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swingers FAQ

1. What is swinging?

Swinging is where to or more couples agree to get together for the express purpose of engaging in an intimate or sexual relationship with a partner or partners other than their own.

2. Who are swingers?

Swingers is defined as a form of recreational social and sexual intercourse between consenting adults. Swingers commonly consisting of male/female couples meeting with other male/female couples for sex and ongoing intimate.

3. When did swinging begin?

The history of swinging began in the early 1950’s. During that time the only way to meet other swingers was through personal ads in the newspapers. Today individuals and couples who are interested in the swinging lifestyle can go to internet, clubs, or organization that specializes in this type of sexual expression.

4. What are the benefits of being a swinger?

The benefits of being a swinger are:

  • Get to explore their sexuality and sensuality in new ways that they find are not easily to accept in traditional communities.
  • It a good way for bi-curious women and men to explore their potential bisexuality without becoming involved in the lesbian or gay community where many feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.
  • Swinging allows both men and women the opportunity to reject monogamy.
  • Individuals can also explore and learn lots more about their sexual interests.
  • Swinging can enhance a relationship and the commitment involved in the couple’s relationship.
  • Becoming a swinger allows you to make many new friends.

5. What is a swinger life style?

A swinger lifestyle is free from a world of frustration and lost loves. The swinger’s lifestyle is simple that gives and receive pleasure.

6. What are the common types of swinger lifestyles?

Soft Swinging, Closed Swinging and Open Swinging

7. Do swingers have rules?

No, there are no set rules in becoming a swinger or entering a swinger lifestyle.

It suggested that you and your partner first agree in engagement of such activity. Any rules or restrictions should be set by you and your partner together. It is suggested that at the very least you and your partner should have a little history together and familiarity with each others’ emotional needs. It is believe that this helps with approaching other couples who are in a swinger lifestyle.

The general rule of thumb is that swinging works best when couples view swinging as an enhancement to their existing sexual relationship, rather than to replace a fail one.


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