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Swinging the Lifestyle

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If your looking for a Lifestyle friendly holliday have a look here

Some people cant understand or want to understand what Swinging is all about.I am not looking to preach or convert the Vanillas  of this world as its each to their own. But the swinging life stlye is more open  and less boundries.You will meet people from all levels of society.

A good majority of people into swinging are couples but you also get singles.Why do you ask  well a few couples part of their fantasy is to see the other half with some one esle be that a male or female. Or just to add a 3rd part to the mix to make up a 3-some. Every one could be straight or may  be a mix of straight and Bi  tastes.Everyone is different.If you think you can come up with all the different combinations they your wrong as the mix and tastes are only limited to your own imagination.

So what happens  well I will give you a basic rundown  on how things work.

So if you and your partner have decided to try swinging. Sit down and talk about what your looking for and remember thew golden rule No means No. you are doing it together for fun  so at the end of the night you both are to have fun.if one person is not intrested in the other  then dont go ahead never feel you have to.

You join a swinging site there are a few to choose from

Make contact with someone you like. You will get a few rejections as this is a 2way thing.

Once contact has been made  you can just arrange to meet or discuss things further eihter by Email or MSN which seems popular. More often the first meet is usually a social meet often in a pub or bar  just to see each other face to face and see how you get on.You might all hit is of and either head to a hotel or back you your or their place for sex. Just remember their are 4 of you so if one of you is not happy or intrested  dont go ahead or push it further.Aslo safe sex is a must  so remember the condoms.Often at the end of the night  you will go you seperate ways and discuss wiht each other and contact the other party to either  say No we wont be taking this further.or we would love to meet up again for some fun.

The other way is to go to a swingers club their are a few around. you meet in the bar  chat hit it off and go to one of the play rooms.Most clubs have private play rooms just so the 4 of you can play and they have general rooms  where evey one is in there together. If you are in a general play room  you may be approached by others  but if you say no  they  will  move away its all about good sex and respect.

When you put a profile on a site put up what your looking for and what you like  as well as what you dont like.Have a look at a few profiles to get an idea

As said before you you both want sex then  going to meet a couple whos Husband ony want to sit back and watch  then their are not for you unless your wife is bi and will also play with the lady.

one of the other twists you may come across is a couple who might also play as singles where he/she mihgt meet other singles or couples for fun and sometimes the other half like to hear all the blow by blow details afterwards. Like i said  if you think you know all the combinations  you will come acoss something  you not think of .

If your worried that you might come across someone you know  they will be thinking the same.Well the golden unwritten rule is you dont say anything about it  to them in public.I have actually come across my boss and his wife on the scene  and  we both know about each other and have never said a word  about it. we both know and thats it.

But remember to talk to each other about rules

you might want to play in seperate rooms or all together in the same room. Also be clean  poss shaved or trimmed.Look nice and smell nice.

I have come across one pet hate   alot of people agree one is guys turning up in football tops. Dump the top and tracksuit bottoms put on some pants or smart jeans and shoes  not your old raggy trainers. If your appearance is shoddy  a good chace your sexual perfomance is shoddy/crap as well

one very good tip is finde out what the other persone your going to play with likes and dislikes.If you please them they will please you.Every onbe is different so what works on your partner might not work on someone else

ie pulling your wife hair might be a big turn on for her but could be a turn off for someone else. there is a good chance you mihgt find new things that turn you on as well.

Now Guys just because you think your a stud   3 mins does not make for good sex.You might be satisfied  but at a good guess the lady is not.

Will add more soon


Tourist sparks ‘mini riot’ at Queensland sex party

A TOURIST who refused to take his clothes off at a swinger sex party has been blamed for sparking “a mini-riot” at a north Queensland nudist colony.

Police were called amid threats of violence and lewd behaviour and ordered the Brisbane man and his wife from the adults-only “anything goes” sex party, reports the Courier Mail.

The White Cockatoo resort at Mossman, near Port Douglas, is promoting swingers and sex parties in a month of hedonism for March in a bid to boost sagging tourism figures.

Once billed as the nation’s top group-sex hotspot for swingers, the resort made international headlines last year when it revealed plans to lift a self-imposed swinger ban.

Owner Tony Fox said the “mini-riot” erupted when four naked female guests protested when confronted by the fully-clothed man.

