Its about me and what I find on the web plus some of my thoughts

both sides of the Fence

Before we get the comments I will make this clear .I am not a single male who is moaning cos I am not getting any thing ,Far from it.In this section I will be posting my view and thoughts on the swinging scene.

here we go.

Ive been on the scene for a while as a single guy and as a married couple.My wife also plays as a single I get to see things a guy and a couple and some of the people who make contact with my wife.

One of the annoying issues that gets to my wife is people who do not read profiles.this gets to me as well.If a profile states “no single males” why do guys fire of messages?

We see in the forums on many sites the people do not like one line messages.So why do people still send

“Hi love profile wanna fuck”

Or even worse they use txt speak

English may not be there first language but at least show some respect and send a decent message

if you dont fit that persons requirements why post only to get rejected.

Going to social Events

Ive been to a few but its still surprises me to see guys who turn up in jeans trainers and a football top.I know we all cant afford a top of the range suit . But a clean pair of pressed trousers or smart jeans and a shirt and clean shoes to the single guys out there.If your chatting to a couple DO NOT IGNORE THE HUSBAND If your thinking of having fun with them nothing winds me up more than the guy ignoring me

Im not sure what the ladies think.But I go by if they think you take pride in your appearance you will take pride in your performance.

The ladies take time in their appearance so come on guys make an effort .

Armchair swingers

If your not sure what I mean it the couple/single guy/female who is local
Nobody has ever seen them for real of ever had a reply back from them.But they have hundreds of friends in their profile.If they are online just to socialize via the web ie MSN etc please put it in your profile

If I see someone like this with no feedback or proof they are genuine I don’t even bother .I wish they would get of the swinger sites and go some where like face book.the ones who are even worse than this are the ones who do reply.but you never get to meet or waste your time by arranging a meet but never show up.

If your not looking to actually meet in person and have fun PUT IT IN YOUR PROFILE

Swinging to save marriage or cos your sex life is crap

how many couples are swinging to save their marriage?

Its not nice from my side when your with the lady and she is having a great time when the old man flips cos she is never like that at home.If you have issues go to see marriage guidance

How many of you out there as couples have played with another couple and at the end of the night have come away with one of you thinkings WOW and the other thinking that was a waste of time. this is the couple who are on the scene because the sex is crap at home

ie either the man or woman is crap in bed. It pisses me off when after a night my wife has not had a good time because he is crap .So ladies if your old man is crap don’t pass him on to others.The same goes to the men as well we want to have as much fun as you.

Some time it gets worse. when the old man is crap and she has her First Orgasm in years he flips because his ego has been crushed. Its not our fault.Go down to the book store and get some sex manuals instead of the usual playboy and start reading and talking to your partner

This is not only my point of view its the same for many of our friends



She was frustrated with her husband. She wanted to do more than just missionary but he refused. He was the ‘man’ so what he said was law. He was never like this before we got married. All of a sudden she had been subjected to this alpha male bullshit out of nowhere. Now She understood why they moved across the country. Just so She’d have nowhere to go or no one to lean on besides him. Well that wasn’t going to stop her from leaving anyhow if he doesn’t quit it..

Sitting in the coffee shop on a tall stool at the window facing the patio, she was aware of the guys at the table outside that was in front of her. Two were facing her way and a third had just left.

As they chatted she thought to herself how attractive they were. She wondered how it would be to have them take her and just use her as their fuck toy…

She also thought about how she wasn’t wearing underwear under her sundress. How surprised they’d be if she just opened her legs.

Her thoughts were getting her moist between her thighs. God! It’d be so hot to do something like that!

“I can tell what you’re thinking.” His whiskey voice said quietly into her ear. He was close enough that his breath tickled her neck, causing her to gasp. Goosebumps sprang up all over. The apex of her thighs was suddenly so much more sensitive.. And more moist.

She turned around and looked up.

He was a total stranger!

Deep green eyes knowingly gazed into hers from the masculine face of a man in a well fitting business suit. He was older than she was and exuded a physical sexuality that was impossible not to notice.

“Excuse me…?”

“You’re thighs were rubbing together, even now. You were biting your lower lip as you were watching those two gentlemen out there. Your hand was caressing your exposed neck. ” He had a hand on the back of her chair and another on the counter in front her. He was so close to her and somehow all she felt was excited. No fear, no alarm of this total ( -ly hot) stranger who was in her personal space…

“You were thinking of sex with either one, or both of them..”

All she could do was stare up at him. He moved in a little closer and his hand moved from the counter to her knee. (!!) ” Am I correct?”

Nodding was her only option since her voice failed her.

He added a bit of pressure to the inside of her knee, coaxing her to uncross her legs. They obeyed his command. She was vaguely aware of the guys at their table noticing the movement… Her eyes never leaving his.

“I can’t arrange that for you but i can help relieve some of your frustration.” His hand was sliding up under the skirt of her dress and up along the inside of her thigh. He had positioned himself to effectively shield his actions with this sweet sexy lady from the rest of the cafe inside but not so the boys outside could miss anything. They were glancing more and more often at what was going on.

It was like he owned her. She just let it happen. The higher he caressed, the more she opened her legs to allow him to go further. Her senses in overdrive, all too aware if what was happening and aware of the men outside now openly watching.

Kim thought she should be feeling violated, but she wanted this. It was entirely exciting and she was still thinking of being called ‘frigid’ so it was even more than just hot! It was revenge! Her pussy was starting to ooze juices down onto her skirt. His hand inexorably sliding higher up her thigh..

The gentlemen outside sat amazed at what was happening inside. Their conversation forgotten as more and more of her inner thighs were exposed to them. Rolex guy’s hand disappearing higher under the chick’s dress.

“Pull your skirt up higher my little sweet. Let them see.” He said to Kim and she complied with a sigh as his fingertips finally grazed her lips. She spread wider, pussy lips parting slightly as she slid her ass to the edge of the chair and leaned back against the seat back and the man who had her squirming with desire for more.

“No love. Keep your eyes open. Watch them watch you.” He whispered in her ear while his hand cupped her mound. She quietly groaned as her muff pushed up into his warm strong hand.

