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Many people have a difficult time understanding the philosophy of the swinging lifestyle. Like many other sexual practices it carries the stigma of loose or slutty people that only care about sex & not their relationship. Nothing could be further from the truth! Most swingers are very well adjusted people who live very normal lives. Their relationship is usually one of intense strength & trust for each other. Many of them have risen past the boundaries of common jealousy & know that no matter what may happen in a particular sexual event, their relationship will stay strong.

The other key ingredient to these relationships is communication (gee, where have I heard that before?) Swinging for those of you new to this is the practice of allowing one or more “other” parties to be involved with the couple sexually. It may be done by means of a threesome, foursome, orgy, swapping or what is called soft swing. For now we will try to explain many of the thoughts behind this practice & some of the major dos & don’ts if you are thinking of entering the swinging lifestyle.

The Thoughts Behind The Act

Swinging allows a couple the freedom of exploration into other sexual realms with the blessing of their lover. Whether it is bisexuality, multiple partners or just a yen for variety in their sexual life, the swinging couple has learned to communicate their desires to each other in an open & honest manor. They have also learned to accept each other’s sexual desires. Most of all they have decided to explore their sexuality as a couple.

The funny thing about swinging, as it is called amongst the human species, is that it is the norm in the rest of the animal world. Now I know what some of you are saying here, we are not animals & we have risen above that, but in fact we are part of the entire world’s “animal kingdom”. Monogamy is basically an idea created by humans in the last several centuries & hasn’t worked to awfully well, if the amount of cheating & divorces because of cheating are any indication. Swinging addresses this problem with a unique answer. Cheat together so it is no longer cheating!

Another very common thought involved in the swinging world is the “ultimate gift” theory. As most of you know one of the most common fantasies for straight women is to be with 2 or more men at one time. Does this make them a slut…….not hardly! A man wishing to express his love & a wish to make this common fantasy come true for his lover has given her the ultimate gift. A fantasy come true that most women would never come out & ask for. The same applies to a woman wishing to help her man make his fantasy of this come true. These couples usually approach this as “them”, the couple having sex with others, not just one of them.

No matter how the couple approaches swinging or the boundaries set for this practice the one key element is complete trust, honesty & communication between the lovers. Swinging attempted without these key elements is like dancing on dynamite!

Where To Start

Starting into swinging requires a massive amount of preparation & may actually take you years to finally accomplish. Under no circumstances should this be attempted on a whim; without this preparation your relationship may suffer irreparable damage. Second Rule Of Swinging: If your relationship has problems swinging will not fix them, it will destroy your relationship. Swinging is for those with very stable relationships & with a good sense of what each other feels & thinks!

The first thing couples should discuss is exactly what they are looking for in a swinging situation. Is it two guys & one girl or visa-versa, or maybe another couple. These parameters should be laid out & both of you must agree to them before moving forward. Once you have established what each of you want, you need to set up the rules of the game. Rules are very important in this situation & must be adhered to without fail. Crossing your partners boundaries in the heat of passion will undoubtedly cause mistrust for further engagements & possibly relationship trouble. These rules, however small or petty they may seem to you, may mean a great deal to your partner. Once again the key here is communication. Jealousy can rear it’s ugly head during swinging & quite often does, so make sure you have addressed this issue well in advance.

When You Think You Are Ready

Once you have decided to enter the world of swinging you must decide a few more items. Will it be someone we know or a stranger? Will it be a friendship that builds up to sex or a one night thing? Who will you accept as a partner? These issues are the next phase & once again must be discussed.

Some couples prefer the wham-bam approach to swinging, never seeing their extra lovers again. This approach seems to help with issues of jealousy or the possibility of a relationship happening. On the other side of the coin is the approach of making friends & developing a social relationship with potential partners prior to any sex. This method allows you to become comfortable with your “extra” lovers & possibly understand their rules & boundaries.

Whichever you choose make sure it feels right for BOTH of you. Start checking out other’s ads & maybe list yourselves. There are hundreds of local & national ad magazines & web sites. Screen your responses carefully & don’t be afraid to extend out the “safe” communication with others until you feel completely comfortable with them.

