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its been a while

what have I been doing?

Well i have been keeping busy to keep up this lifestyle  one must work. So Ive been busy at work but in my free time I have been meeting up wiht a couple of my fuck buddies as well as a few social meets.Whom i shall keep secret as i want to keep them to myself.

But again the subject of male perfomance  has come up and it has nothing to do wiht the size of the cock.Its the actual perfomance  of it or I should say the owner of it.

Now the younger males seem to think because they have banged a few pissed up slappers on a Saturday night they are great lovers “WRONG” all you are doing is emptying your balls in to someone.Now the older guys   some times its pure arrogance  other times they dont know  that they are actually crap.Now ofr the ones that dont know or realise the fault lies wiht you ladies.Yes I said you Ladies now i dont want you saying your crap to your old man  but a few simple pointers.Like left a bit up a bit or just like that  or i like it like this. Its not that hard to please a woman   once you know what you are doing and ladies if your not enjoying it cut out the porn style sound effects.We use the sound of you moaning  as a clue on how we are doing.

there are plenty of book out as well so there is no excuse most decent high street have an Anne Summers   so pop in and pick up a book as well as a few condoms

clit2Here is where the clit (Clitoris)  is

more info can be found here its not that hard to find

Ive been told i am good   or WOW or fucking hell that was good. but i dont thing im the greatest    but i also want to keep improving. and one way to improve is to find out what your partnet likes and how they like it because  what is great for one is not for another. So you need to vary your style and performance

now to cheer you up a few pics



Sorry for lack of posts “To days topic is friends”

The reason for lack of posts is I have  been out in the big bad world having fun and catching up with friends.

This brings us to a central issue. What are the “right kinds” of friends? What makes a friend “good”? What are “the real” friends?
We all know “fair-weather” friends are no good. These are the people who walk with us in the sunshine, but they are gone when darkness falls.
Overly engaged and emotionally needy friends who don’t know the meaning of reciprocity are “downers”. They take and take while we give and give,
but we never see a return on our investment. On the other end is “know-it-all friend” who mothers and smothers with unwanted advice but never asks for our input.In short, friends cannot be your family, they can’t be your project, they can’t be your psychiatrist. But they can be your friends, which is plenty.
Real friends are few.  The few real friends we enjoy generally come in one of two forms, both desirable and equally delightful.
They are friends of the Road and friends of the Heart.
Here are two stories to explain you what we mean.

Friends of the Road

Some friendships are meant to be transitory. Like cowboys who ride hard together for miles, sharing both dusty perils and round-the-campfire coffee,
we all have friendships that come to their natural end. Not because of discontent or lack of interest. Simply because the road has run out.
We’ve hit the end of the trail together and it’s time to move on to other things, other companies of men.Understand, these are not failed friendships. Not at all they are friendships of the Road, equally intense, equally necessary, equally worth cultivating and treasuring as the long-lasting versions. We couldn’t survive without them. They get us through a particular stretch of road, and for that we can be grateful.
The friends we meet along life’s road make the journey joyful. And they are just as fulfilling as friendships of the Heart.

Is a friendship that fades away necessarily a bad thing? I don’t think so. There is a line in James Michener’s novel “Centennial”
that speaks to how even good friendships can be fleeting: “He wished he could ride forever with these men … but it could not be.
Trails end and companies of men fall apart.”

Friends of the Heart

There’s nothing like a real friend of the Heart, long-lasting pals who know us sometimes better than we know ourselves. They bring such comfort to our lives. It’s nearly inexpressible. Dinah Mulock, however, describes it pretty well: “Oh the comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are – chaff and grain together – certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.”

Are friends of the Heart more important than friends of the Road? Not really. We need both. What matters is how a relationship sustains you right now.An achieved real friendship – of any brand or bond – is among the best experiences life has to offer.

Cyber Friends

What are they  you never meet them or often see them  via cam. All they are is just a sting of text on the Pc screen.
I think in some ways they are like the barman down at the local.They will listen to you woes and stories with a kind ear and a soothing smile.
but once your gone they will have forgotton about you or in the case of being a female customer they will say all the right things
to get in to your knickers . But more often than not they will tell all their mates about the saddo they had in at the bar and
will recall your story to one and all.So what do your cyber friends do with the info you tell them on your social networking site.
They tell all their other Cyber friends. But in all cyber friends can be good. You can have a laugh and a joke.
chat about things of the day  and subjects your both intrested in. But every now and then you will coome across someone who will think their new
cyber friend is the best thing in the world and if any one else they know also becomes their friend all hell breaks loose and the jealously  comes out.
Some times this person cant tell the difference between cyber friendship and real love. Just because the the person
they are chatting to says all the right things is always online.
They are prepared to throw every thing away for this person they dont actually know. While this happens very often you will also see that they push their  real true friends away. Usually by insulting them or backstabbing them or trying to put one good friend up  against another so at the end of the day every one has fallen out  and no one is talking to each other.But as time goes by the friends all get back together all but one  who is all alone  in some crappy flat. The cyber love never happened. The friends no longer want to know them as in the past they held out the olive branch  and it was thrown back at them  and the ex partner and family dont want to know  them any more. The ex-partner who was treated like shit who had the decision to stick with friends  or partner  had to stick with partner we all would. But at the end of the day all the old original true  friends  rally round to help him. Buy him a beer pick him up for work if his car is off the road. Invite him to parties and meals out.All while the Ex is alone in a little flat. Sat online trying to find the next cyber love still not realising they have thrown it all away.


whats going on on the swinging scene.