His middle finger teasingly ran up and down the vaginal crease. Kim’s outer lips were slick with her lust. Ring and index finger then spread her outer lips apart and his middle finger started lightly tapping on her swollen labia.

“Look at their faces my sweet. You have them enraptured. Can you imagine them taking turns lapping at your sweet moistness?” His finger stroking from Kim’s tight opening to the top of her pulsing clitoris.

“Ohhh…” Kim half sobbed under her sighing breath.

“See the effect you are having on them?” Slow stroking circles around and around his finger traced wetly over her sensitive slit.

Through half closed eyes, Kim looked down at the men’s crotches. Their pants were getting tighter over their hips. “Make eye contact wit them both. Let them know your desire. ”

Kim’s hips were now moving of their own accord.

“Look at them and tell them with your eyes how you would love nothing better than their hard cocks penetrating you deeply.” His middle finger has slid slowly down into her tight hole as he speaks. Kim whimpers as she stares at each of the men. Her face is flushed and her cunt is trying to fuck his finger and hump shamelessly against his palm.

“Yes, that’s it. Show them how you would fuck their cocks.” His finger slid out of Kim’s greedy hole and was joined by the ring finger as he rubbed and circled and stroked her engorged button. Kim wanted to cry out loud but as lost to her senses as she was, she still knew where she was..

The thought almost enough to make her cum right then!

The boys outside were very hard by now watching Rolex guy masturbate his slut. Fascinated by the sunlight glistening off of that hot cunt and slick ass. Seeing the wetness of the hand doing all that fucking. Her ‘come fuck me’ glazed eyes looking into theirs. Watching her hips buck faster as the guy’s hand worked her pussy. The look of control on the man’s amused face. They’d both have pulled out their rigid cocks right then if it had been night time..

“They want you so badly love. They wouldn’t hold back either. They would fuck you very hard and fast..” His two fingers slide hard and fast deep into Kim’s hot swollen canal. Palm rubbing at her clit. Kim feels his thick long fingers curl up toward her G spot and he begins to earnestly fuck her with his fingers and his whole hand. “Their hard cocks would take your holes regardless of your consent. You are driving them mad with lust right now! Look at them! How they hump the air and rub themselves through their pants!” His fingers hitting her Gspot hard time after time. Her insides tensing. Kim’s breath coming in gasps she desperately tries to keep quiet. Eyes blurring as she gets closer to losing it. Hips bucking quite visibly to anyone who might look her way.. Little wet sounds emanating from their corner for anyone to hear..

The highly aroused gentlemen watch Kim’s face with intensity. Waiting for it. Their peripheral taking ing everything else as she gets closer to the end of this exquisite performance.

“Their mouths water for the taste of your cum my love. Cum for them. Cum for me…” Whiskey voice in her ear. His other arm has come around Kim’s shoulders and his strong hand closes over her throat.

The effect along with his masterful fingers milking her inside and palm relentlessly teasing her whole slit sends Kim over the edge and with her hands on the seat, she pushes her hips up and out towards the men outside. Legs stiffly spread,head against her mystery lover’s chest Kim let’s out a low long moan as she suddenly explodes! She’s squirting a little bit of her orgasmic juices onto the window under the bar! Kim had NEVER squirted! Her clit is clenching in violent spasms as she has the strongest orgasm she’s ever had in her life!

Kim’s audience remain totally speechless. In awe they watch as she wets the window in front of them. They watch her face go through so many expressions as she rides the sensations that engulf her. Watch her body jolt and twitch with the strength of the orgasm. They watch her collapse back onto her seat and into her man’s chest as it leaves her.

“There’s a good girl. You performed very well.” The green eyed stranger tells her as he brings his sopping hand to her mouth. Kim obediently opens her mouth to suck his fingers clean one by one. “Perhaps if we meet again I shall take you farther sweet angel. Yes. I would rather enjoy taking you farther than this.” He caresses her face and gently kisses her temple as Kim pulls herself together. Quite aware of the soaked condition of the seat of her dress. Thankfully, it’s a pattern that hopefully hides the fairly large wet spot. She glances outside.

The gentlemen are both nodding their appreciation for the amazing show as they rise and leave to their cars.

Kim realizes she’s alone. Green eyes has also left.



As Jill soaked in the steamy bubble bath, melting away the effects of another long work week, her mind drifted, anticipating Trevor’s arrival home that night. God, but she needed fucked. They’d been married 8 months, and it was beginning to feel that long since she’d seen him, let alone had the pleasure of his big cock inside of her. In reality, it had been just over a week, but that still seemed an eternity to Jill, who would gladly have sex every day given the chance. That chance, however, hadn’t often presented itself of late. While Jill worked a standard 9 to 5 as a clerk at the local travel agency, Trevor worked the swing shift at a factory, courtesy of the promotion to supervisor he’d accepted just before the wedding, and with peak season underway, he’d also been putting in plenty of overtime. While neither of them were thrilled with the new hours, they couldn’t afford to pass up the extra pay, especially since he’d insisted she quit her second job at the dress boutique. “No wife of mine is going to have to work two jobs” he’d said. Plus, they were saving for a house. Preferably away from the city, but at this point, anything with its own roof would do. Their apartment was nice enough, but they were more than tired of worrying the ceiling might cave in when the teenage Thompson boys upstairs wrestled, wondering whether the Burfields below felt the same about them, and having their TV drowned out by the incessant shouts of the Millers arguing on one side of them (could they just split already?) and the endless inane telephone conversations of Bethany Carson and her mother (at least one of which was clearly insane) on the other. Not to mention, Jill could be quite a loud lover and always felt self-conscious and stifled in trying to keep this not equally well-known to those same annoying neighbors.

Closing her eyes, she sunk down further and languidly ran a hand over her body as she began to imagine the things she and Trevor would do when he got home. Maybe she’d even surprise him by putting that gorgeous cock of his down her throat. Although she enjoyed sex, a lot, she wasn’t very experimental. She loved having her pussy eaten (who doesn’t?), but never cared for giving blowjobs, and she wasn’t about to try anal (certainly not with her new husband’s giant dick). Still, when she did give him the pleasure of putting it in her mouth, she liked to challenge herself to see how far down she could take it, and as horny as she was now, she thought she just may pull off the impossible and deep throat the whole damn thing.

