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Another day

why do we never see this in the bandstand in peoples park

Now I know not every one can take a good pic.But looking at some of the pics of the sites.It makes me wonder if they are looking for sex or a part in the next steven king movie. Now I know some pics are taken in the heat of the moment when your playing and these cant  be set up unless your doing a porn shoot. But if your just taking pics for your profile have a look around and check whats behind the person having the photo taken.

we dont want to see boxes of tampax  or pile cream in the back ground or pics of your kids also if in bedroom or any other room tidy it u first. There is nothing worse  than getting a good pic of the person and the room is a shit tip. Ladies freshen up  nothing worse than a pic that looks like the back end of a bus and guys ditch the football shirt.

Girls with big tits look good in football shirts. Guys with manboobs and beer bellies dont


I know everyone does not have the ideal body.But you dont need pics that look like you have just survive a car crash or have the hangover from hell


Im on fab swingers

I have just been looking around a few profiles.I am back to the arm chair swingers again.You look at some of the verification on the profiles and you will see ” this person is genuine ect ” verified by webcam

How the fuck can some one be verified as genuine by seeing them on a webcam. The only way you know someone is a genuine swinger is by meeting them face to face. The only thing the webcam confirms is their face matches the pics.nothing else.Shit I could have a 1000 verifications by webcam  but it dose not mean Im genuine.A person is genuine when they turn up at meets.I class some one as genuine when they turn up.Not if i play with them but if they turn up, because we might not have that spark that leads to the fun.

To me you are not genuine if you have been verified by phone or webcam that just means you are a real person and not a real genuine swinger.I know people  use the chat rooms to keep incontact with friends they have already  or arranging to meet. Same with the forums to discuss thing to do with the swinging lifestyle

Its getting to the stage I belive we now have 2 types of swingers the real ones and the cyber swingers

I just wonder  if you take any site and look at the total membership  how many profiles can say I have had sex with some one of this site. I would love to know the percentage

Am i getting this all wrong I though swinging was about sex. skin on skin not webcam to webcam or phone to phone

I would rather have a site that has less members that are genuine that you know meet people than a site that has thousands of members that mostly verifiy each other via webcam or the site has loads of members that have not been online in a while and they dont remove them so they can keep the membership figures up


great pics and profile

Ive just been chatting to a couple on one of the site I am on  and came acroos there picture gallery on another site .WOW what a load of great pics.You want to have a look for your self

On another note a had a wonderful meet the other dale with a very sexy lady.we both had a very good afternoon.Now im not one of these single guys who send out emails then the bag full  hope to make a catch.

I like to take my time as I am very choosy but this lady is brilliant.What a great laugh and great in bed as well.I wont give you all the juicy details.I will let you stew for a little longer.

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