Another quite often overlooked tidbit of swinging etiquette is responding to the ones you’re not interested in. Many people don’t want to appear as cruel by saying “no thanks.” Trust me, nothing is more frustrating to swingers than those who don’t give the common courtesy to write or call back & just say “thanks, but your not quite what we are looking for.” Get used to the fact that your going to have to plow through hundreds, maybe thousands of ads before you find the right one, it’s a fact of life.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions that are important to you. If they are not willing to communicate with you & answer these questions they are probably not right for you. As you check out these ads & responses discuss what you liked & didn’t like about each one. You may go through a period of fine tuning what you are looking for by doing this.

Lastly make sure you know who you are dealing with when using online swinger web sites. There are thousands of single men out there that pose as a couple or single woman, start a dialog with a couple with the only intention of getting some free pictures. These are what’s know as picture collectors. Don’t ever send pictures of yourself to anyone you are not 100% sure of.

The same goes for meeting someone you meet online. Make sure your meeting is in a public place with lots of people around, just to be safe. Personally we always have at least one phone call with any potential partner before we meet and even then we plan all of our first meetings in a local club or restaurant.


well its a quiet day.

Well today is a quiet day.

So I’m just having a look around the web  see what news there is.

But before i get to that I do love a nice juicy pussy riding my cock

that was a good night hoping to meet up again soon.Its  so nice to meet up with a local couple.boy did she drain my balls that night

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Just getting a hardon thinking of the rematch.


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Its surprising what you can come across while on the scene. I was looking on facebook  for an old friend  who I used to have fun with in the past  but lost touch.Her name was for anominity is Miss Wicked Tits. well i found miss Wicked Tits on facebook sent frineds invite and was accepted. on chatting to Miss Wicked Tits it turns out that its not the right one. as there are a lot of people wiht the same fist and last name on there. But Miss Wicked Tits  spotted someone she know in my fiends  list and asked how well I know them. I told her we are good friends.

Later I was able to find the Right  Miss Wicked Tits. So from now on the correct  Miss wicked Tits will be number 2  and the first one I contacted will be number 1

So Im chatting away to Miss Wicked Tits(2)  catching up on all the news. when  my mutual friend with Miss Wicked Tits(1).   Misstress Fine Ass. Comes on-line and says hi to me.( the friend Miss WT(1) asked me about)

On chatting to Misstress Fine Ass  it turns out that  Miss Wicked Tits (1) is also on the  swing scene. So I have 2 people  near to me  both with same first  and last name  on the swing scene. How strange is that. Well soon Im meeting up with Miss Wicked Tits(2) to relive some fun times from the past yum yum and try out some new toys.hopefully not breaking the bed this time

Hopefully  will be catching up with Mistress Fine ass  for some fun sometime in the Newyear as its been a while  and she is so yummy.

If i get the chance  would love to meet up with Miss Wicked Tits(1)  for a drink.Or a bit of fun

So heres hoping for a good year next year meeting two  great pairs of wicked tits and having some fun with a Fine Ass .


on a side note  never yet had any fun with a redhead



Well I have not posted in a little while. work keeps getting in the way.well what happening my longtem  fuck buddy is totally fucking my brains out.So people say she can suck a gold ball down a hose pipe  more like a rugby ball.Toys ropes handcuffs she loves them all.I get a hard one when she just walks in the room.

Recently I met up with another young lady.Who seemed a little shy. but jesus once in the bedroom the sex monster appeared. Totally mad for sex I dont think there was a position we did not do and I think we made up a few of our  own.Ive never know a pussy get so wet without squirting. Both these ladies  must have been to the monster school of sex .they know what they like and the certainly know how to tease and please. I do love the revers cowgirl position watching my cosk slide in seeing those juicy pussy lips gripping the head of my cock and their juices running down my shaft on to my balls knowing they will also be licking my cock and balls sucking their juices of my hard cock.