The sound of her phone chirping on her nightstand shook her from her reverie. He must be on his way, she thought, and pulled herself from the tub. Wrapping a towel around her lithe body, she headed toward the sink. She quickly brushed her teeth and rinsed with mouthwash, then ran her tongue seductively across her teeth to feel their smoothness. She knew her perfect smile was the thing that had attracted Trevor to her in the first place, and she admired it one more time before applying a small amount of balm to her freshly-shaved pussy and heading to the bedroom to check her message. It was from Trevor, but, disappointingly, did not signal his impending arrival. Apparently one of the 3rd Shift supervisors had called in sick, so Trevor was forced to work a double.

Jill was beyond frustrated. His text said he was sorry and he missed her, but that wasn’t really helpful to getting her laid. She dried off and began to contemplate whether, if guys could get “blue balls,” she was beginning to experience “blue clit.” Maybe Trevor would still feel up to it when he got home. Not likely after a 16-hour shift, but possible, especially since it had been over a week. And it was the weekend, at least. He was working another OT shift tomorrow, but he’d be off Sunday. Surely their dry spell would end then. She went ahead and slipped into the black camisole and thong she’d laid out in anticipation of tonight’s festivities, slipped into bed, flipped on the TV, and tried to push her desires from her mind.

Nothing on the television appealed to her, though she knew that might simply be due to her now foul mood. There was a new episode of their favorite show recorded, however. She expected to watch it with him that weekend, but, still upset by his taking another extra shift, she was tempted to watch it now just to spite him. Turning to her side, she hit “Play” and set the remote by the bed.

The show was set a time long ago, when men treated women more as property than people. While this was revolting to such a liberal girl as Jill, they both loved the politics and drama of the show presented and they found the sex scenes, which were frequent and often graphic, exhilarating. Besides, though she’d never admit it, a part of her did find something sexy about the thought of having a man control, even dominate, her.

The opening scene featured the town judge in a brothel, where he was being serviced by two voluptuous women. All three seemed to be enjoying the experience and, as the fire already within her loins raged harder, Jill began to reconsider her plan. Reaching for the remote, she found it had fallen on the floor, which was all the excuse she needed to keep watching. As the action intensified, Jill envied the curves of the two prostitutes on screen. Jill knew she was very attractive, but as a lifelong swimmer, her body was efficiently slender, her toned, athletic build simply not affording her tits that extra mass that would’ve made the guys stop to stare. As she pondered this, she realized her hand had absentmindedly wandered down to her own chest, and her nipples, prompted by her light touch and the visuals from the TV, were beginning to harden. Though they weren’t big, barely managing to fill her B-cup bras, her breasts were extremely sensitive and for that Jill was grateful. When Trevor stroked and pulled on her nipples just right, he could have her on the brink of orgasm before ever getting her pants off.

Knowing she had a good 8 hours before he would be home, and that even then he’d probably be too worn out to pleasure her, Jill decided she needed to take matters into her own hands. This was unusual for her, because she rarely touched herself. Not that she had anything against it. She just much preferred the feel of a cock inside her and, even before Trevor had entered the picture, she’d never lacked attention from the guys, so getting laid was much more the usual route to her orgasms. She got out of bed, turned off the TV (she hated the distraction-even when she and Trevor watched porn to warm up, she insisted on turning it off before getting down to business), and retrieved a fresh towel from the linen closet. She did turn on some music, in case any audio camouflage might be needed.

Returning to bed, she slipped under the covers and resumed lightly rubbing her breasts. Her sensitive nipples were already straining at the satiny fabric, the protrusions seemingly seeking even greater attention from their owner. Jill quickly obliged, using her right hand to maneuver her right tit out of her top, while her left hand continued to tenderly massage her left one through the cami. Pinching her right nipple between her thumb and index finger, Jill rolled the nub between them a few times, then gently pulled it, extending it as far as she could. This sent butterflies throughout her body, and she inadvertently let a small groan of satisfaction escape her. She silently admonished herself to be careful, then continued the manipulation of her right nipple, alternately twisting and pulling it while still squeezing her left breast. The stiffness she was feeling on that side told her that it was seeking the same attention, so she slipped the cami over her head and began to work diligently on both nipples, their extreme tautness attesting to the fact that she had worked herself into an almost instantaneous frenzy, and she had no doubt that, were she to continue like this, she could easily orgasm before long. In her sex-starved state, however, she was looking for something more before release.

Pulling her knees up and parting her legs slightly, she trailed her left hand from her breasts, down her tight abs, and lightly over her navel before settling over her mound. She rubbed her hand over it, very lightly at first, then with more pressure, enjoying the friction her lacy panties created against her. Soon, however, she found this minimal contact insufficient and brought her hand back up to her waistband, slipping it inside in search of her precious opening. She thrilled at the feel of her bare skin and this feeling only increased when her finger grazed her clit. Easy, she thought to herself. She was pretty sure this had already been her most intense solo experience (on those rare occasions when she’d masturbated, the goal was normally a quick get off, so she would start right in on her clit and keep her attentions focused there until she climaxed) and she wasn’t ready for it to end anytime soon.

Deciding her panties were a hindrance, she slid them off and cast them to the floor. While her legs were up in the air, she decided to admire them a bit. Long, lean, and sporting the slightest bronze of early summer tan, there wasn’t a guy she’d been with that hadn’t loved having them wrapped around him and, with a sly smile, she admitted to herself that she could see why. They weren’t her focus, though, so she didn’t waste much time running her hands back down them before seeking out her primary target.

