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For a great site they do not seem to be having much luck the past week.first Userplade the comapny that do the chatroom software. kicked the chatroom into touch as they want to charge loads of the site is looking for another chatroom or chatroom software. Now they have that almost sorted someone decided to have the forum. prob in protest to the possability that the site might have to charge members to use the chatroom.Why does some one always have to spoil it for others.I personally dont agree wiht the charge. but I dont ecpect the site to be paid for out of the pockets of the owners.

This is what i like to see walking down the street

how a bout a nice sexy milf


Nice Blowjob



great pics and profile

Ive just been chatting to a couple on one of the site I am onĀ  and came acroos there picture gallery on another site .WOW what a load of great pics.You want to have a look for your self

On another note a had a wonderful meet the other dale with a very sexy lady.we both had a very good afternoon.Now im not one of these single guys who send out emails then the bag fullĀ  hope to make a catch.

I like to take my time as I am very choosy but this lady is brilliant.What a great laugh and great in bed as well.I wont give you all the juicy details.I will let you stew for a little longer.


Marie Moore in Black

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