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what a stunning beauty

A very sexy lady indeed I would not kick her out of bed


swingers whats going on with it all

Been having a bit of an online discussion with a few friends over the past few weeks about the swinging scene.I thought it was just me but others agree with.the swinging scene seems so be going from a sex partner swapping pastime to just a meet up and have a drink  or more often only a chat on msn or email.but hardly and physical contact let alone a blowjob or fuck.

Now you can call me choosy but I do like to meet people who are smart  well dressed and presentable but looking at a few profile as of lateI am begining to wonder what the fuck is going on.shestonsoffunNow I would say my tastes are middle of the road but when I come across something like this.I get worried yes I know some people are in to fat ladies.

I say fat for to me she is not a BBW or a larger lady  she is just plain fat

I do like the lady to get on top doing our bouts of fucking  and I  do like her to fuck me  not squash me to death.

Ok  some people do have problems with weight but most its because they have a hand to mouth problem.Every time the hand reaches the mouth there is food in its hand and this goes for the guys as well

Now when I go to meet someone I do the usual stuff I would normally do each day like have a shower brush my teeth have a shave and make myself smell nice with some dedorant and aftershave.I dont put onthe football top ive had on all week.I getout a clean shirt and pants as well as clean underwear and socks.well I do this every day I dont turn up in scruffy jeans and old last seasons football top and no this seasons top does not impress and I do not turn up sticking of beer because Ive been out on the piss all day wiht my mates watching football in the pub.

I am here to impress and get laid.I know I am not the hunk of the year but I do scrub up well

To me swinger sites are contact site where you make contact with some one .Then you meet up and If all goes well you fuck.Its not for sitting at your pc  wanking on cam for others to see you.If you want that then fuck off to a voyeur site.


Now why the fuck do some people get jealous. I dont care If the lady I had sex with last week meets some one else .This is whats is all about variety.

How many times have you seen in chat rooms or heard from others  so and so has fallen out with so and so because they fucked  them last we and we dont like them . Get over it you sad twat.If they want to fuck some one else  the thats their choice  not YOURS

Reasons to swing

For most people the reason to swing is to have different and varied sex.I have been on the scene long enought now and have come across it a few times and have heard it been said as well that soem people are on the scene because eihter the wife or husband is crap in bed.I know some people play becuase the other half can perform because or other reasons  but thye make it know and are honest about it.I know there are a few couple out there swinging which is a joint choice but the husband is either not aware or  knows he is crap in bed. So the wife is out thier fucking anything with a cock.Now she might be a good fuck  but unles my partner is getting a good fuck from her partner  I am not a happy bunny.Its about all of us getting a good  fuck and not passing your crap in bed hubby or wife on to some one else so you can have a good lay that is plain selfish.Ive you know your crap in bed get some books to read and ask your partner what you can do to improve also if you peartner is any good they should teach you and guys forget your ego ladies like to be fuck so they get enjoyment out of it  not just a cum filled pussy because you only last 3 strokes  it about enjoyment for both of you.just because you have emptied your sack does not mean she has had enough.

So remember swinging is about good sex swapping partners  not passing on some ugly fuck who is a dud fuck

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Im on fab swingers

I have just been looking around a few profiles.I am back to the arm chair swingers again.You look at some of the verification on the profiles and you will see ” this person is genuine ect ” verified by webcam

How the fuck can some one be verified as genuine by seeing them on a webcam. The only way you know someone is a genuine swinger is by meeting them face to face. The only thing the webcam confirms is their face matches the pics.nothing else.Shit I could have a 1000 verifications by webcam  but it dose not mean Im genuine.A person is genuine when they turn up at meets.I class some one as genuine when they turn up.Not if i play with them but if they turn up, because we might not have that spark that leads to the fun.

To me you are not genuine if you have been verified by phone or webcam that just means you are a real person and not a real genuine swinger.I know people  use the chat rooms to keep incontact with friends they have already  or arranging to meet. Same with the forums to discuss thing to do with the swinging lifestyle

Its getting to the stage I belive we now have 2 types of swingers the real ones and the cyber swingers

I just wonder  if you take any site and look at the total membership  how many profiles can say I have had sex with some one of this site. I would love to know the percentage

Am i getting this all wrong I though swinging was about sex. skin on skin not webcam to webcam or phone to phone

I would rather have a site that has less members that are genuine that you know meet people than a site that has thousands of members that mostly verifiy each other via webcam or the site has loads of members that have not been online in a while and they dont remove them so they can keep the membership figures up


well pissed off

I dont get much time off from work. But ive had a few days off and I arranded a couple of meets. well the first one was arranged for the other day and guess what a no show then today I had another meet and again no show.People complain about single males.  but the amount of couples who chat away and want to meet but then fail to turn up and cant even have the decency to reply to a txt is beyond me.I am not seriously looking a setting up a page for people to add time wasters to and beable to put up the username and site the time waster is on


why cant’ some single males read

Im just wondering why some single males can’t read.If a profile  on a site says NO SINGLES or  do not contact us we will contact you. Why do the thick idiots still send a message. Or if it says no txt speak or one line messages do they send a one line txt speak message. Are you thick or what.

Ive just come back form a big social event. I had a great time met loads of people and managed to catch up with a few friends.But guys if your looking to pull or have some fun smarten yourself up.

For a start  wash your hair and brush teeth. Don’t turn up in your tracksuit bottoms and dirty football shirt.It does not cost much to get a new outfit  try Primark. For £20 you  could have a new shirt and pants. Give your shoes a clean .YES i said  Shoes  not trainers. Last I looked ADIDAS do not do shoes.

Who has more chance at getting laid

Also Guys  don’t go for the larger ladies  thinking they will be greatful for a fuck. You are more likely to get a good punch in the mouth and a good kick in the nuts.Think about it guys go back to your old physics lessons to put it bluntly a larger lady has a bit more weight so more weight heading towards your mouth or nuts  is going to take some stopping and It will hurt which will serve you right.

Yes some men do like the larger lady to the thinner one   but the big rule is RESPECT.

I’m not interested sexually in the larger lady  But that does not mean I don’t like them.I don’t choose my friends by who i want to fuck.I chose my friends because i get on with them have have fun

you don’t have to be like brad pitt  but it does help if you look smart and smell nice. can can hold a conversation  that does not include FUCK every other word or be about something  football

take a trip to and read the tips and advice section.It will improve your chances


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