Returning her left hand to her pussy, she cupped the smooth mound and applied medium pressure above her clit with her palm, while strumming her fingers across her lips. She could feel how wet she was already and decided to investigate further. Spreading her index and middle fingers apart, she rubbed the outer lips on either side. Enjoying the feel of that, she went further, putting her fingers back together and rubbing the lips. Going further still, she began to pull at her pussy lips. This drove her nearly as wild as pulling her nipples had and she suddenly became very anxious to work her clit. Switching to her right hand, she used her index and middle fingers to begin rubbing her hood. She again moaned out loud, scolding herself again to be careful, although she was sure it couldn’t have been heard over the music. Her clit emerged from the hood, seeking direct attention, and Jill’s fingers eagerly gave it, sending her to even greater heights. She was torn on what to do next. She was eager for a powerful orgasm to put her horniness to rest and the fire in her belly told her she was on the verge of just that. Still, she wanted, no, needed, fucked. Craving to be filled, she plunged two fingers of her left hand inside her cleft and began fucking them in and out of herself in time with the rubbing of her clit by her right hand. That was better, but still no comparison to the pounding of Trevor’s fat dick. Hoping to bridge the gap, she added a third finger to the mix, eliciting another lusty moan, this one a bit louder than either of the first two. Again, however, the relief provided was only temporary, and Jill found herself hungry for more. She was beginning to be out of her element though. She didn’t normally finger herself, and no guy had ever put more than three fingers in her. Heck, with his large hands, Trevor had never been able to get more than two in. Figuring hers were pretty thin, though, she decided to try to squeeze in one more. The addition of the fourth finger induced another loud groan. Rather than being mad at herself for that one, however, she smiled wickedly at the lewd realization that she was practically fisting herself.

Eager to finally experience her long overdue climax, she began rubbing her clit again in steady circles with her right hand. There was just one issue, however. While stuffing the better part of her left hand inside her pussy sated its desire to be filled, movement was awkward, so she was having a difficult time fucking herself the way she had been when she’d only had two fingers penetrating her.

Still wild with lust, but acknowledging that the earth-shattering orgasm she’d envisioned perhaps wasn’t in the cards, Jill somewhat reluctantly withdrew her hand from her sopping pussy and turned her attention back to just her clit, so as not to end this adventure completely unsatisfied. She couldn’t recall ever having been so desperate for release, or having missed Trevor so much. She didn’t recall his wedding vows including anything about working ungodly hours or making her wait days for sex.

This fleeting thought of him, and the wedding, triggered another thought, one that she never would have expected to occur. Her bachelorette party. It was nothing special. Her sister, a few close friends, the standard gags, and way too much to drink, but it was one of the gags that crossed her mind now. Her best friend Nikki had given her an outrageous dildo. “In case it doesn’t work out between you and Trevor” she teased “this should be enough dick to satisfy even a size queen like you.” Jill had never used a toy of any type before, nor was she expecting ever to start, certainly not with this thing, and certainly not when she had Trevor’s big, beautiful rod at her disposal. Of course, the realization stung her, that was not the case tonight. But where had she put that thing?

She hopped back out of bed to investigate. A quick search of her nightstand and closet turned up nothing, and she was in her panty drawer enough to know it wasn’t there either. Now glancing around the room, her gaze fell upon Trevor’s bureau. She suddenly remembered the last time she’d seen it. While gathering the laundry the weekend following the party, Trevor found it in her overnight bag. “Trying to replace me already?” he’d joked. She found it in his top drawer and quickly got back into bed.

As she held the dildo, her first sex toy, in her hand, she was both nervous and titillated. It was made from a rubbery, jelly-like material, measured 12 inches long and 2 inches wide, and was ribbed and veined to appear extraordinarily lifelike. Well, save for the bright red color and assuming you had someone in your life that was gifted with such spectacular size. She had to admit that even Trevor’s glorious spear probably didn’t measure up to this thing.

Jill wasn’t sure how well her pussy would be able to accommodate this new scarlet intruder, even in its current drenched state, so she slowly inserted the tip into her mouth. It had a slight chemical taste that she definitely found off-putting. Under normal circumstances, this likely would’ve ended the brief experiment with dildos, but she found a week without climax even more off-putting than the taste, so she continued. Mimicking what she would do to Trevor, she began to apply gentle suction to the head. Understanding that the purpose for this artificial blow job was not to give her man pleasure, however, but to sufficiently lube of this monster for her own lascivious use, she quickly worked it further into her mouth. The benefit of this was exponential, as not only did it moisten more of the toy, but the deeper oral penetration stimulated more saliva, which in turn made the dildo even slicker. Maybe by practicing on this, I could get good enough to deep throat Trevor. Boy, would he be pleasantly surprised by that! she thought. Again, though, tonight’s goal was satisfying her starving cunt, which wasn’t going to happen as long as this thing was in her mouth. Satisfied that she had several inches of the toy sufficiently lubricated, she withdrew it from her mouth and laid back in preparation for the main event.

She held the shaft with her left hand and used her right to place the tip at her hungry opening. She guided it between her wet folds and began to insert it, slowly. She thought she might faint as she felt the head firmly push her open. This was exactly (well, almost exactly) what she’d craved and she recognized immediately that this joke gift was going to give her the most serious orgasm of her life. She continued steadily as she felt the shaft enter her, and marveled at the feeling she got from her tight fuckhole gripping it as it opened her up inch by inch. She easily accommodated the first seven inches and had to slow only slightly to get the 8th and 9th inside. After all, she was used to fucking Trevor (or had been before this God-forsaken week) and he measured 9 inches easily. Not to mention, despite the interruptions and frustrations, her solo festivities to this point had her more than primed.

Comfortable that she’d now matched what Trevor would be giving her, she decided giving it to herself would be a good next step before proceeding to take more of it inside. She began thrusting it in and out of herself. She started slowly, to get used to both the feel of a fake penis and the machinations of having to insert it herself, but she quickly found a steady rhythm, sawing 6-8 inches of the toy in and out of herself with each stroke. The width gave Jill a gratified feeling, even on the shorter strokes, and she soon began to pant and moan.

Satisfied she had the swing of it, and with the sight of this foot-long red beast now glistening with the copious juices oozing from her sex turning her on even more, Jill decided to up the stakes. She decided to completely withdraw the toy on each backstroke before plunging it back in, so she could feel her entire pussy stretched back open with each thrust. Over and over she felt her cleft pierced with hammer force as her new best friend tried to nestle deeper into her folds and she imagined she could feel every contour and vein as her honeypot squeezed down on it in an effort to keep it from escaping her again.

