lick on them. They are gonna be a real struggle to fit in her mouth, good thing Vickki loves a challenge. They smell musky and taste salty and she can’t get enough of it.

“Ooohhhh I can only imagine how much hot, sticky, tasty cum these bad boys are packing.”

Before she gets and answer Geoff picks her up and tosses her on her back on the long part of the L shaped couch, Pulling off her tiny denim jacket then ripping her black top right off. Geoff sees how much of a struggle her bra is in trying to contain her massive 38 KKK tits as the soft tissue spills over every edge.

“DAAammmNNN you really are Sugar tits aren’t you? How do you even get a bra like that to fit?”

As she spreads her legs wide for him in a wide V she looks up at him and coyly says “Oh you know. I have a Knack for fitting very BIG things in some very TIGHT places.” 😉

Gripping her thin ankles tight Geoffs brings his fat cock head down to rest on Vickkis clit causing her to moan as the heavy cock rubs over top. Her pussy has been dripping ever since she saw his monster of a bulge. Geoff drops it lower and starts to push it in. her swollen pussy lips stretching to accept it inside her. He slips in and her eyes go wide!

“OHHH god yes!”

He keeps pushing deeper and deeper making Vickkis walls stretch more and more.

“Your cock is so fucking Huge, use it to fill me up like the big cock slut I am!”

Geoff starts to slide back and forth building a rhythm back and forth building in power and speed. With every thrust in her, he pushes a little deeper. Vickkis bra looking like it won’t take more of her tits bouncing. Geoffs grip gets tighter and he fucks her harder, pushing in deeper and deeper.

“FUCking Yes fuck me you stallion mmmmmmm fuck me hard , give it to me good, pound my slutty pussy with that fucking elephant cock of yours!”

14 inchs deep and Geoff starts pounding away at her, faster and faster fucking her so hard the couch is starting to move with every powerful thrust from his pelvis. Vickkis tits bounce up and down with the pounding. Even the sturdiest of bras never stood a chance against the weight of her fat, juicy, soft tits and in an instant the bra burst open. Her tits free to flop around even more wildly, looking like two over filled giant water balloons. Not even exposed for a second and Geoff gives them a hard slap. Before Vickki can tell him to do it again he slaps the other one making them jiggle like jello. She wants to call out “HARDER.” but doesn’t have the time before he is slapping them again and again even harder. Almost like he is reading her mind.

He brings her legs together on either side of his neck making her even tighter and freeing his hands, they both grab onto her fat huge tits and squeezing hard causing her to scream


Not slowing down Geoff moves her legs so one is still by his head her heels high in the air and the other he pushes out to the side like and L. pounding her relentlessly still not balls deep, but Vicki is so out of it she can’t tell he is not balls deep. With one hand Geoff slides it down to her wet cunt which just covered his cock in juices. He starts to circle her clit in frim steady circles. With his other free hand he slaps her tits again before grabbing her throat and choking her a bit.

Her slight loss of air heightening the sense of her pleasure. Her clit being played with while she is getting pounded by a human jack hammer with a cock that could onl be compared to that of the largest animal in the kindom, the elephant. She is driven way over the edge.


At that moment two of the couch legs break causing them to fall which pushes Geoffs cock in deeper the the 16th inch. For just a second before he quickly pulls his entire length out followed by and intense rush of her juices, bursting out of her cunt as she squirts all over the floor much harder than the time in the limo. Her legs shaking non-stop, her eyes rolling in the back of her head as she screams out for a solid 30 seconds.

Before she has even come down from an immense sexual high, Geoff is sliding his monstrously thick cock back inside her tender pink pussy. Bending over as he slides his left arm under the small of her back. In one easy motion he stands lifting her up. Vickki has never ever felt so small a weak before. Geoff is using her like a ragdoll. Bouncing her up and down on his long, long, looooooooooonnnngg shaft. Vickki moans and moans as she gets fucked all over the room. Before he takes her upstairs.

Kicking in the master bedroom door. He carries her across the room and slams her up against the wall. Pounding her against it over and over. The two of them are starting to crack the drywall. Her tits bouncing up and down between their two bodies. His hands slide down and grip her toned ass, pummeling her little pussy as he smacks and gropes her round fat ass. Vickkis bra still dangling on her shoulders but it is torn to shreds, her mini skirt up around her waist like a leopard print belt, her heels still on wrapped around Geoffs back. All her jewelry clanging together as she gets her brains fucked out. Fucking her so hard Geoff puts a hole in the wall. Pulling her out and going back to standing he starts bouncing her up and down massive shaft, unlike she has ever experienced. 18 inches sliding in and out of her without relent.

Causing Vickki to scream out in ecstasy with every bounce. Geoff buries his face in her big bouncing balloons, sucking and licking all over, biting her nipples. At this point Vickki is so out of it she can’t think of anything. All she can do is try to hold on for dear life. Everything she does is because of her subconscious and does it purely on sexual instinct. As her conscious mind is on another plane of existence now. She lost track of how many orgasms she has had long ago. She doesn’t even know how long it has been. At one point in her getting fucked all over the house she caught a brief glimpse of a clock and saw it was 5 am meaning she had been getting fucked senseless for at least 4 hours but that’s too much math for her brain to process right now.


She screams and moans as Geoff bounces her up and down inducing another orgasm, a full body shake she gushes all over his thick man meat. The only reason she is still up is because Geoff is holding her up. As he slides his big fat cock out more juices pour out making a puddle beneath the two of them. Geoff throws her over five feet with ease, She lands on the king sized soft bed her. Vickkis massive fat round tits slap together. Geoff climbing on top and straddling her stomach he slaps both tits on her nipples which makes her squeal before he squeeze them together. His hard cock so covered in her juices and pre cum he slides in between her soft fat titties as he plays with her nipples.

If Vickki could speak she would tell him how hot it is to not see a cock disappear in her vastly deep cleavage and to have a man that can handle them. She has given hundreds and hundreds of tit jobs before but has never been tit fucked. As she always has to do the work. Geoffs cock is so long and thick it easily fills the deep crevasse that is Vickkis cleavage and pushes further up sliding along her face smudging what remains of her pink lip gloss he barks at her.

“Lick your juices of this Big Fat Meaty Cock you filthy size queen slut.”

On instinct alone she does as she is told and runs her tongue on as much as the shaft as she can, as it slides back and forth across her face. Geoff then stands above her and grunts a low growl like a grizzly bear, before his cock erupts like someone just turned a hose on full blast.

Vickki getting showered in Hot thick white creamy cum. It’s so warm and thick, her face is doused as rope after rope after thick rope burst from the tip of Geoffs elephant sized cock. covering all of her massive fat tittes. The last time Vickki had this much cum on her it took 11 guys to get to that point.

Moaning uncontrollably and withering around on the soft white sheets of the bed half passed out. She gets her eyes open trying to see through the thick layer of cum on her slutty caked up face. She sees Geoff putting on his pants and outside the window what looks like to be a helicopter landing on the front lawn. She barely manages to get out the words.

“Who in the world are you?”

Geoff gives her a small laugh

“I had fun to night, you are a real natural sugar tits. Tell you what if you want an upgrade and want to leave this life behind and see me again. Then give me a call.”

He tosses his business card at her feet before heading outside and climbing in the Helicopter.


The next thing Vickki knows she can hear the buzzing of her phone going off beside her, she tries to ignore but it just keeps going and going. How it ended up beside her she has no idea. Waking up she is in a real sticky mess, she is still covered in Geoffs thick creamy cum as she answers the phone with a groggy.


“Vickki oh my god there you are, why the hell have you not been answering your phone? Where the hell have you been? Everyone thinks you are missing or dead.” she recognizes the voice on the other end of the line as Monica.

“Cause Im fucking tired.” as she rolls her head over she sees one of the clocks its only 10 in the morning “Why the hell are you so worried its only 10, I saw you last night at the club.”