Whats happening on the swinging scene.As I look around the sites I see lots of people who have been confirmed as genuine by either cam or phone.To me thats being an Exhibitionest or just plain phone sexy. Thats not swinging meeting someone face to face and fucking  someone who is not your partner is swinging.The only time I will say someone is genuine  is when we have fucked  and not before.

If I happen to fuck someone you know. Well tough  this is what its all about  sex.Just because I have fucked you does not give you the right or any one else the right  to say who fucks who.If you cant handle  someone you fuck with fucking someone else then get yourself sorted. what often surprises me is a woman  can throw a wobbly because someone she fucks with is fucking a friend. But never seems to throw the same wobbly when her hubby fucks someone she knows.This seems abit arse about face.If she was going to get pissed with someone surely it would be hubby  and not some poor guy who is just having a good time .But at the end of the day if you have any hissy fit about who fuck who then you should not be on the scene.Its yourself thats fucked up.

why can’t some people understand  that swinging is not the be all and end all of everything.I do have a life outside of swinging and so do most other people.We have hoomes to run and jobs to do. So if someone cant make it when your free because they have other commitments it could be work  or a family BAR_B_Q or just taking the wife out for the night or just want to watch the film on sky movies. No boby is at any ones elses back and call  so if you dont like it because so and so cant makeit and they have told you they are not free. They are not time wasters they are people who have a life.Now someone who says yes to a date then not turns up. that is a time waster or someone who cancles at the last minute on several meets they also time wasterBut once is not considered time wasting. Just sad its happened.

What I have noticed over the past year  swinging seems to be going back underground  and a lot of couples are moving off the web and back to clubs and private paties.Keeping in contact by word of mouth and getting together at parties. It seem everyone is jumping on the scene and joining sites.Yes they are good but i would rather be fucking someone at a party or one on one  than sitting is some chat room or seeing how many posts i can get in some group.or seeing these exhibitionests playing wiht their rabbit on cam  who never seem to meet any one face to face and actually fuck.

There is nothing wrong about building up a friendship with people  you meet. Just dont get pissed off because I dont have the same level of frinedship with you as I do with someone else. People will always get one better with one person better than another. There is nothing wrong it that its just human nature. I dont expect you to text me or ring me every day and I sure dont want to be expected to do the same my be one a week of once every couple of days. But dont go in a mardy  because I dont txt right back I could be at work or having a bath or just having a good fuck and dont text me at 11 o’colck at night  out of the blue  as I get will pissed of about that and I know others do.

Now some peole like to meet and just get one with it and other like to have a drink  beforehand. No problem in either just let the other party  know in advance. But one thing I dont like is being rushed and I meanbeing rushed  as in its got to be all over and done with and you gone say by about 10.If you want someone in and out with in an hour go see a prostitute.

At the end  of the day its all about Respect  so respect others. they are not there just to fuck you.your there to fuck them aswell.If you please them they will please you any Guys just because you have finished fucking the lady your with does not mean your with has to stop.Let her caryy one and have some fun and stop worrying aboiut what the wife is doing and look at the lady your with and what she wants. She is not going to like it  if your spending more time intrested in what your wife is  doing than taking an  interest in her.


Swingersites ripping you off

As You know I have been on the scene a while andI am on a few sites and a couple I am active on.But what pisses me off is sites that ive have joined but not set up profiles on.

Trying to Rip you off nearly all the good sites let you get your messages  by being a free member they may charge for you to send but at least you can get your messages.Now as a single male and the 1000s of us out there its not often we would get a message out of the blue from some one we dont know.

So when one site keeps sending emails saying.” I have a new message” and gives you a short clip of message

ie ” Ilove your profile get in touch “

The this is on the site in question I have not put a thing on my profile and to read the message I must pay $12.99 amont to read them

At the moment the site says I have over 50  messages waiting.All of these are 1st contact messages. I dont get that a year from the other decent sites I am on

So  how my of the profiles on these sites are real

Ive set up swinger sites myself and with certain site software you can have bots that create fake profiles and run the proile sending and replying to messages

.This make your site look busy.When inface its not its just a money maching for Idiots


fat people and scooters

Okay, before I start, I know that the scooters at the Supermarket are for disabled and elderly customers. But everytime I go to the supermarket I see a person with rolls of fat riding on the scooters.

Sometimes being overwieght is due to medical conditions, but there is no excuse for not using legs to walk around. The scooters give people who don’t want to walk an excuse not to.

The scooters take up half the aisle. When theystop a person has to wait for the individual to get the item and then move before anyone else can get to that shelf. If it was someone who needed the scooter, I would not mind; I mind the people who are too lazy to walk, even though they can.

This nation has a big problem. I have seen elderly men and women walking with canes pushing their carts down an aisle, and right behind them was an overwieight man or woman riding in one of the scooters. That man or woman should give the scooter up for the person with the cane. But they never do. I have seen a woman so out of shape she had to lean on a cart to get to the scooter-this is not a medical problem, or the person would be in a wheelchair-this is laziness taken to a fault.

As a nation all of us need to start walking. Since the invention of the car, Britians have been walking less and less-and Britians have been getting larger and larger. Get off your butt and walk Britian. You can start at the corner shop and leave the scooters for people who really need them.

When using the footpath

Just because you are on the footpath or pedestrian precinct does not make you a pedestrian. If you are on a  motorised vehicle you are no longer a pedestrian.
Remember that pedestrians always have right of  way.Many people on foot will be kind and helpful to drivers of a wheelchair or scooter .But not everyone.In a crowded precinct or market area it is your responsibility to ensure you do not run in to anyone or do any harm with your vehicle.While many people will make room for you you cannot expect everyone to do so.

yes some have medical problems  but being lazy  is not a medical problem or eating to much

what came first the fat or the scooter ?

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