Knowing her pussy now flowed like a faucet, Jill determined to fill herself even further. With another loud groan that she now ignored, she sunk the toy in deeper than it had been previously, and probably deeper than any man had penetrated her either. Once enough of what had been virgin territory was pried open that she was forced to an abrupt stop, she looked down at her hairless sex and saw that less than two inches of the toy remained outside her. She waited another brief moment, then, still holding the base of the toy firmly in her left hand, began rubbing her clit again with her right hand. This started her juices frothing again in no time, and she immediately forced another inch of toy inside herself. After taking another moment to adjust to a new unfamiliar level of fullness, she felt comfortable enough to again begin thrusting. Now feverishly bucking her hips as she fucked herself with 9-10 inches of the toy, Jill knew the climax she’d wantonly sought would be forthcoming soon.

Paradoxically, though, now that it was so close, she wished it wasn’t. She was enjoying the action too much to want it to end. Plus, she now wanted to see if she could take all 12 inches of the red demon. She slowed her ministrations on her clit and began to focus on just the insertion. She didn’t think she could afford to withdraw completely now, for fear her fuckhole would vacuum shut, but she continued thrusting, hard, pulling as far out out as she dared and pushing it a little deeper with each turn. Whereas before she took the toy down by inches, it now seemed that the extra penetration was happening millimeter by agonizing millimeter. Finally, she felt her fingertips graze her lips and knew she must have the entire length inside her. She thrust her hips up so she could see herself in her vanity at the foot of the bed. The sight of her bald pussy leaking creamy juices on either side of the 12 inches of dildo splitting her open like never before was too much to take, and she knew she had to bring the session to an end.

Redoubling her efforts on her clit, Jill drew the toy back one last time until it nearly slipped out, then slammed it all the way back home in one forceful stroke, pushing her over the edge. She cried out without reservation as the first crest of her orgasm approached, didn’t let up even as the second, third and fourth hit her, and continued moaning lustily as the fifth and sixth waves finished her off. I should’ve known better than to think I could keep quiet, she thought, it’s been so long since I’ve come. Especially that hard, she chuckled to herself. With that, she licked her juices from the toy, wiped herself down with the towel and rolled over to go to sleep. After all, Trevor would be home in a few hours.


sharing it

Cassandra stepped up behind Eric, rubbing her big breasts into his back. Cassandra loved to act sexy around her friends. She and Devin were married, but their friends were not. Of course, that didn’t matter. She just loved teasing, though it had never gone further than that.

“Hey, big boy, wanna play around?” she asked teasingly as her hands wrapped around him and slid from his chest to his stomach.

“Always ready,” he answered, laughing at her innocent playfulness.

“Oooohhh, I’ll just bet you are!” she answered, trying to sound sexy, looking over at the others while she bent her knees and slid down his body. Suggestively, she wiggled her hips, which Eric, of course, couldn’t see. But it made her breasts rub back and forth over his back as she bent down. Her fingers spread out as they descended down the outside of his waist and legs.

“We can find out if you’re always ready, big boy,” she teased. To demonstrate, she moved her hands around to the front of his legs as if to search out evidence of an erection.

Others were laughing at her antics, some egging her on. As she wiggled around and let her hands roam, suddenly she gasped and stopped moving.

“Oh, shit!” she blurted out, startled. She held her hands slightly off of Eric’s legs, frozen in space.

“Shit, Eric, I… I’m sorry. I…” Cassandra was for once fumbling for words.

She struggled to calm herself. “Holy shit!” she said, finding her voice again while her hands again splayed themselves out on his pants. Her fingers were moving slightly, in place. Everyone was waiting, and wondering what exactly was happening.

“Fuck, Eric,” Cassandra, her voice normal now except perhaps a bit huskier. “I never knew you were so big!”

Some knew what she meant and their eyes immediately went to Eric’s crotch, while the others took a few seconds to realize it.

Cassandra was squeezing the lump in Eric’s pants, softly, as if trying to judge the size of it. Everyone stepped or leaned in closer to see the bulge even better.

Allie and Kristin both made a comment, asking how it felt.

“It is so hard. Thick. Wow! Thick!” Cassandra seemed awestruck.

Kristin giggled knowingly, saying, “You should see it!”

Cassandra’s head spun to look at her. “Really? You wouldn’t mind?”

Kristin hadn’t meant that as an offer to actually see her guy’s dick, but she couldn’t back down now. Besides, although she hadn’t planned it, she didn’t mind it, either. She kind of liked the idea of her friends seeing what she got to have inside her on a regular basis.

“No,” Kristin answered, though her voice sounded much weaker than she expected. “Go ahead if you want.”

Cassandra never even glanced at her husband but wasted little time in finding the pull on Eric’s fly, tugging it down. Then she moved back up to his belt and unfastened that. When she undid his snap, she held the two sides of his pants out away from his body. She was teasing everyone again, waiting for the suspense to build, then all at once let her hands fall, bringing the pants with them and letting them fall to the floor. The thin cloth of his shorts could scarcely contain the bulge that was now the focus of everyone there. Cassandra had moved slightly to the side so that she could see around Eric to his dick.

Cassandra wrapped her hand around the covered shaft for a moment, making Eric gasp, then quickly grabbed the waistband and pulled them down in one fairly swift motion. Allie had been trying to withhold any sounds, but she emitted a loud gasp at the first look at Eric’s naked prick.

Cassandra gazed at it from only inches away, and a quiet “Fuuuuck” came out of her mouth.

Eric stood there motionless, his erection straining away from his body. The length of it was certainly impressive, but it was the thickness of it that was so surprising. It was the thickest dick that any of them had seen.

Eric seemed to be partly embarrassed, partly proud. He didn’t move, but finally he spoke softly to Cassandra.

“Touch it,” he said, barely able to speak.

Cassandra looked up at him, then quickly towards Kristin.

“Awwww, touch it,” he repeated, as if in agony.

Kristin, still smiling, gently nodded at Cassandra, who then turned toward Eric – or, rather, his penis – reaching out and wrapping her hand around the shaft as far as it would reach. A gasp came from everyone but Kristin at the touch, the loudest being Eric, as the built-up tension was relieved.