For a few seconds on the other side it is quiet

“Vickki its 10 am Tuesday!!! I saw you at the club on Saturday night!!!!”

This news wakes Vickki out of her groggy state and she open her eyes and looks around Paulo’s bedroom. The place is fucking trashed dressers have been knocked over there are Vickki sized holes in the wall all over. The French doors have been busted in, even one of the post on the four poster bed is snapped in half. Vickkis hair is an absolute mess covered in cum all over. Vickki looks over her body and sees how cum she is covered in. She sees some that is still wet on her nipple. She wipes it up with her dainty long middle finger then takes a taste.

“Mmmm Still taste fantastic, Monica I think I am in love.”

Monica incredibly surprised by this statement “What seriously? What in the world happened to you Saturday night? last thing I saw is you were getting dragged out behind that hot muscled stud.”

Vickkis trying to remember as much about what happened as she can “He fucked the shit outta me, I cant remember huge parts of the night, I think I must have blacked out a bit or something. Not cause I was too drunk or anything all I know for sure is he fucked my brains out for hours and hours. I have never experienced anything like that in my life. He was such a fucking man. Oh my god his cock you would not believe, I still don’t believe it. It belongs on a whale or something. He makes any other guy I have been with look so small now. Just so fucking big and fat. The veins on his cock made it feel amazing, I could feel them inside me. How he got a cock that big to get hard I don’t know, he should have like blood loss or something. Not only hard but hard like a diamond and for the ENTIRE NIGHT!!! I am pretty sure he has to be a sex god hehehe.”

As Vickkis hands trail down to feel her pussy, the slightest touch and she gasps a bit in pain as it is beyond tender and sore.

“A Fucking monster, I didn’t even know a guy could have a cock so fucking big and did he ever know how to use it, he used me like a fucktoy until his giant balls covered me in a hot sticky load and I mean he fucking drenched me it was like having a shower. Oh and Monica he taste so so so god damn gooood.”

Monica moaning on the phone just from the dirty details rubbing her pussy a bit imagining it was her in that situation.

“So when do I get my turn with him?”

Vickki laughs but then in a serious tone.

“Monica this guy would fucking split you in two.”

“Sure whatever Vickki you are just being a hog like normal, so when are you gonna see the mans man again?”

As Vickki looks around the bedroom again seeing the business card she picks it up and looks at it while talking to Monica she reads it.

“Geoff Benwaa 555 555 0000.”

Vickki does not recognize the area code she is sure as hell not from the city.

“I want to see him as soon as I can but I think I am gonna need a few days to recover still, from the raw pounding he gave me haha.”

Vickki Starts to slide her way to the edge of the bed knowing she needs to clean herself up. She kicks off her shoes and tries to stand her legs. Far too sore she falls right over on her stomach her huge cum stained tits catching her fall.

“OH MY GOD Monica I can’t walk, He actually fucked me till I couldn’t walk.”

Monica just laughing Vickki hangs up and crawls the way to the bathroom turning on the huge soaker tub she starts taking off her jewelry. First her rings, then her bracelets and anklet. The necklace proves to be a lot trickier as all the cum has it stuck to her tits. She turns on the jets of the tub and climbs inside to the warm embrace of the hot water. She spends hours in there cleaning and trying to recover, the hot water easing her sore muscles. She reaches to the side to grab her phone and the card Geoff left for her. She Dials the number and listens to the phone ring. She hears a voice but it sure as hell isn’t Geoff, it’s a female voice and it sounds very familiar but she has no idea who it is.

“Why Hello Vickki, Geoff said we would be getting a call from you.”



She was frustrated with her husband. She wanted to do more than just missionary but he refused. He was the ‘man’ so what he said was law. He was never like this before we got married. All of a sudden she had been subjected to this alpha male bullshit out of nowhere. Now She understood why they moved across the country. Just so She’d have nowhere to go or no one to lean on besides him. Well that wasn’t going to stop her from leaving anyhow if he doesn’t quit it..

Sitting in the coffee shop on a tall stool at the window facing the patio, she was aware of the guys at the table outside that was in front of her. Two were facing her way and a third had just left.

As they chatted she thought to herself how attractive they were. She wondered how it would be to have them take her and just use her as their fuck toy…

She also thought about how she wasn’t wearing underwear under her sundress. How surprised they’d be if she just opened her legs.

Her thoughts were getting her moist between her thighs. God! It’d be so hot to do something like that!

“I can tell what you’re thinking.” His whiskey voice said quietly into her ear. He was close enough that his breath tickled her neck, causing her to gasp. Goosebumps sprang up all over. The apex of her thighs was suddenly so much more sensitive.. And more moist.

She turned around and looked up.

He was a total stranger!

Deep green eyes knowingly gazed into hers from the masculine face of a man in a well fitting business suit. He was older than she was and exuded a physical sexuality that was impossible not to notice.

“Excuse me…?”

“You’re thighs were rubbing together, even now. You were biting your lower lip as you were watching those two gentlemen out there. Your hand was caressing your exposed neck. ” He had a hand on the back of her chair and another on the counter in front her. He was so close to her and somehow all she felt was excited. No fear, no alarm of this total ( -ly hot) stranger who was in her personal space…

“You were thinking of sex with either one, or both of them..”

All she could do was stare up at him. He moved in a little closer and his hand moved from the counter to her knee. (!!) ” Am I correct?”

Nodding was her only option since her voice failed her.

He added a bit of pressure to the inside of her knee, coaxing her to uncross her legs. They obeyed his command. She was vaguely aware of the guys at their table noticing the movement… Her eyes never leaving his.

“I can’t arrange that for you but i can help relieve some of your frustration.” His hand was sliding up under the skirt of her dress and up along the inside of her thigh. He had positioned himself to effectively shield his actions with this sweet sexy lady from the rest of the cafe inside but not so the boys outside could miss anything. They were glancing more and more often at what was going on.

It was like he owned her. She just let it happen. The higher he caressed, the more she opened her legs to allow him to go further. Her senses in overdrive, all too aware if what was happening and aware of the men outside now openly watching.

Kim thought she should be feeling violated, but she wanted this. It was entirely exciting and she was still thinking of being called ‘frigid’ so it was even more than just hot! It was revenge! Her pussy was starting to ooze juices down onto her skirt. His hand inexorably sliding higher up her thigh..

The gentlemen outside sat amazed at what was happening inside. Their conversation forgotten as more and more of her inner thighs were exposed to them. Rolex guy’s hand disappearing higher under the chick’s dress.

“Pull your skirt up higher my little sweet. Let them see.” He said to Kim and she complied with a sigh as his fingertips finally grazed her lips. She spread wider, pussy lips parting slightly as she slid her ass to the edge of the chair and leaned back against the seat back and the man who had her squirming with desire for more.

“No love. Keep your eyes open. Watch them watch you.” He whispered in her ear while his hand cupped her mound. She quietly groaned as her muff pushed up into his warm strong hand.

His middle finger teasingly ran up and down the vaginal crease. Kim’s outer lips were slick with her lust. Ring and index finger then spread her outer lips apart and his middle finger started lightly tapping on her swollen labia.

“Look at their faces my sweet. You have them enraptured. Can you imagine them taking turns lapping at your sweet moistness?” His finger stroking from Kim’s tight opening to the top of her pulsing clitoris.

“Ohhh…” Kim half sobbed under her sighing breath.

“See the effect you are having on them?” Slow stroking circles around and around his finger traced wetly over her sensitive slit.

Through half closed eyes, Kim looked down at the men’s crotches. Their pants were getting tighter over their hips. “Make eye contact wit them both. Let them know your desire. ”

Kim’s hips were now moving of their own accord.

“Look at them and tell them with your eyes how you would love nothing better than their hard cocks penetrating you deeply.” His middle finger has slid slowly down into her tight hole as he speaks. Kim whimpers as she stares at each of the men. Her face is flushed and her cunt is trying to fuck his finger and hump shamelessly against his palm.

