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I’ve been on the swinging scene for a while now.When I meet someone for the first time.I always treat them with respect and expect nothing at all.I treat it like a first date sort of thing. So why do some of you guys think as soon as the lady has replied to you email do you instantly think your going to get laid?

You never seem interested in what her likes or dislikes are. You only seem interested in what you want.To top it all you always seem to be married playing away behind the wifes back.

So I am not surprised your not getting anything at home

Or the guys who will drive over 150 miles just to meet  thinking again they going to get laid and you say its not far to come.

Thats a 300 mile round trip.what idiot is going to drive 300 miles for a coffee in starbucks.This shows you are desperate so you get nowhere.

Then we come to social events.

YES the word is SOCIAL not SEX or ORGY but SOCIAL.

A quick description  for the numb skulls out there a SWINGERS social event  is where swingers meet to have a social evening.Its usually held in a public place  like a pub,restaurant or club. people my travel a bit further for a social and book into a hotel so during the evening they can have a drink and not worry about driving home .At these events  we catch up with friends and make new ones over a drink.its not about sex or playing with others.Often people who are attending  know their friends are going as well.So they might arrange to have some fun afterwards together after the social.This does not mean any one at the social is going to get an invite to join them.

For the single guys this is the place to present yourself as a decent respectfull guy and not a place to pull.If you are chatting to a couple  DO NOT IGNORE the husband. This will kill all chances of a  meet at a later date and DO NOT GO AROUND GRABBING the LADIES.As for talking to single ladies there.Give them space  and do not latch on to the first one you see and follow her around like a lap dog.

For single ladies attending these events  it can be a nervous time for them so again show respect.

NOW guys if you are cheating  behind wifes back  you will be found lies will trip you up and the word will get around the scene and now one will go near you

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