“How thick is this thing?” asked Cassandra. “My heavens!”

“It does feel a lot like heaven when it’s inside,” Kristin said, sending laughter throughout the room.

“Oh, hell, I’ll bet so,” answered Cassandra, moving in closer. She moved her head and placed a kiss on the tip of his dick, bringing a groan from everyone. Suddenly she whipped her head around towards Kristin again, remembering it was her guy’s dick she was kissing.

“Sorry,” Cassandra said quietly.

“It’s okay,” Kristin told her, still that same proud smile on her face.

“Really?” Cassandra asked.

Kristin nodded slowly. Not really giving her permission to go further, but Cassandra seemed to take it as such. She turned back to the dick, stared at it for a moment, then placed her lips around the head. Eric hissed air into his lungs as he felt her wet lips encircle his head. Taking a moment to adjust to it’s size, she let more of it slip slowly into her mouth.

It was an incredible sight. Nothing like this had ever taken place in this group of friends. Noone could take their eyes off of this sudden turn of events, except for a quick glance at Kristin to see how she was reacting. Cassandra was slowly moving her mouth back and forth over maybe three inches of the shaft. It seemed that was about all she could take, but she eventually worked further down another couple inches. Finally she pulled off completely, working her jaw as if it needed a rest.

She got a small round of applause from the room for her performance, and she told Eric to lay down. She nodded toward a leather reclining chair, which had a separate leather stool. Eric backed up a step and sat on the stool, then lay back onto the chair. He was sloping slightly upward this way, while his shaft towered obscenely skyward. This seemed to bring a different visual, and made Cassandra stop and look.

“Oh my God!” she said. “How good would that be to fuck!”

Cassandra just stared for another moment until hearing Kristin say, “Go ahead.” The situation had definitely gotten out of hand.

This time Cassandra turned slowly toward Kristin, but didn’t say a word. She certainly had lust written all over her face.

Kristin looked back at her, holding her gaze for a moment, then said, “I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

Cassandra turned back to the shaft seeming to tower over the room. She had not once even glanced at Devin, much as Eric’s opinion was never asked. She grasped the dick again and held it. She seemed to be contemplating something. To blow or to fuck, perhaps?

Finally Cassandra said, “Oh, shiiit!,” as she raised herself up, having decided that she needed to feel that thing inside her. She placed one leg on each side of Eric’s leg, reaching under her skirt to pull her panties out of the way.

“Wait,” came a voice out of the blue. It took a moment to place the male voice, until all eyes fell on Devin. He was stepping towards his wife, and all quickly assumed that he had had enough and was putting a stop to it.

Everyone seemed a little surprised and greatly relieved to see what he was doing. He was finally putting an end to a crazy situation. But they were all surprised when he reached around his wife to unfasten her skirt and let it fall to the ground.

Devin looked at Cassandra and said, “I think we all want to see everything, Hon.” And with that he took hold of her panties and pulled them down, exposing his wife to the room. In addition, he placed his hand on her pussy, cupping it tenderly and letting a finger find its way into her pussy. He wiggled it around and plunged it in, touching a precious spot that made Cassandra squeal and shiver.

“Oh, yeah, she’s wet!” He told everyone, then backed away while they all giggled nervously.

The laughter lasted only a moment as all attention went back to the towering shaft of flesh on the stool, now pointing up at a naked pussy displayed to the entire room. With her legs on either side of his, Cassandra stepped up, positioning herself directly over the cock that she now held. Spreading her legs more, she held the dick steady while she lowered herself, letting Eric’s cock head push into her folds. She stopped. With both hands she reached down and spread her pussy lips open as far as she could, settling the cock head in between.

Everyone leaned forward once again, getting the best view they could of what was happening. Her pussy was shaved, so it was easy to see the dick pushing in and the pussy lips spreading to make room for it. She lowered herself slowly, a little at a time, then raising up again before trying another inch. When he was about halfway inside her, she leaned forward, putting her hands on his shoulders for support, and kept moving her hips to work it in further.

During this time Cassandra was moaning. It sounded at times like she was saying something, but it was only understandable as moans. After she leaned over into Eric’s body, he raised his hands to her breasts, holding them for only a moment until he began to pull her blouse up, along with her bra, uncovering her large breasts. They hung down, allowing Eric to play with them and her nipples, adding to the excitement for them and everyone. Devin actually came over to pull the rest of her clothes off over her head. He was really enjoying his wife getting fucked in front of him – and in front of all.

Eric just laid there while Cassandra was moving up and down on his cock, though he was obviously enjoying himself. Everyone could see his cock easing in and out of her pussy. Her lips were pushed inward on every down stroke, disappearing from sight as his cock forced its way in. When it came out her lips came with it, extending away from her body as far as they could stretch, clinging to the sides of his shaft. It was a testament to how tight was the channel his dick had to travel.

Cassandra’s movements were slow. No feverish fucking for her. But then, after several minutes of slow fucking driving everyone crazy, she began to speed up. Not fast, but quicker, shallower strokes, accompanied by high pitched squeals. She was close to an orgasm.

When it hit she thrust one time, perhaps hitting her best spot, and held it there, squealing loudly now as she let loose. Her body shook all over. Her arms were no longer able to hold herself up, and she collapsed head first onto Eric. Her hips remained fairly still for a longer time, but gradually lowered further onto the cock. Each movement on his shaft brought her to another mini orgasm. She raised her hips slightly and then lowered them, moving the cock inside her stretched out pussy, over and over, each time sending a thrill through her body, the ripples of them being seen by all.

Before she was even done with her after shocks, Cassandra pushed her upper body off of Eric. But when she raised up, her lower body took all the weight. This caused her hips to push down, Eric’s cock to move deeper into her pussy, and Cassandra to moan “Oh, Fuck!” as she felt the unexpected intrusion.

She was in a hurry to get off Eric and try to regain some dignity. She was just now realizing that she had just fucked her friend’s boyfriend, and in front of all these other friends. She began feeling very self-conscious for that and for the show that she must have put on. But as she rolled onto the floor, beginning to think how she should hide her naked body from everyone, she couldn’t help but feel the tingles and excitement of that well-fucked feeling.