My longtem FB   loves me to tie her up  rest her head over the side of the bed  and face fuck her mouth. This is one lady who can certainly deep throat. The more the better the more she gags the hornier and wetter she gets. Last time I did this to her I then rolled her  over  hands still all tied up.She raied her ass in the air begging me to fuck her. Her pussy lips all swollend and wet my cock sliding in very slowly teasing her. starting to slowly fuck her pausing every time my cock was about to come out just leaving her lips around my cock. slowly i build up speed  feeling her bucking against me  taking my cock deeper feeling her pussy grip my cock like a vice as she starts to cum  moad her head off  screaming “Oh fuck me Im cumming”then she will just collapse as she cums her boady shaking  all over.Then she just rolled he self over and sat astride me her hands still behind her back her pussy over my face as she started to suck my cock again  licking her juices off my hard cock and swollen balls.I know she likes to have her ass rimmed

So I tease her ass with my tongue as she is sucking my cock  with out using her hands or fingers. She loves to grind her pussy on my face.

I untie her hands  so she can be more free she then gets off the bed and bends over the bed and her hands pull he ass apart and begs me to fuck her tight ass. How could I resist a request. So  I slowly  slide my cock into her tight ass felling her push herself onto me. Then she pulls out one of her vibes and slides it into her wet cunt.

As Im fucking her tight ass and she is fucking her wet cunt with a vibe  I can feel her cumming again  she is shouting loud I a fuck her ass going into a frenzy. I can  feel the vide  vibrating inside her against my  cock.. she then  knows Im about to cum.she picks up the pace as she is also about to cum again.  Her hand fucking her wet cunt with her big vibe and  my cock pounding her ass and her slaming herself agains me  thes speed picks up  and shes begging me to cum in her ass nice and deep. which a do with such force  I thought I was going to blow the head of my cock off. She totally screams as she cums feeling my cum shoot inside her. I feel her ass gripping my cock draining every last drop of cum out of me. she then moves forward letting my cock slide out of her as and she then turns rounds   and gets on her knees  facing me and starts to suck my cock again  making sure she has every last drop of cum out of my cock . while she is still ramming the vibe into her soaking cunt.

Once the has ever last drop of my cum. She reaches into her toybox and brings out her butt plug and slides it deep into her ass . looing at me and saying “I dont want to loose a drop of your hot cum” .She then lays on the bed  on her back   knees bent legs apart. slowly pulling her lips apart showing me her wet pussy and starts to slide her fingers in  and start to fuck her self in front of me putting on a show for me telling me she wants to feel  my cock in her wet pussy and to feel my  cock shoot my cum deep inside her and how she want me to fill all 3 holes today with cum.


I will tell you the rest later

I will also tell you how my time with my new FB went ( got a hard on just thinking about it )


what a great pair of tits


what a night in doncaster

Well the other night I sent a message to a sexy looking lady on  Fab swingers. I got a lovely reply and after a little chatting. I got invited over to her place.

Well when I go there what a sexy surprise I had. She opend the door in  a black basque stockings and heels. After a nice drink I could not keep my hands to my self.

This was going to be one very horny evening I followed her to the bedroom  watching her lovely ass  infront of me and feeling the strain of my hard cock wanting to break free. She turned round and in no time had my hard cock out and sucking and licking it.

Taking my cock ball deep into her mouth this girl was a pro at deep throat. It was taking all my concetration not to  shoot my load down her throat. I wanted to suck those pierced hard nipples of hers and taste that wet pussy  of hers that I had got wet earlier with my fingers.

As i peeled her of my cock and laid her down on the bed her legs spread wide. Her lips dripping with pussy juice. I went down on her to taste her sweet pussy.

Her clit was pierced as well as as my tongue flicked over her clit she moaned with pleasure.

Slowly sliding my fingers inside her I soon hit the G spot  and had her moaning out  loud. She started bucking her hips.As I was bringing her close to orgasm.  I could feel her juices ruuning down my chin as I lick away at her clit my fingers working away. When she came it was loud and she was bucking all over the bedand she could not stop cumming . We moved around in to the 69 postion her sat on my face  rubbing her wet pussy on my face my tongue deep in her pussy.

When she grabbed my hard cock  and took it deep into her mouth in one movement. She began to facefuck herself on my cock

.All the time my tongue  is in her pussy my hands pulling  her ass apart. I slowly placed my thumb on her ass as started slowly working it inside her. she could feel my cock getting close to cumming  and with my cock deep in her mouth  she was moaning as loud as she could but it was being muffeld by my cock.My thumb was working her ass and my tongue wrking her pussy  which was on the verg of gushing  my face was covered in her juices.