“Yes, that’s it. Show them how you would fuck their cocks.” His finger slid out of Kim’s greedy hole and was joined by the ring finger as he rubbed and circled and stroked her engorged button. Kim wanted to cry out loud but as lost to her senses as she was, she still knew where she was..

The thought almost enough to make her cum right then!

The boys outside were very hard by now watching Rolex guy masturbate his slut. Fascinated by the sunlight glistening off of that hot cunt and slick ass. Seeing the wetness of the hand doing all that fucking. Her ‘come fuck me’ glazed eyes looking into theirs. Watching her hips buck faster as the guy’s hand worked her pussy. The look of control on the man’s amused face. They’d both have pulled out their rigid cocks right then if it had been night time..

“They want you so badly love. They wouldn’t hold back either. They would fuck you very hard and fast..” His two fingers slide hard and fast deep into Kim’s hot swollen canal. Palm rubbing at her clit. Kim feels his thick long fingers curl up toward her G spot and he begins to earnestly fuck her with his fingers and his whole hand. “Their hard cocks would take your holes regardless of your consent. You are driving them mad with lust right now! Look at them! How they hump the air and rub themselves through their pants!” His fingers hitting her Gspot hard time after time. Her insides tensing. Kim’s breath coming in gasps she desperately tries to keep quiet. Eyes blurring as she gets closer to losing it. Hips bucking quite visibly to anyone who might look her way.. Little wet sounds emanating from their corner for anyone to hear..

The highly aroused gentlemen watch Kim’s face with intensity. Waiting for it. Their peripheral taking ing everything else as she gets closer to the end of this exquisite performance.

“Their mouths water for the taste of your cum my love. Cum for them. Cum for me…” Whiskey voice in her ear. His other arm has come around Kim’s shoulders and his strong hand closes over her throat.

The effect along with his masterful fingers milking her inside and palm relentlessly teasing her whole slit sends Kim over the edge and with her hands on the seat, she pushes her hips up and out towards the men outside. Legs stiffly spread,head against her mystery lover’s chest Kim let’s out a low long moan as she suddenly explodes! She’s squirting a little bit of her orgasmic juices onto the window under the bar! Kim had NEVER squirted! Her clit is clenching in violent spasms as she has the strongest orgasm she’s ever had in her life!

Kim’s audience remain totally speechless. In awe they watch as she wets the window in front of them. They watch her face go through so many expressions as she rides the sensations that engulf her. Watch her body jolt and twitch with the strength of the orgasm. They watch her collapse back onto her seat and into her man’s chest as it leaves her.

“There’s a good girl. You performed very well.” The green eyed stranger tells her as he brings his sopping hand to her mouth. Kim obediently opens her mouth to suck his fingers clean one by one. “Perhaps if we meet again I shall take you farther sweet angel. Yes. I would rather enjoy taking you farther than this.” He caresses her face and gently kisses her temple as Kim pulls herself together. Quite aware of the soaked condition of the seat of her dress. Thankfully, it’s a pattern that hopefully hides the fairly large wet spot. She glances outside.

The gentlemen are both nodding their appreciation for the amazing show as they rise and leave to their cars.

Kim realizes she’s alone. Green eyes has also left.


sharing it

Cassandra stepped up behind Eric, rubbing her big breasts into his back. Cassandra loved to act sexy around her friends. She and Devin were married, but their friends were not. Of course, that didn’t matter. She just loved teasing, though it had never gone further than that.

“Hey, big boy, wanna play around?” she asked teasingly as her hands wrapped around him and slid from his chest to his stomach.

“Always ready,” he answered, laughing at her innocent playfulness.

“Oooohhh, I’ll just bet you are!” she answered, trying to sound sexy, looking over at the others while she bent her knees and slid down his body. Suggestively, she wiggled her hips, which Eric, of course, couldn’t see. But it made her breasts rub back and forth over his back as she bent down. Her fingers spread out as they descended down the outside of his waist and legs.

“We can find out if you’re always ready, big boy,” she teased. To demonstrate, she moved her hands around to the front of his legs as if to search out evidence of an erection.

Others were laughing at her antics, some egging her on. As she wiggled around and let her hands roam, suddenly she gasped and stopped moving.

“Oh, shit!” she blurted out, startled. She held her hands slightly off of Eric’s legs, frozen in space.

“Shit, Eric, I… I’m sorry. I…” Cassandra was for once fumbling for words.

She struggled to calm herself. “Holy shit!” she said, finding her voice again while her hands again splayed themselves out on his pants. Her fingers were moving slightly, in place. Everyone was waiting, and wondering what exactly was happening.

“Fuck, Eric,” Cassandra, her voice normal now except perhaps a bit huskier. “I never knew you were so big!”

Some knew what she meant and their eyes immediately went to Eric’s crotch, while the others took a few seconds to realize it.

Cassandra was squeezing the lump in Eric’s pants, softly, as if trying to judge the size of it. Everyone stepped or leaned in closer to see the bulge even better.

Allie and Kristin both made a comment, asking how it felt.

“It is so hard. Thick. Wow! Thick!” Cassandra seemed awestruck.

Kristin giggled knowingly, saying, “You should see it!”

Cassandra’s head spun to look at her. “Really? You wouldn’t mind?”

Kristin hadn’t meant that as an offer to actually see her guy’s dick, but she couldn’t back down now. Besides, although she hadn’t planned it, she didn’t mind it, either. She kind of liked the idea of her friends seeing what she got to have inside her on a regular basis.

“No,” Kristin answered, though her voice sounded much weaker than she expected. “Go ahead if you want.”

Cassandra never even glanced at her husband but wasted little time in finding the pull on Eric’s fly, tugging it down. Then she moved back up to his belt and unfastened that. When she undid his snap, she held the two sides of his pants out away from his body. She was teasing everyone again, waiting for the suspense to build, then all at once let her hands fall, bringing the pants with them and letting them fall to the floor. The thin cloth of his shorts could scarcely contain the bulge that was now the focus of everyone there. Cassandra had moved slightly to the side so that she could see around Eric to his dick.

Cassandra wrapped her hand around the covered shaft for a moment, making Eric gasp, then quickly grabbed the waistband and pulled them down in one fairly swift motion. Allie had been trying to withhold any sounds, but she emitted a loud gasp at the first look at Eric’s naked prick.

Cassandra gazed at it from only inches away, and a quiet “Fuuuuck” came out of her mouth.

Eric stood there motionless, his erection straining away from his body. The length of it was certainly impressive, but it was the thickness of it that was so surprising. It was the thickest dick that any of them had seen.

Eric seemed to be partly embarrassed, partly proud. He didn’t move, but finally he spoke softly to Cassandra.

“Touch it,” he said, barely able to speak.

Cassandra looked up at him, then quickly towards Kristin.

“Awwww, touch it,” he repeated, as if in agony.

Kristin, still smiling, gently nodded at Cassandra, who then turned toward Eric – or, rather, his penis – reaching out and wrapping her hand around the shaft as far as it would reach. A gasp came from everyone but Kristin at the touch, the loudest being Eric, as the built-up tension was relieved.

“How thick is this thing?” asked Cassandra. “My heavens!”

“It does feel a lot like heaven when it’s inside,” Kristin said, sending laughter throughout the room.

“Oh, hell, I’ll bet so,” answered Cassandra, moving in closer. She moved her head and placed a kiss on the tip of his dick, bringing a groan from everyone. Suddenly she whipped her head around towards Kristin again, remembering it was her guy’s dick she was kissing.

“Sorry,” Cassandra said quietly.

“It’s okay,” Kristin told her, still that same proud smile on her face.

“Really?” Cassandra asked.

Kristin nodded slowly. Not really giving her permission to go further, but Cassandra seemed to take it as such. She turned back to the dick, stared at it for a moment, then placed her lips around the head. Eric hissed air into his lungs as he felt her wet lips encircle his head. Taking a moment to adjust to it’s size, she let more of it slip slowly into her mouth.