“They felt uncomfortable with him eyeing them off and I asked him to show some respect and take his clothes off,” said the nudist colony manager. “He then threatened to bash me, there was some argy-bargy and I ordered him off the premises and police were called.”


Pauls and Catherines most like to be wife-swappers

Pauls and Catherines most like to be wife-swappers By SUZANNE ELLIOTT – Friday, October 2, 2009 People called Paul and Catherine are most likely to wife-swap People called Paul and Catherine are most likely to wife-swap Young professionals called Paul and Catherine are most likely to be swingers according to a new study. And forget the wife-swapping stereotypes of bored suburban couples, these days swingers are most likely to be well-educated men and women in their 20s. Blokes called Andrew, David or Mark were also among the most likely to swing as were women called Clare, Sarah and Emma. The majority of are couples white, university educated and working in advertising, PR or the media. Most swingers are in a long-term relationship, but not married. London is the wife-swapping centre of the UK, with many couples travelling up to three hours to swing according to Fever Parties’ boss Mark Roberts who conducted the study. Roberts, who has helped 6,000 couples swap over the past decade, said that the study showed his swinging clients are a “pretty middle class professional bunch”.

Swinger Top 10

THE most common names for swingers are:

BOYS: 1 Paul, 2 Andrew, 3= David, 3= Mark, 5 Stephen, 6= Anthony, 6= Christopher, 8 Michael, 9 Matthew, 10 Richard

GIRLS: 1 Catherine, 2= Clare, 2= Sarah, 3 Emma, 4 Lucy, 5= Anna, 5= Karen, 7= Joanna, 7= Louise, 7= Michelle


Another day

why do we never see this in the bandstand in peoples park

Now I know not every one can take a good pic.But looking at some of the pics of the sites.It makes me wonder if they are looking for sex or a part in the next steven king movie. Now I know some pics are taken in the heat of the moment when your playing and these cant  be set up unless your doing a porn shoot. But if your just taking pics for your profile have a look around and check whats behind the person having the photo taken.

we dont want to see boxes of tampax  or pile cream in the back ground or pics of your kids also if in bedroom or any other room tidy it u first. There is nothing worse  than getting a good pic of the person and the room is a shit tip. Ladies freshen up  nothing worse than a pic that looks like the back end of a bus and guys ditch the football shirt.

Girls with big tits look good in football shirts. Guys with manboobs and beer bellies dont


I know everyone does not have the ideal body.But you dont need pics that look like you have just survive a car crash or have the hangover from hell


fat people and scooters

Okay, before I start, I know that the scooters at the Supermarket are for disabled and elderly customers. But everytime I go to the supermarket I see a person with rolls of fat riding on the scooters.

Sometimes being overwieght is due to medical conditions, but there is no excuse for not using legs to walk around. The scooters give people who don’t want to walk an excuse not to.

The scooters take up half the aisle. When theystop a person has to wait for the individual to get the item and then move before anyone else can get to that shelf. If it was someone who needed the scooter, I would not mind; I mind the people who are too lazy to walk, even though they can.

This nation has a big problem. I have seen elderly men and women walking with canes pushing their carts down an aisle, and right behind them was an overwieight man or woman riding in one of the scooters. That man or woman should give the scooter up for the person with the cane. But they never do. I have seen a woman so out of shape she had to lean on a cart to get to the scooter-this is not a medical problem, or the person would be in a wheelchair-this is laziness taken to a fault.

As a nation all of us need to start walking. Since the invention of the car, Britians have been walking less and less-and Britians have been getting larger and larger. Get off your butt and walk Britian. You can start at the corner shop and leave the scooters for people who really need them.

When using the footpath

Just because you are on the footpath or pedestrian precinct does not make you a pedestrian. If you are on a  motorised vehicle you are no longer a pedestrian.
Remember that pedestrians always have right of  way.Many people on foot will be kind and helpful to drivers of a wheelchair or scooter .But not everyone.In a crowded precinct or market area it is your responsibility to ensure you do not run in to anyone or do any harm with your vehicle.While many people will make room for you you cannot expect everyone to do so.

yes some have medical problems  but being lazy  is not a medical problem or eating to much

what came first the fat or the scooter ?

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