As I came she pull my cock out of her mouth and gave herself a facial with my cum and also rubbed my cock on her lovely big tits.

While i came my tongue was buried in her pussy and my thumb deep in her ass. she began to suck my cock clean and lick my balls whilst she was rubbing my cum into her ample tits.

After a little while she began to suck my cock again in long slow strokes  I had my fingers deep in her pussy and every time she came I could feel her pussy grim my fingers.

I puller her to the edge of the bed with the legs high in the air wide open  he wet pussy with swollen lips was begging to be fucked.

Slowly I slid my cock in to her and boy was it wet and hot.I began to slowly fuck her building up speed her legs in the air letting me go deep inside her.

Her pussy was soaking  covering my balls as they slapped against her and running down over her tight ass making her cum several times her pussy gripping my cock tight every time I thought she would snap it off.

I slid my cock out of her pussy and started to lick it again  rubbing her juices over her ass making it nice and wet. With my cock hard a a rock  she raised her hip in the air offering me her ass to fuck.

With her holding her legs in the  air   wanting me to fuck her tight ass.

How could I refuse I slowly pushed my hard cock in to her tight ass as it went in she was moaning and groaning as she was comming again. slowly builing up speed fucking her tight ass her fingers playing with her pussy. She was fingerfucking herself as my cock was fucking her ass. she was making her self wetter by the minute her juices flowing over my cock  lubing it up as i fucked her ass.

At this point I could not hold back any more and I came deep in her ass. I could feel her ass grip me as she came again with her fingers buried  deep in her own pussy as she came my cock slammed in deep inside her shooting  every last bit of cum deep in her ass. I pulled my cock out of her now gaping ass covered in her pussy juice  she sat up and began to suck my cock again.

Thanking me for a great fuck ,Where it should be me thanking her for a great fuck.

I still have her address in my tomtom and her number in my phone.

she is def one horny sexy  loud moaning lady wiht great tits and a tight pussy and ass.

I am going to have her on her knees next time and face fuck her my self the moment I walk in the door even before it has time to close


both Sides of the fence

Before we get the comments I will make this clear .I am not a single male who is moaning cos I am not getting any thing ,Far from it.In this section I will be posting my view and thoughts on the swinging scene.

here we go.

Ive been on the scene for a while as a single guy and as a married couple.My wife also plays as a single I get to see things a guy and a couple and some of the people who make contact with my wife.

One of the annoying issues that gets to my wife is people who do not read profiles.this gets to me as well.If a profile states “no single males” why do guys fire of messages?

We see in the forums on many sites the people do not like one line messages.So why do people still send

“Hi love profile wanna fuck”

Or even worse they use txt speak

English may not be there first language but at least show some respect and send a decent message

if you dont fit that persons requirements why post only to get rejected.

Going to social Events

Ive been to a few but its still surprises me to see guys who turn up in jeans trainers and a football top.I know we all cant afford a top of the range suit . But a clean pair of pressed trousers or smart jeans and a shirt and clean shoes to the single guys out there.If your chatting to a couple DO NOT IGNORE THE HUSBAND If your thinking of having fun with them nothing winds me up more than the guy ignoring me

Im not sure what the ladies think.But I go by if they think you take pride in your appearance you will take pride in your performance.

The ladies take time in their appearance so come on guys make an effort .

Armchair swingers

If your not sure what I mean it the couple/single guy/female who is local
Nobody has ever seen them for real of ever had a reply back from them.But they have hundreds of friends in their profile.If they are online just to socialize via the web ie MSN etc please put it in your profile

If I see someone like this with no feedback or proof they are genuine I don’t even bother .I wish they would get off the swinger sites and go some where like face book.the ones who are even worse than this are the ones who do reply.but you never get to meet or waste your time by arranging a meet but never show up.