It was an incredible sight. Nothing like this had ever taken place in this group of friends. Noone could take their eyes off of this sudden turn of events, except for a quick glance at Kristin to see how she was reacting. Cassandra was slowly moving her mouth back and forth over maybe three inches of the shaft. It seemed that was about all she could take, but she eventually worked further down another couple inches. Finally she pulled off completely, working her jaw as if it needed a rest.

She got a small round of applause from the room for her performance, and she told Eric to lay down. She nodded toward a leather reclining chair, which had a separate leather stool. Eric backed up a step and sat on the stool, then lay back onto the chair. He was sloping slightly upward this way, while his shaft towered obscenely skyward. This seemed to bring a different visual, and made Cassandra stop and look.

“Oh my God!” she said. “How good would that be to fuck!”

Cassandra just stared for another moment until hearing Kristin say, “Go ahead.” The situation had definitely gotten out of hand.

This time Cassandra turned slowly toward Kristin, but didn’t say a word. She certainly had lust written all over her face.

Kristin looked back at her, holding her gaze for a moment, then said, “I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

Cassandra turned back to the shaft seeming to tower over the room. She had not once even glanced at Devin, much as Eric’s opinion was never asked. She grasped the dick again and held it. She seemed to be contemplating something. To blow or to fuck, perhaps?

Finally Cassandra said, “Oh, shiiit!,” as she raised herself up, having decided that she needed to feel that thing inside her. She placed one leg on each side of Eric’s leg, reaching under her skirt to pull her panties out of the way.

“Wait,” came a voice out of the blue. It took a moment to place the male voice, until all eyes fell on Devin. He was stepping towards his wife, and all quickly assumed that he had had enough and was putting a stop to it.

Everyone seemed a little surprised and greatly relieved to see what he was doing. He was finally putting an end to a crazy situation. But they were all surprised when he reached around his wife to unfasten her skirt and let it fall to the ground.

Devin looked at Cassandra and said, “I think we all want to see everything, Hon.” And with that he took hold of her panties and pulled them down, exposing his wife to the room. In addition, he placed his hand on her pussy, cupping it tenderly and letting a finger find its way into her pussy. He wiggled it around and plunged it in, touching a precious spot that made Cassandra squeal and shiver.

“Oh, yeah, she’s wet!” He told everyone, then backed away while they all giggled nervously.

The laughter lasted only a moment as all attention went back to the towering shaft of flesh on the stool, now pointing up at a naked pussy displayed to the entire room. With her legs on either side of his, Cassandra stepped up, positioning herself directly over the cock that she now held. Spreading her legs more, she held the dick steady while she lowered herself, letting Eric’s cock head push into her folds. She stopped. With both hands she reached down and spread her pussy lips open as far as she could, settling the cock head in between.

Everyone leaned forward once again, getting the best view they could of what was happening. Her pussy was shaved, so it was easy to see the dick pushing in and the pussy lips spreading to make room for it. She lowered herself slowly, a little at a time, then raising up again before trying another inch. When he was about halfway inside her, she leaned forward, putting her hands on his shoulders for support, and kept moving her hips to work it in further.

During this time Cassandra was moaning. It sounded at times like she was saying something, but it was only understandable as moans. After she leaned over into Eric’s body, he raised his hands to her breasts, holding them for only a moment until he began to pull her blouse up, along with her bra, uncovering her large breasts. They hung down, allowing Eric to play with them and her nipples, adding to the excitement for them and everyone. Devin actually came over to pull the rest of her clothes off over her head. He was really enjoying his wife getting fucked in front of him – and in front of all.

Eric just laid there while Cassandra was moving up and down on his cock, though he was obviously enjoying himself. Everyone could see his cock easing in and out of her pussy. Her lips were pushed inward on every down stroke, disappearing from sight as his cock forced its way in. When it came out her lips came with it, extending away from her body as far as they could stretch, clinging to the sides of his shaft. It was a testament to how tight was the channel his dick had to travel.

Cassandra’s movements were slow. No feverish fucking for her. But then, after several minutes of slow fucking driving everyone crazy, she began to speed up. Not fast, but quicker, shallower strokes, accompanied by high pitched squeals. She was close to an orgasm.

When it hit she thrust one time, perhaps hitting her best spot, and held it there, squealing loudly now as she let loose. Her body shook all over. Her arms were no longer able to hold herself up, and she collapsed head first onto Eric. Her hips remained fairly still for a longer time, but gradually lowered further onto the cock. Each movement on his shaft brought her to another mini orgasm. She raised her hips slightly and then lowered them, moving the cock inside her stretched out pussy, over and over, each time sending a thrill through her body, the ripples of them being seen by all.

Before she was even done with her after shocks, Cassandra pushed her upper body off of Eric. But when she raised up, her lower body took all the weight. This caused her hips to push down, Eric’s cock to move deeper into her pussy, and Cassandra to moan “Oh, Fuck!” as she felt the unexpected intrusion.

She was in a hurry to get off Eric and try to regain some dignity. She was just now realizing that she had just fucked her friend’s boyfriend, and in front of all these other friends. She began feeling very self-conscious for that and for the show that she must have put on. But as she rolled onto the floor, beginning to think how she should hide her naked body from everyone, she couldn’t help but feel the tingles and excitement of that well-fucked feeling.

When Cassandra rolled off Eric, his tall, thick shaft got more attention than Cassandra’s nakedness. It looked huge. Longer and thicker than ever, and now covered with a moist sheen from Cassandra’s pussy juices. Allie moved over closer to it, as if in a trance.

“Dammit, I have to have that in me!” she stated, staring right at his cock.

She had already removed her panties, as she had been playing with herself while watching Cassandra. Almost as an afterthought she looked over at Kristin, begging with her eyes for permission to fuck her boyfriend.

Kristin nodded her approval slowly, but her eyes widened and she barely smiled. She was concerned that Allie could not take her guy’s thick shaft into her small pussy. But that was her decision. Allie was barely over five feet tall, and dainty in every way. Each person there must have wondered if a cock as thick as his would rip her wide open.

As with Cassandra, Allie didn’t seem to care if her boyfriend or Devin approved of this. If Kristin was okay with it, that was all that mattered. Others looked at Ryan, however, to see if he was willing to have his girl put on a naked sex show as Cassandra had done. Also, to put it bluntly, to see if he was okay with his little, skinny girlfriend getting impaled by this monster cock.

Ryan showed how he felt as soon as Kristin had nodded her permission. In the spirit of what Devin had done, he stepped up to Allie and kissed her, while reaching behind her to undo her bra. As his lips pulled away he pulled her top and bra from her body, leaving her topless. Then her reached down and pulled her skirt down, letting it fall in a puddle at her feet. She was now completely exposed to the crowd, her petite little figure drawing admiration from everyone, but also some anxiety. Would that huge shaft that had just filled Cassandra’s pussy so completely rip this little one apart?

Allie’s little tits barely moved as she crawled the last couple feet towards Eric. Her tits really weren’t very little, except compared to Cassandra’s. It’s just that they were so round and perfect. They were half globes, perfectly round and firm, no sag whatsoever, with the cutest little nipples seated in the exact center. They were, simply, perfection.

Her pussy, however, was another matter. Oh, it looked perfect as well. Totally shaved and exposed, it looked like a little girl’s instead of a woman’s. Her pussy lips were small and thin, tightly closed to keep her vagina safe. Allie had been playing with her pussy, and even now had at least one finger moving inside her. But even with that and the juices that were obvious, her pussy hardly looked ready. But she was determined.

Allie took hold of the shaft with both hands, pausing to examine the size and shape of this prick with her eyes as well as her hands. She moved it around to see and feel it, perhaps determining if she truly wanted to fuck it. After a short time of doing this she appeared ready, and started to stand up to take her position when she was stopped.