When Cassandra rolled off Eric, his tall, thick shaft got more attention than Cassandra’s nakedness. It looked huge. Longer and thicker than ever, and now covered with a moist sheen from Cassandra’s pussy juices. Allie moved over closer to it, as if in a trance.

“Dammit, I have to have that in me!” she stated, staring right at his cock.

She had already removed her panties, as she had been playing with herself while watching Cassandra. Almost as an afterthought she looked over at Kristin, begging with her eyes for permission to fuck her boyfriend.

Kristin nodded her approval slowly, but her eyes widened and she barely smiled. She was concerned that Allie could not take her guy’s thick shaft into her small pussy. But that was her decision. Allie was barely over five feet tall, and dainty in every way. Each person there must have wondered if a cock as thick as his would rip her wide open.

As with Cassandra, Allie didn’t seem to care if her boyfriend or Devin approved of this. If Kristin was okay with it, that was all that mattered. Others looked at Ryan, however, to see if he was willing to have his girl put on a naked sex show as Cassandra had done. Also, to put it bluntly, to see if he was okay with his little, skinny girlfriend getting impaled by this monster cock.

Ryan showed how he felt as soon as Kristin had nodded her permission. In the spirit of what Devin had done, he stepped up to Allie and kissed her, while reaching behind her to undo her bra. As his lips pulled away he pulled her top and bra from her body, leaving her topless. Then her reached down and pulled her skirt down, letting it fall in a puddle at her feet. She was now completely exposed to the crowd, her petite little figure drawing admiration from everyone, but also some anxiety. Would that huge shaft that had just filled Cassandra’s pussy so completely rip this little one apart?

Allie’s little tits barely moved as she crawled the last couple feet towards Eric. Her tits really weren’t very little, except compared to Cassandra’s. It’s just that they were so round and perfect. They were half globes, perfectly round and firm, no sag whatsoever, with the cutest little nipples seated in the exact center. They were, simply, perfection.

Her pussy, however, was another matter. Oh, it looked perfect as well. Totally shaved and exposed, it looked like a little girl’s instead of a woman’s. Her pussy lips were small and thin, tightly closed to keep her vagina safe. Allie had been playing with her pussy, and even now had at least one finger moving inside her. But even with that and the juices that were obvious, her pussy hardly looked ready. But she was determined.

Allie took hold of the shaft with both hands, pausing to examine the size and shape of this prick with her eyes as well as her hands. She moved it around to see and feel it, perhaps determining if she truly wanted to fuck it. After a short time of doing this she appeared ready, and started to stand up to take her position when she was stopped.

“Wait a second.” It was Eric.

All eyes were now on Eric, wondering what he needed, or if he was going to stop the ruination of Allie’s little pussy.

Eric continued. “Cassandra sucked me off some before we fucked. Why don’t you do that?”

Allie paused, still holding his shaft with two hands. She looked at it. It was wet. Slick. Slimy. She knew that it was Cassandra’s pussy juices on it. Cassandra had an amazing orgasm while this cock was inside her. It was coated with her pussy.

Everyone else was having the same thoughts, and waiting to see if Allie would, basically, suck Cassandra’s pussy juices. But they didn’t have to wait long.

Allie returned to her knees and bent over Eric’s dick, licking the length of it with long, slow, sensuous strokes. She ended each stroke with her tongue swirling around his cock head and slurping loudly all the accumulated juices she could find. It was almost more sexually exciting than the actual fucking.

When she had cleaned his cock of all the juices, Allie placed the head to her closed lips, allowing her lips to open slowly and ease the cock between them. Gradually the cock entered Allie’s mouth. After the head disappeared she kept going until a couple inches of the shaft was inside her little mouth. As she eased those inches in and nearly out of her mouth, it was exciting to see her cheek bulge out as Eric’s cock pushed it from the inside.

As she sucked and fucked the first few inches of his cock, her hands were busy on the rest of the shaft, slowly stroking up and down while using a twisting motion just for fun. She had Eric moaning, and impressed.

Allie had such a small waist, but nice flaring hips that led to the cutest heart-shaped ass. As she continued to work Eric’s cock, her hips and ass moved back and forth with her motion, making the guys – and, yes, the girls – split their attention between the sensuous motion of her perfect ass and the excellent blowjob Eric was getting.

Allie must have had a double jointed jaw, as her mouth was so widely open to take the cock inside her. She was almost unrecognizable as her lips were stretched so much to fit over the thick shaft. But this bug-eyed little vixen kept at it, almost unbelievably stretched out to accommodate the girth of this cock, until she thought Eric might be getting too excited.

There was so much to look at with this compact little dynamo that everyone felt disappointed when she stopped working him over, even though they all knew that the next step was to see Eric’s thick shaft pummel her little pussy. They would have been more than satisfied to spend the night watching that sweet ass swaying back and forth, those perky titties hanging from her chest without giving up their shape, and the incredible blowjob that had her mouth and cheeks so stuffed full of cock. But more was to come.

When Allie stopped, she paused to take a long look at Eric, and was pleased to see that he was driven to the brink. He looked used. Tense. Needy. Indeed, he was all those things. Cassandra had certainly contributed to his state of arousal, but Allie liked to think that she had gotten him to where he was now. Ryan, experienced with her abilities, had no doubt of this.

Allie stood, straddling Eric’s legs, her bare, sopping wet pussy poised just above him. Like a good tease, she held that position for a moment, drawing out the anticipation. In truth, she was contemplating what was about to happen. She knew what was about to happen. She had seen Cassandra needing to work in order to accept this thick hunk of meat into her, and Allie was much smaller. Yes, Allie thought, she had taken large and thick dicks before, but never this size. And it had been a long time ago. Although Ryan fucked her hard and well, he was at best of average size. She was not used to a big cock, not since they had started dating two years ago. She just hoped that his energetic fucking and desire for many positions had sufficiently reamed her out enough so that she could take Eric’s oversized cock. She and all her friends were about to find out.