If your not looking to actually meet in person and have fun PUT IT IN YOUR PROFILE

Swinging to save marriage or cos your sex life is crap

how many couples are swinging to save their marriage?

marriage guidance

How many of you out there as couples have played with another couple and at the end of the night have come away with one of you thinkings WOW and the other thinking that was a waste of time. this is the couple who are on the scene because the sex is crap at home

ie either the man or woman is crap in bed. It pisses me off when after a night my wife has not had a good time because he is crap .So ladies if your old man is crap don’t pass him on to others.The same goes to the men as well we want to have as much fun as you.

Some time it gets worse. when the old man is crap and she has her First Orgasm in years he flips because his ego has been crushed. Its not our fault.Go down to the book store and get some sex manuals instead of the usual playboy and start reading and talking to your partner

This is not only my point of view its the same for many of our friends

Now I stand back waiting for the flames to start


hot tub update

well the gaet got off to a swing early. we where all stripping off  to jump in the hot tub. tonight there where 3 males including me and 2 ladies. Plenty to keep the ladies happy.

Underwater footsie wiht a lady sat eiach side of my. It was any ones guess who was playing with my hard cock.In one swift movement the hostess who was sat beside me  spun round and straddled me and impaled herself on my hard cock.The look in her eyes as my cock parted her lips and slid deeping side her.

With her riding me slowly feelmy my cock  slide nearly all the way out so just the head of my cock was keeping her lips apart then she  slid down on my cock  feeling its full lenght slide in deep. Her wet pussy gripping me hard. aver dovine this a few  times  It was hard not to cum with her pussy gripping me hard.With he tits  bobbing in the water fright infront  of my face. her nipple just poking out through the surface. I had to get my tougue around those wickedly hard nipples.

Slowsly she turned herself round on my cock to get in to the reverse cowgirl position she lent forwad taking me even deeper. with one had between her legs  she was playing with my balls .I was returning the favour by slowly stroking her clit with my fingers.

With my cock deep inside her tight wet pussy and her playing with my balls. she lent forward to take another guy in her mouth.With her slowly riding away on my cock and her being face fucked at the same time was an awsome sight and feeling. When she came  did she come her pussy gripped my cock that hard I though it was going to come out looking like a pencil.we then carried on haveing another spit roast wiht the other lady who was my partner for the evening. so during the events the ladies were spit roasted sever times taking each of us in their wet pussies and hot mouths.

At one point I stood up to get out to get a drink when both ladies latched on to my hard cock and proceeded to suck my cock and balls  both taking it in turns  and then snooging each other with my cock sandwiched between their lips.

At the end of the evening I went upstairs with the hostess to have some more naughty fun. I swear she was going to suck my balls through my cock. I then slowly laid her down on the corner of the bed her legs over my shoulders my cock slid slowly into her tight wet pussy. slowing fucking her building up a steady rhythm. watching her play with her bouncing tits  as she started to cum. I was slowly building up the pace to meet the demands of her pussy and body till she came. At the same time she felt my cock harden even more as I was about to cum her pussy gripping me hard as i came. Her legs wrapped around my waist  pulling me in deep filling her pussy.

On the way home I was still horny as hell still thinging about the nights events my partner for the night  feeling the same. So we pulled over down a dark country lane. I got out the car went round to the passenger side got her bent over  showing her fine ass to me.I pulled down her soaking wet knickers.I proceed to get my hard cock out. but it was difficult as it was staining against the buttons of my 501’s .I could see her fingers between her parted legs  sliding slowly into her wet and i mean WET pussy.As my cock  got close to her she reached back and guided my cock to slowly part her wet swollen lips then in one thrust  she slammed hadself backwards  on to my cock. taking me deep. I could feel her juices running down my cock and over my balls wich was  great as my  balls where swinging in the cool night breeze.As i pounded her pussy my hand pulling hard on her long dark  hair. pulling her head back as she met my thrusts forcing my cock deeper in to her when she felt my cock was ready to explode she was slamming her pussy on to my cock with such force i thought she was possesed.

We both came at the same time.I let out a loud moan at the same time as she did as she felt my cock explode inside her.As she collapsed foward onto  the seat sliding off my cock  I could see her juices had run down her thighs and my balls where covered in her juices.

What a great night

You cant beat the site of a wicked pair of boobs covered in baby oil then give then a nice pearl necklace

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