“Wait a second.” It was Eric.

All eyes were now on Eric, wondering what he needed, or if he was going to stop the ruination of Allie’s little pussy.

Eric continued. “Cassandra sucked me off some before we fucked. Why don’t you do that?”

Allie paused, still holding his shaft with two hands. She looked at it. It was wet. Slick. Slimy. She knew that it was Cassandra’s pussy juices on it. Cassandra had an amazing orgasm while this cock was inside her. It was coated with her pussy.

Everyone else was having the same thoughts, and waiting to see if Allie would, basically, suck Cassandra’s pussy juices. But they didn’t have to wait long.

Allie returned to her knees and bent over Eric’s dick, licking the length of it with long, slow, sensuous strokes. She ended each stroke with her tongue swirling around his cock head and slurping loudly all the accumulated juices she could find. It was almost more sexually exciting than the actual fucking.

When she had cleaned his cock of all the juices, Allie placed the head to her closed lips, allowing her lips to open slowly and ease the cock between them. Gradually the cock entered Allie’s mouth. After the head disappeared she kept going until a couple inches of the shaft was inside her little mouth. As she eased those inches in and nearly out of her mouth, it was exciting to see her cheek bulge out as Eric’s cock pushed it from the inside.

As she sucked and fucked the first few inches of his cock, her hands were busy on the rest of the shaft, slowly stroking up and down while using a twisting motion just for fun. She had Eric moaning, and impressed.

Allie had such a small waist, but nice flaring hips that led to the cutest heart-shaped ass. As she continued to work Eric’s cock, her hips and ass moved back and forth with her motion, making the guys – and, yes, the girls – split their attention between the sensuous motion of her perfect ass and the excellent blowjob Eric was getting.

Allie must have had a double jointed jaw, as her mouth was so widely open to take the cock inside her. She was almost unrecognizable as her lips were stretched so much to fit over the thick shaft. But this bug-eyed little vixen kept at it, almost unbelievably stretched out to accommodate the girth of this cock, until she thought Eric might be getting too excited.

There was so much to look at with this compact little dynamo that everyone felt disappointed when she stopped working him over, even though they all knew that the next step was to see Eric’s thick shaft pummel her little pussy. They would have been more than satisfied to spend the night watching that sweet ass swaying back and forth, those perky titties hanging from her chest without giving up their shape, and the incredible blowjob that had her mouth and cheeks so stuffed full of cock. But more was to come.

When Allie stopped, she paused to take a long look at Eric, and was pleased to see that he was driven to the brink. He looked used. Tense. Needy. Indeed, he was all those things. Cassandra had certainly contributed to his state of arousal, but Allie liked to think that she had gotten him to where he was now. Ryan, experienced with her abilities, had no doubt of this.

Allie stood, straddling Eric’s legs, her bare, sopping wet pussy poised just above him. Like a good tease, she held that position for a moment, drawing out the anticipation. In truth, she was contemplating what was about to happen. She knew what was about to happen. She had seen Cassandra needing to work in order to accept this thick hunk of meat into her, and Allie was much smaller. Yes, Allie thought, she had taken large and thick dicks before, but never this size. And it had been a long time ago. Although Ryan fucked her hard and well, he was at best of average size. She was not used to a big cock, not since they had started dating two years ago. She just hoped that his energetic fucking and desire for many positions had sufficiently reamed her out enough so that she could take Eric’s oversized cock. She and all her friends were about to find out.

Allie positioned the cock with her hands and lowered her body down. She and Eric both exhaled loudly as his cock head pushed between her pussy lips. This was the much anticipated time they had been working toward. But as sopping wet as her pussy was, she felt her lips being pulled and almost stuck to the thick shaft. Of course she knew this would happen, and wasn’t ready to have him enter her yet. Eric had been anxious and was pushing his hips upward, hoping to get himself into her smooth, velvety channel. This night was nearly more than he could bear.

Allie raised herself up slightly so that Eric could not enter her too soon. She moved the head of his penis up and down her slit, coating his dick with her juices. She squealed out “AHHH” when she hit her clit with his cock, so naturally she had to do that a few more times. She was so close to an orgasm. She let his cock go momentarily and took hold of her skin on either side of her pussy lips, pulling them apart as far as she could. Then she lowered herself slightly to allow the head of Devin’s cock to insert itself between them. She wiggled her hips to screw his head deeper into her, without pulling her lips in with it. When the cock was firmly seated, she began a rocking motion, allowing it to slip a bit deeper, while she still held her lips away from the shaft.

When she had done as much of this as she could, she slowly pulled her fingers away from her pussy. But on the way one of her fingers pushed hard onto her clit. A tremendous jolt shot through her body, and she moaned loudly. Her finger automatically pushed her clit again, then rubbed it, hard, back and forth, until she was lost in a screaming orgasm, writhing on top of Eric’s shaft.

When she recovered she found that the cock had sunk a couple inches deeper inside of her. And she wanted more. She began pushing down onto it, forcing it little by little into her pussy. As she raised up and down the crowd again did not know whether to watch her perfect little ass wiggling around, or the thick meat forcing her pussy lips apart. Allie had not totally come down from her orgasm, but she was working on another. Or perhaps she was having many little ones. Or one long, long one. She wasn’t sure what her body was doing to her, but she knew that she had to keep doing this to her body. It was a wonderful feeling.

The deeper his cock sank into her the more electric jolts she was feeling. There was pain, yes. Her insides felt like they were being torn apart. But there was so much pleasure, and the pain just seemed to add to that. Allie was no longer being very rational. Her thought process was not working. She was going now on raw sexual instinct. Her pussy needed that cock in her, as much of it as there was, as deep as it could go. She had a sensation of fullness, like her stomach was overloaded with food. This cock could come out her throat for all she cared. She needed it. All of it.

Everyone else watched with both surprise and admiration as Allie kept taking more and more of Eric’s cock inside her. Eric, too, was past rational thought. He needed release after all of this fucking, sucking, and teasing. His cock was heading for release. His hips were trying to pound up into Allie as much as they could. The couple had gotten into a rhythm, with her squating down and him pounding up. To the amazement of all, it seemed that his cock was firmly inside her. Repeatedly. And after their groins smashed against each other a few times, Eric raised up and stayed up, letting out a fierce growl as his long awaited orgasm hit.

On top of him, Allie felt his cock swell and unload, bathing her insides with cum. He held his body as high as could for a shot of cum, then lowered and pounded back up, cramming himself as deep as he could inside her as he unleashed another stream of cum in her pussy. He did this three, maybe four times, but truthfully she didn’t know. After the second shot, Allie herself unleashed, cumming hard around his shaft.

She let loose a torrent of incoherent screaming as her orgasm completely took over her body. She raised up, she bent her body back, then forward quickly, nearly falling onto Eric before she caught herself. She did then collapse on top of him, still moving her hips a bit as her pussy continued to spasm. A few times Eric would shove his hips up as he ejected another little spurt of cum, until he was doing it with no cum left.

They both lay there like that, everyone admiring the show they had just seen as well as the ass bent over for their viewing pleasure. Eric’s cock was still inside Allie, as all could see as well. It was a moment none of them would ever forget. That was especially true of Eric and Allie, though things were a bit hazy for Allie at the moment. She lay still, on top of Eric, her mind realizing that she was naked on top of him, her friends staring as much as they liked at her in perhaps her most intimate condition.

It wasn’t as if she didn’t care. She just didn’t seem able to move. Eric also seemed totally spent, satisfied to be still while he got a little strength back his limbs. His dick still felt good inside the smooth, warm channel of Allie’s vagina.

Allie could feel him shrinking inside her – if that’s what you want to call it. Even though she could feel him getting smaller, she felt completely full. Her pussy was stuffed, as she normally felt, even though he had shrunk a fair amount by now. Holy hell, she had never felt anything like that. She was just hoping that there was no blood. No damage. But that would have to wait. She could not move for now.