Allie positioned the cock with her hands and lowered her body down. She and Eric both exhaled loudly as his cock head pushed between her pussy lips. This was the much anticipated time they had been working toward. But as sopping wet as her pussy was, she felt her lips being pulled and almost stuck to the thick shaft. Of course she knew this would happen, and wasn’t ready to have him enter her yet. Eric had been anxious and was pushing his hips upward, hoping to get himself into her smooth, velvety channel. This night was nearly more than he could bear.

Allie raised herself up slightly so that Eric could not enter her too soon. She moved the head of his penis up and down her slit, coating his dick with her juices. She squealed out “AHHH” when she hit her clit with his cock, so naturally she had to do that a few more times. She was so close to an orgasm. She let his cock go momentarily and took hold of her skin on either side of her pussy lips, pulling them apart as far as she could. Then she lowered herself slightly to allow the head of Devin’s cock to insert itself between them. She wiggled her hips to screw his head deeper into her, without pulling her lips in with it. When the cock was firmly seated, she began a rocking motion, allowing it to slip a bit deeper, while she still held her lips away from the shaft.

When she had done as much of this as she could, she slowly pulled her fingers away from her pussy. But on the way one of her fingers pushed hard onto her clit. A tremendous jolt shot through her body, and she moaned loudly. Her finger automatically pushed her clit again, then rubbed it, hard, back and forth, until she was lost in a screaming orgasm, writhing on top of Eric’s shaft.

When she recovered she found that the cock had sunk a couple inches deeper inside of her. And she wanted more. She began pushing down onto it, forcing it little by little into her pussy. As she raised up and down the crowd again did not know whether to watch her perfect little ass wiggling around, or the thick meat forcing her pussy lips apart. Allie had not totally come down from her orgasm, but she was working on another. Or perhaps she was having many little ones. Or one long, long one. She wasn’t sure what her body was doing to her, but she knew that she had to keep doing this to her body. It was a wonderful feeling.

The deeper his cock sank into her the more electric jolts she was feeling. There was pain, yes. Her insides felt like they were being torn apart. But there was so much pleasure, and the pain just seemed to add to that. Allie was no longer being very rational. Her thought process was not working. She was going now on raw sexual instinct. Her pussy needed that cock in her, as much of it as there was, as deep as it could go. She had a sensation of fullness, like her stomach was overloaded with food. This cock could come out her throat for all she cared. She needed it. All of it.

Everyone else watched with both surprise and admiration as Allie kept taking more and more of Eric’s cock inside her. Eric, too, was past rational thought. He needed release after all of this fucking, sucking, and teasing. His cock was heading for release. His hips were trying to pound up into Allie as much as they could. The couple had gotten into a rhythm, with her squating down and him pounding up. To the amazement of all, it seemed that his cock was firmly inside her. Repeatedly. And after their groins smashed against each other a few times, Eric raised up and stayed up, letting out a fierce growl as his long awaited orgasm hit.

On top of him, Allie felt his cock swell and unload, bathing her insides with cum. He held his body as high as could for a shot of cum, then lowered and pounded back up, cramming himself as deep as he could inside her as he unleashed another stream of cum in her pussy. He did this three, maybe four times, but truthfully she didn’t know. After the second shot, Allie herself unleashed, cumming hard around his shaft.

She let loose a torrent of incoherent screaming as her orgasm completely took over her body. She raised up, she bent her body back, then forward quickly, nearly falling onto Eric before she caught herself. She did then collapse on top of him, still moving her hips a bit as her pussy continued to spasm. A few times Eric would shove his hips up as he ejected another little spurt of cum, until he was doing it with no cum left.

They both lay there like that, everyone admiring the show they had just seen as well as the ass bent over for their viewing pleasure. Eric’s cock was still inside Allie, as all could see as well. It was a moment none of them would ever forget. That was especially true of Eric and Allie, though things were a bit hazy for Allie at the moment. She lay still, on top of Eric, her mind realizing that she was naked on top of him, her friends staring as much as they liked at her in perhaps her most intimate condition.

It wasn’t as if she didn’t care. She just didn’t seem able to move. Eric also seemed totally spent, satisfied to be still while he got a little strength back his limbs. His dick still felt good inside the smooth, warm channel of Allie’s vagina.

Allie could feel him shrinking inside her – if that’s what you want to call it. Even though she could feel him getting smaller, she felt completely full. Her pussy was stuffed, as she normally felt, even though he had shrunk a fair amount by now. Holy hell, she had never felt anything like that. She was just hoping that there was no blood. No damage. But that would have to wait. She could not move for now.

Finally Ryan came over to the couple, still locked together. He placed his arms around Allie’s waist and pulled her up. lifting his girlfriend up and off of another man’s cock. Even though Eric was going soft, Ryan noticed how high he had to lift his girl before he heard the faint plop of Eric’s dick falling out of her pussy. It gave him a very weird feeling that he knew he would not understand for a while. He rolled Allie off her lover and carried her over to the couch, where her held her in his lap, cuddling. She was completely naked, mostly exposed, and didn’t care one bit.

After Allie was lifted off him, Eric began to get up. His dick was mostly laying down now, having lost most of its stiffness. Kristin came over to him, cradling him in her arms, asking him how he liked what had just happened. A silly question, as both of them knew. They just laughed, and kissed. A kiss that turned into a deep, wet, tongue-swapping, passionate, minutes-long kiss. By the time they came up for air their hands had been all over each other.

Kristin announced to the room that they could do whatever they wanted, but she and Eric were going into the bedroom, because she needed to be fucked. She had no doubt that Eric would be ready for another round very soon.

Kristin didn’t need to wonder what the other couples would do. Devin’s dick had been sticking through his fly for quite a while now, as he played with himself during the end of Allie’s session, though noone had noticed. Now it was time to get serious. Cassandra didn’t feel like fucking again right now, but she was giving him head before Kristin and Eric had started to kiss. In fact, Devin was so turned on that he came almost before the other couple had left the room.

Ryan, too, had been very turned on. Having seen one girl fucking Eric, then his own girl being ravaged by him (or was it the other way around?) he had almost cum from simply watching. Now that Allie had recovered, except the soreness in her pussy, she was giving Ryan one helluva blow job. It, of course, was most remarkable for the short time it took for him to cum. It had been an evening to never forget.

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