Finally Ryan came over to the couple, still locked together. He placed his arms around Allie’s waist and pulled her up. lifting his girlfriend up and off of another man’s cock. Even though Eric was going soft, Ryan noticed how high he had to lift his girl before he heard the faint plop of Eric’s dick falling out of her pussy. It gave him a very weird feeling that he knew he would not understand for a while. He rolled Allie off her lover and carried her over to the couch, where her held her in his lap, cuddling. She was completely naked, mostly exposed, and didn’t care one bit.

After Allie was lifted off him, Eric began to get up. His dick was mostly laying down now, having lost most of its stiffness. Kristin came over to him, cradling him in her arms, asking him how he liked what had just happened. A silly question, as both of them knew. They just laughed, and kissed. A kiss that turned into a deep, wet, tongue-swapping, passionate, minutes-long kiss. By the time they came up for air their hands had been all over each other.

Kristin announced to the room that they could do whatever they wanted, but she and Eric were going into the bedroom, because she needed to be fucked. She had no doubt that Eric would be ready for another round very soon.

Kristin didn’t need to wonder what the other couples would do. Devin’s dick had been sticking through his fly for quite a while now, as he played with himself during the end of Allie’s session, though noone had noticed. Now it was time to get serious. Cassandra didn’t feel like fucking again right now, but she was giving him head before Kristin and Eric had started to kiss. In fact, Devin was so turned on that he came almost before the other couple had left the room.

Ryan, too, had been very turned on. Having seen one girl fucking Eric, then his own girl being ravaged by him (or was it the other way around?) he had almost cum from simply watching. Now that Allie had recovered, except the soreness in her pussy, she was giving Ryan one helluva blow job. It, of course, was most remarkable for the short time it took for him to cum. It had been an evening to never forget.


Rally Biker Bitch

Sturgis Rally Biker Bitch

I’ve attended the Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota almost every year for the last three decades. And I’ve often brought along a “bitch” — a woman to serve me and service me during the event. But the best bitch I ever had was a gal named Courtney several years back. This is the story of how she came to join me for the rally back in 1989.

First, know that I am not an outlaw biker, or a full-time member of a motorcycle gang. I’m a guy with a normal 9 to 5 job, but who has also ridden Harleys his whole life with similarly minded friends in the neighborhood. But, I always take a few weeks off around Rally Week, let my hair get wild, stop shaving, and head off to Sturgis.

Some years, I’ve brought along a bitch I’d been dating. Some years, I’ve gone on my own without a bitch. That magical year of 1989 saw me accompanied by Courtney–a hot 19 year old that I’d only met the day before she hopped on the back of my bike to make the trek to Sturgis.

biker bitch

That year, I’d plan to ride out to Sturgis with three of my buddies: Mike, Doug and Steve. Mike was dating a college girl named Amy, and had planned on bringing her out to Sturgis. Doug, Steve and I were planning on going solo. But then Amy told me that she had a friend who’d just finished her first year of college that wanted to go to the Rally.

Amy said that her friend, Courtney, was beautiful and liked to party. However, Amy said that she didn’t have any money at the point of the Summer, as she wouldn’t be getting her student loans until she went to school a few weeks later in the Fall. Amy asked if I would be interested in meeting Courtney, and would then consider giving her a ride to and from the Rally on my bike. Amy also said that Courtney would really appreciate it if I could spot her some cash for booze and food along the way. I told Amy to bring Courtney over to my place the day before we were scheduled to leave for the Rally.

A few days later, Amy and Mike brought Courtney over to my place. She was indeed hot–a pretty face, and a great body with a firm ass and big, natural tits. Courtney introduced herself and said that she’d really appreciate it if she could ride on the back of my bike, and if I could spot her a little cash for Rally expenses. I decided to lay my cards on the table.

“I’ll give you a ride to and from the Rally, and I’ll even cover your booze and food. But you have to agree to my rules,” I stated.

“Well, what rules?” she asked.

“The first rule is that you agree to be my bitch–my property–during Rally Week. That means that you will wait on me hand and foot–get me a beer when I want one, cook my meals, clean up, polish the bike, etc. It also means that you will be available to service me–as in sexually service me–whenever and however I like. And, as your owner, I reserve the right to punish you if you deserve it, or even if you don’t if it pleases me.”

Courtney’s eyes widened. A long silence passed. I told her to think about it over night and not to make any hasty decisions. If she was agreeable, she just needed to show up the next day at my house, ready to leave for Sturgis with the rest of us. If not, that was fine and her choice.

“I’ll think about it,” she said.

Sure enough, the next day Courtney arrived at my house at the exact time the group was expecting to leave for the Rally. I would later learn from Mike that Courtney did not think that I was going to seriously hold her to the rules I had laid out for her. Amy also told Courtney that she did not think I would seriously treat Courtney as a virtual slave during the Rally. They would be mistaken — I intended to keep my word, and intended that Courtney would follow the rules to the letter.

“Okay, I guess I agree to your rules,” Courtney said with a little nervous laugh. “I agree to be your … bitch … during Rally Week.”

“Good,” I replied. “Now come in to the house so that you can change into something more … appropriate. You can’t be my bitch wearing jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt.”

With that, I led Courtney into the house, and showed her what I expected her to wear during the journey–a leather bra, a leather mini-skirt, and a pair of knee-high leather boots. I made a point of telling her that she was not allowed to wear any underwear, as I wanted her bare pussy rubbing up against my bike as she rode behind me on my bike. Courtney blushed, but changed out of her clothing and into my selected apparel. Lastly, I got out a steel slave collar, a pair of steel ankle cuffs and a pair of steel wrist cuffs–all with locking padlocks. As I locked the collar and cuffs on to Courtney, I told her:


“The key to the padlocks is going to remain here at my house–after we return from Rally Week, I will unlock you. But until then, you’ll be locked into my steel, and no one will be able to unlock the collar or cuffs during the week. So, you’d better accept the fact now that you’ll be collared and cuffed during this entire experience.”

I then clipped a leash on to Courtney’s collar and led her out of the house to my bike and the others. Mike, Doug and Steve looked wide-eyed at first, and then started to chuckle a bit to themselves. Amy looked stunned, and started to protest, but was quickly cut off by her man, Mike, who said:

“Amy — quiet! Courtney agreed to the rules. She made her decision willingly. You don’t have the right or ability to interfere. And,” he added sternly, “unless you want want to collared and cuffed for this trip, I’d suggest you keep your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself.”

Amy and Courtney exchanged an apologetic look, but then both cast their eyes downward. It was time to get on the bikes and take off for Sturgis.

Day 1

The first day we drove about 300 miles west and stopped to camp at a state park in Eastern South Dakota. The park ranger who checked us in to our camp site shot us quite a look when he saw a scantly-clad young woman in a collar and cuffs clinging to me on the back of my bike. Courtney blushed crimson, but did not say anything. So I told him,

“That’s my bitch, ranger. I keep her either naked or close to naked. Go ahead and take a long look at her — don’t be shy. I’ll slide off the seat so you can get a good look at that pussy. Bitch, spread your legs for the ranger!”

Courtney looked stunned and was frozen on the seat of the bike, unable to move. So, I walked behind her and grabbed her thighs and spread them so that the ranger could have a clear view of her pussy under the mini-skirt. The ranger, a young college kid working a summer job, stared at Courtney’s pussy with a hungry look on his face. While Courtney blushed and looked very embarrassed, I noticed that her cunt was glistening with pussy juice. Clearly, she was turned on, as well as ashamed.

At that point, we drove into the remote tenting area of the campground, parked our bikes, and began to unload our stuff. It’s understood in our group that the women set up camp, while the men relax from the long day’s ride.

“Bitches, set up the tents, unpack the packs, and get a fire going for dinner. Your men are hungry,” I said to Courtney and Amy.

Courtney and Amy did as they were told, and soon we had all eaten dinner, and sat around the fire as the night grew dark.

“Everyone, I’m going to retire to my tent for a bit so that I can fuck my new bitch. I want to see what kind of skills she’s got. I’ll be sure and give you a full report on her when I’m finished.”

Courtney’s eyes got big, as if she thought that being my bitch meant doing chores and being humiliated, but not actually being used for sexual purposes. I laughed to myself as I thought about all I had in store for her during Rally Week. But, I thought I should ease her into things by fucking her in private behind the tent flaps, rather than fuck her out in the open in front of everyone–something I planned on doing later in the week plenty as the week. But all in good time.

“C’mon, bitch — let’s go to our tent and get busy,” I said as I gave Courtney’s leash a pull. She trailed into the tent behind me with her eyes downcast, as I led her by the leash. I heard the guys chuckling, making a few cat-calls, and a few comments like, “Fuck her good, man,” “Use that bitch,” and “Show her what’s she’s good for.”

As we entered the tent I noticed that Courtney’s pussy was wet again. This kind of treatment is new to this slut, I thought, and she seemed rather ashamed, but also very turned on. She was going to work out just fine this week. Once inside the tent, I said,

“Get your clothes off, bitch — I want to see all of you,” I commanded.

Courtney stripped off the bra, mini-skirt, socks and boots so that she was buck naked, except for the collar, leash and cuffs. I had her turn around, bend over, and rub her tits, ass and pussy, so that I could make a full inspection. I then clipped her wrist cuffs behind her back with an o-ring, and proceeded to jam my cock into her mouth.

She gagged momentarily, but soon managed to take it all in, and began slurping and sucking on my dick. After a few minutes, I flipped her over and fucked her roughly from behind. I smacked her ass hard and loudly several times while I pounded away, as I knew everyone was listening in from outside of the tent.

While I really hadn’t given her any foreplay, Courtney nevertheless loudly climaxed after a couple dozen thrusts, moaning and yelping. I could hear the guys outside the tent laughing and wooping at the sound of Courtney orgasming. Just before I was ready to shoot my load, I flipped her back around so that she was facing me, and rammed my cock into her, just as I began to spurt my cum.

“She managed to swallow almost all of my load, with just a bit of gooey white sperm dribbling out of the side of her mouth. I told her continue to suck for a few minutes just to make sure she had cleaned up my cock properly.

“Ahhhh … that felt good,” I said. “This is going to be a good trip, bitch. And we’re just getting started.”

I unclipped Courtney’s arms, and she collapsed on the sleeping bag on the tent floor–I could tell she needed some time to recover. She’s had quite a day–the kind of day she couldn’t have possibly imagined happening just 48 hours before. I left the tent to the cheers of Mike, Doug and Steve. Amy had an embarrassed grin on her face. I took my place around the fire, described Courtney’s sexual performance in great detail for everyone.


Biker Girls

Lena  was riding her John Player Norton.  I, as usual, was on the LeMans.
The big Guzzi throbbed between my legs as we swept through the turns one after
another.  The Goose has a stiff suspension; there’s something very sexy about
the way the firm seat fits between my thighs, how the bike bucks over big
bumps.  It’s almost like riding a man.  Needless to say by the time we reached
the coast highway I was ready to lure my Lena off into the beach grass and have
my way with her.
But when we pulled off at one of our favorite overlooks what should we spy
but a gorgeous blue-and-silver Ducati and next to it, dressed all in black
leathers, one of our favorite riders.  Frank was someone we knew through the
European Motorcycle club.  We both liked him, but whenever we had talked it had
always been in the middle of a crowd.  Today he was alone. After chatting a few
minutes Lena and I had evidently come to the same conclusion, for she invited
him to join our picnic.
There was something about Frank:  he seemed to ooze sensuality, and every
time our eyes met I got a big jolt of frankly sexual energy.  The same seemed
to be happening with Lena.  When I complained of a sore neck Frank gave me a
neck and shoulder rub that was so slow, so deep, so excruciatingly sensual, I
wanted to rip his clothes off right there.
By the time we finished our meal Lena and I were decided.  Locking her
eyes with mine she picked up my hand and began kissing my fingers one by one.
Slowly I drew her into my arms until our lips met.  Then we turned to our
guest, who was watching avidly.  “Frank,” I began.
“We think you should come home with us.  We can show you our house…”
“…and our bedroom…”
“…and our bed…”
“You see,” I explained as Frank’s hot eyes rested first on Lena, then on
me, “we have lots of fun together but we haven’t had a man in–how long has it
been, Lena?”
“I don’t know.  A long time.”
“A very long time.”
“And we LIKE men!” Lena insisted.  “Especially men who are serious about
their pleasures–and like to take their time with them.  Are you like that,
Frank?  Because if you are–”
“IF you are, we’d VERY much like to take you home.”
Frank licked his lips.  “Let’s go.”
At the house we stripped off our leathers and warmed up with a cup of hot
tea apiece.  Then Lena and I led Frank into our bedroom.  As we had pushed our
bikes into the garage earlier we had decided what we were going to do.  Now I
put my arms around Frank and began to kiss him.  He was an incredible kisser,
slow and tantalizing.  We kissed and undressed, then I pushed him down on the
bed and lay on top of him, naked skin on hot, naked skin, and while my mouth
and my naked thighs against his erection distracted him, Lena captured his arms
and legs and tied him to the bed.
I don’t think he realized he was caught until she tightened the bonds and
I rolled off him.  “Don’t worry,” Lena told him.  “It’s just that, well, the
trouble with men is that they’re just not patient.  And we want to take you
slo-o-owly.”  She leaned down and kissed his mouth, nibbled his ear lobe, then
knelt between his spread legs and began, with excruciating slowness, to lick
and then suck his balls.  Frank groaned and rolled his eyes.  I lay back and
enjoyed as Lena tormented him.  I had some idea of what was coming next, and
watching Frank thrash and strain against his bonds as Lena brought him closer
and closer to orgasm was getting me really hot.  Just before he was ready to
come she pulled away from him, leaving his organ purple with lust and visibly
pulsating.  “See what I mean?  You’re getting impatient.”  Frank groaned.  Lena
crawled over him and wrapped me in an octopus-like embrace.  “Now it’s your
turn,” she said.
Those incredible, talented lips brushed my hairline, my eyelids, and at
last my mouth.  While her fingers teased my things apart she began
french-kissing me, her lush breasts a warmth I wanted to bury myself in.  I
stroked her nipple with one hand while the other found her pussy, which was
dripping wet with excitement.  As I caressed the hot, velvety softness between
her labia she began to moan aloud, thrusting her crotch against the heel of my
hand.  I was all set to go down on her when she slipped from my arms, laid me
head-to-foot with Frank so he could watch as much of the action as possible,
and began to lick my dripping hot pussy.
A fierce heat began to grow deep inside me, became nearly unbearable as it
spread to my hands and feet, my breasts, even my throat.  As her tongue lashed
my super-sensitive clit I felt her finger slide around the opening of my
vagina, then slip within.  A bottomless well seemed to open inside me.  As she
brought me to the brink of orgasm and over I was dimly aware that Frank was
going nearly as wild as I was, but I caught in wave after wave of searing,
almost unendurable pleasure and couldn’t pay much attention.  Lena barely let
me catch my breath before bringing me off again.  Another sweet agony shook me.
She was starting in on round three when I took mercy on poor Frank and
insisted that she make him lick her pussy for a while.  Meanwhile I lay down
between his legs and began licking his balls as Lena had done earlier.
Frank was excited and he loved Lena’s pussy.  Lena loved his tongue, too,
for she kept rubbing her cunt over his mouth, groaning, sweat sheening the
muscles of her back.  I ached to be two places at once:  how I envied Frank as
he tasted my lover’s delicious snatch, especially when her skin took on the
dark flush that let me know she was close to cumming.  It wasn’t long before I
saw her long dark hair fly back as her body was wracked by spasm after spasm of
delicious orgasm.
Meanwhile I was getting off on Frank’s cock and balls.  His scrotum had a
delightful male odor, and the whole sac was so-o-o sensitive!  While my
saliva-slicked hand stroked his throbbing erection I took first one ball and
then the other inside my mouth, tonguing them, teasing them, pulling gently.
Pretty soon Frank got so hot I had to stop.  I was just in time to witness Lena
going off again.  As I shifted my legs slightly I could feel the juices
squishing around in my pussy.  I was SO hot, and Frank had such a gorgeous
cock.  I took the head, then the strong shaft, into my mouth, but it wasn’t
enough.  Lena had collapsed by Frank’s head.  I positioned myself over Frank
and slowly sheathed his erect and throbbing member in my tight, hungry cunt.
That must have been just what he wanted, because he shuddered and groaned
and his eyes rolled back in his head.  Me, I was in heaven.  Frank’s cock–it
was rock-hard–felt just perfect, and as he strained against his bonds to
thrust himself deeper inside me I could feel the sweet sensation building
toward another orgasm.
“Do you want to cum, Frank?”  I panted, speeding up my tempo.
“Yes!” he grated.
“So bad you can almost taste it?”
“Oh god, please!”
I leaned closer to him, slamming my hips against his pelvis.  As I thrust
an eager tongue between his lips I could feel my body begin to shudder.
Suddenly my back arched as I began to cum, another incredibly intense orgasm,
and as I did Frank screamed and began to shoot wads of hot jism into me,
bucking and straining.  I have never seen a man come like that, and the wild
throbbings of his cock made my own orgasm go on and on.  Finally, spent, I
collapsed on top of him.  His arms came around me as Lena loosed his bonds,
then she joined us a moment later.  The three of us, intertwined, fell asleep
there among the tangled covers, happy and–for the moment–exhausted.



Seducing a friend

I knew Harris was supposed to have gotten back from his business trip to Virginia that morning so I decided to call him after I got back from work to see how it went. He’s a mechanical engineer (though I’m still not entirely certain what that entails) and at the ripe old age of 26 is often flying out to his company’s plants in the southeast to do what he calls “quality assurance.” He’s the youngest of a team of four and flies out with them every few months, usually for a week or two. I often bring in his mail and water his plants while he’s gone.

We’ve been friends since college, the closest in a group that still gets together once a month or so for pizza or drinks. We were never a couple nor ever shared any romantic moments (or super-awkward-the-next-morning alcohol induced trysts, like I have with a few other guys during college). He was still together with his high school girlfriend when we met and was with her for two more years after that. I never knew what he saw in that whiny airhead (and that’s me being polite), but even after they broke up we remained just friends. Understandable of course. I’m kind of the sporty type, not at all the type of girl he goes for. I’m solid and muscular and not particularly girly. He’s kind of tall and skinny, with hazel eyes and a boyish face. We’d often toss around a football in the quad or pass a frisbee back and forth. We’ve remained platonic friends over the years and that suits both of us just fine.

After the fifth ring, he picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s Chris. How was the trip?”

“The trip was fine. It’s everything that came after the trip that’s crap.” He sounded pretty upset.

“You’ve only been home for 5 hours. How bad can it possibly be?” I asked doubtfully.

“You know how when you get home from a long trip, you like to just crash on the couch for a few hours with a cold beer? Well that’s difficult when your couch is floating through your living room.”

“What? May I ask why your couch was sailing off into the sunset?” I asked with no small amount of confusion.

“A pipe burst in my kitchen and flooded the entire first floor. I called a plumber and he said it could take a week to get my place back into livable condition. This is a nightmare.”

“Well, look on the bright side. You always said you wanted a house with a pool.” I have a hard time taking anything seriously.

“I said I wanted a house with a pool, not a pool in my house. Now I have to stay at the motel downtown for who knows how long, an expense I can’t really afford. Thank God I have insurance for the house, otherwise I’d be in up to my ears in more than one sense.”

“Are you kidding me? The Sunny Days Motel? With the smell of deli meat emanating from the sheets and the noise from the highway 24/7?”

“Don’t remind me.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You can stay with me for however long you need. It’s not the Hilton but at least my couch doesn’t smell like something that fell off of a bun, and I do vacuum every once in a while,” I offered.

“Are you sure? It wouldn’t be a burden? I’ve been told I snore,” he warned.

“Not a problem. Although you may wake up with socks in your mouth. Just bring everything you need over tonight and I’ll set you up in the living room.”

“That would be great. We can have the fish I catch in my kitchen for dinner.”

Later that evening, he showed up with a duffel bag, and honest to god fish sticks. He’s always been one for a practical joke. I reheated some lasagna for him and he told me about his trip (I didn’t understand half of it but nodded and smiled anyway). The next day was a Saturday and we made plans to go to the park and throw around a football.

The next day was a typical hot August day. We’d gotten to the park at around 10 while it was still warm but not stifling, but by 10:30 we were both hot and sweaty. Harris tossed me the football and pulled his shirt off over his head, dropping it by our water bottles under a tree. I pretended not to pay any mind to his sweaty chest, but I couldn’t help noticing that he’d filled out quite a bit since college. No longer a lanky boy, but broad and toned with a slim waist. I snapped myself out of it and we returned to the game. By noon, we were both worn out and hungry. As he went over to the tree to gather our stuff, I called to him “last one to the car has to sleep on the couch!” and took off towards the parking lot. I figured that by the time he’d gotten our stuff and put on his shirt I’d have gotten a pretty good head start and would mock him mercilessly when he finally got back to the car. But after about 10 steps I was suddenly tackled from behind. He straddled my back as I lay on the ground and raised the football in victory.

“Regardless of what Peter Walters said in the second grade, dirt does not taste like chocolate.” I remarked. “Now would you please get off of me?” I felt a weight lift from my back and he offered me a hand up when I finally pushed myself to my knees. He pulled me up and suddenly I was uncomfortably close to his still bare chest. From close up I could see the freckles on his shoulders and a sparse line of light brown hair leading into the waistband of his shorts. He was definitely nicely toned, muscular but not a bodybuilder. I swallowed and pulled my gaze up to his face. I studied his face for a moment trying not to be obvious about my new found interest in his body. I realized that his face had lost its boyish quality and was in fact quite defined. It was an expressive face full of experience, not the same youthful one I always pictured when I thought of him. I wondered how I’d missed these changes and if he still thought of me the same way he had in college. He raised his eyebrows at me, and the moment was broken.

“So I get your bed tonight, huh?” He asked.

“Well, technically neither one of us has made it to the car yet,” I replied. We looked at each other for a beat and then simultaneously turned and started sprinting towards the car. He got there a few seconds before me (sure I’m an athlete, but I was still a bit winded from being tackled and sat on). I dramatically hung my head in defeat and agreed he could have the bed that night, but he gallantly refused his right and said he’d feel guilty all night knowing that I was on the couch when he was the one who was imposing. What a gentleman.

I lay in bed that night, tossing and turning. I couldn’t stop thinking about Harris. What was wrong with me?! We were just friends and nothing was ever going to happen between us. Even if I wanted it to, he probably still thought of me as the just one of the guys. I had to stop thinking about it so I got up to get a glass of water. I quietly crept downstairs so I wouldn’t wake up my sleeping guest, but noticed the lamp next to the couch still on. I tiptoed over and saw Harris lying on his stomach in only a pair of boxers. There was a book on the floor along with the blanket he’d kicked off at some point during the night. Even though I knew I shouldn’t, I stood there watching him sleep. He looked so vulnerable with the light casting shadows across his jaw and yet so strong at the same time. I could see the muscles in the arm his head rested on and his long, toned thighs. I longed for him to turn onto his back so I could take the time to study his chest some more. Instead, I turned off the light and crept back


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